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  1. I've noticed a strange bug lately. When I type a long note, I get a scrollbar. If I hit the "enter" key, the cursor keeps going down but the window doesn't scroll. Soon my cursor is no longer visible, being below the visible portion. If I type anything else (space, letters), or even use the cursor keys (up/down/etc), the window jumps to the bottom so I can see the cursor. It just doesn't work when hitting enter. Makes it a little hard to type, since I can't see where I'm at until I press something else.
  2. I'm having this problem on Evernote Desktop Windows, v5.8.3.6507. In everything else, mouse wheel up/down is about 2.5 to 3 lines (press "down" key on keyboard 2-3 times). In evernote, it's about 13 lines. Quite a jump. It'd be very nice if evernote treated mouse wheel scrolls like other apps on windows. I'll file a support request as well.
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