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  1. I don't know what you experienced on iOS but on Android it is about 2.5 years since evolution of EN 8.13.3 ended (and EN never touched it again) because EN went to develope the new EN10. It Is hard to realize for me too, but after this loooong period of developement we are still offered a software that would normally rather be considered to be published as beta.
  2. As I wrote the note is locked and cannot be edited while waiting exactly the 15 seconds as before. The only different is showing the green circle at the exact position of prior "write protected". @PinkElephant I am tired of defending every new posting here. Support informed us, they did advances to "reduce" this problem (did not say it is gone). You can read it in this thread. I just wanted to confirm that is not gone on my devices. Maybe forums admins are more interested.
  3. What are you telling? The whole note is visible and accessible while the green circle is showing the only thing which is not possible is editing as described. The circle you mean is in the center of the screen not directly IN the edit button. We are in the Android forum here.
  4. 10.13.2 does not completely fix the issue for me. Got to wait before being able to edit a note occasionally for around 15 seconds. Meanwhile there is a green circle spinning, were the edit button should be. So "write protected" was changed to green circle spinning...arggg. It happens a lot less than before but it is not resolved completely.
  5. Update 10.13.2: Did some testing. New version and 3 weeks later - issues still not resolved. Images taken as "documents" via the Evernote App are not indexed afterwards and will never be searchable. I had to somewhat laugh when I saw introduction of boolean search whilst EN not being able to get core indexing of snapped image to live on Android. Who needs a better search if there is nothing to search for. By the way: as this is known since months EN should consider changing their advertising (on OCR) at playstore to not gather additional desillusionated users as me.
  6. Tested EN 10.13.2: same mess. Image not shown still not resolved. The only app I know that fails on something that simple as image showing...
  7. +1 for not feeling right that search capabilities are divided into plans. As Evernote never got to the point to be capable of executing partial words search (e.g. find a string within a word) which is pretty essential in some languages I feel no magic even with the new Boolean search (which is no magic). Come on guys we always knew we have to pay for the multitude of basic user base. And now it is getting worse, as always make your decisions. Maybe: if they ever added partial word search, that would be something I consider to be worth the price.
  8. I am stuck on premium and chatted with support. They told me they could not switch me to personal because my premium months (until 11/2021) were "paid" via Evernote points. Since they cannot change the account plan I cannot gain access to the new task view which really kills my existing work (with tasks , due dates and so on). I have to shuffle through my notes and get the due dates copied to another task manager, to be on top of my work again. It is ridiculous. They suggested "waiting" for the renewal date and then to subscribe to personal. I think my tasks cannot wait that long! UPDATE 2021-07-23: I got a follow up email today from billing support. They put some effort into manually bumping my account and now I am on personal, too. Access to tasks overview is back. Thanks to @Scott T. for bringing this up internally.
  9. Yes it is hard to believe but Evernote since version 10 is not capable to handle software for the Android eco system. I use several other nice and paid productivity software and it is all fluent, stable and functional on Android as well as on the corresponding desktop clients. Things can work, if you feel committed to your product and your customers. Never saw something on Android that was that substantially corrupted as EN10 as it is AND being released as productive client. If you don't get it to life after 2,5 years... is it likely you ever will at all? To me product management handles this like a forgotten and annoying appendage they just don't dare to cut off. Not that good a feeling to be this appendage as a customer. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  10. Well @PinkElephant you are at the Android forum. As you say you don't own an Android device and do not use the Android app. I would like to hand you an average Android device for 10 minutes with 10.13 and you would probably feel what is behind the emotional approaches of sometimes long year Evernote enthusiasts here at the forums. We have been waiting for almost 3 years to see something new that is working (first) and (maybe) could have some nice features. And?? .. By the time being, the old working client was dismissed. For us Android users it really feels like no one at Evernote does even care about it, as progress only hits the desktop and iOS-clients. The core EN10 for android has been without noticable evolvement (in terms of stability/bugs/speed) since 10.0. Who cares about features, if the core app is sluggish and buggy? I would love if at any point Evernote would decide to invest enough development power in the Android app to bring all apps to the same level. If they do not, the rating in the Play Store will probably fall further... I feel really sorry about that, the original green elephant did not earn this development. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  11. I was also suffering from this with 10.13 too. When it happened I had to do nothing but WAIT for appr. 15-20 seconds. Then the status of the notes changed to normal. As with everything...Waiting is our new Evernote! ๐Ÿ˜” I also cannot understand why this is not an urgent issue which leads to a direct rollback to version 12 prior a bug fixing attempt. Well I am having also a hard time realizing that it is obviously not possible for devs to track back the code changes from "EN10-style"-working version to "disaster"-version since weeks.
  12. Did a quick test but I immediately saw the following bugs again: - pictures not being displayed (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132161-images-in-my-notes-do-not-load/) - images scanned as "documents" not being indexed (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132604-no-thumbnail-on-scanned-images-and-no-ocr/) - offline notebooks still not downloading reliably, furthermore changes done remotely are not synced automatically without opening the app and staring at the progress bar forever ๐Ÿ˜ž - overall still irresponsive and too slow to work with So stopped further testing and deinstalled again. Went back to 8.13.3, which works like a charm for my core usage: quick note taking and editing (yes! ๐Ÿ˜Š), capturing+indexing (search), offline ability (all which is failed by EN 10.XX since launch 7 months ago)
  13. It is not Android that allows or denys updates to devices but mainly the manufacturers that use it with their hardware. And if you flash open distributions you can run the newest Android OS even on old "bricks" ๐Ÿ˜† I did that, and it is quite impressive what these old devices are capable of. I keep fingers crossed, EN8 will keep on working with Android 12 when it is released in a few months. Since this is only little time left, I think EN10 will not evolve that soon to be a real option.
  14. Yes...and EN 10 for Android is failing to be a production replacement for 7 months now. Quality is beyond beta and no substantial development on this quality aspect around.@nomanhasblindedmeI would suggest to slowly look for an alternative since the legacy 8.13.3 will sooner or later be out of service, when EN will cope with older Android versions and will even force their sluggish new framework to everyone.
  15. And by the time being the rating continues to drop. Now on 3.8. I feel sorry for this. But since then I could not see any improvement in quality and reliability. In contrast since may things constantly go worse. The rising problems are well reflected in the comments. Rating again is earned. I wonder how long product management can still go on this way, until some adjustments are made.
  16. Exactly, management tries to make Evernote something fancy only. Everything else is behind. CEO has gone very quite about the overall process regarding quality and reliability, since his announcements from the beginning of EN10 crashed badly. They failed and now even fail to adjust in perhaps last minute (stop adding stuff, concentrating all staff to get the core app stable and squashing bugs as hell). It is ridiculous, that they even ship an update that makes all notes read only. They obviously do not any real pre-testing anymore. That is either despair because they are forced to update no matter what because CEO gave a timeline. Or, even worse, they got to a point, where they do not have a clue, what the things they are doing might provoke in real users devices... overall one of the badest performance of a software company I have seen so far.
  17. Suffered from this also and it was getting worse after time, so mostly could not edit a note immediately. Well, as they seem to introduce one new bug on top with each new feature without even resolving the old bugs in 7 months, I again rolled back to "legacy" 8.13.3. I can really recommend it. This 2-3 years old legacy app feels like the rebirth of Evernote regarding user experience. Nothing missing, which would be worth the pain of EN10. Cheers! Btw: I really appreciate the ongoing evolution of EN10 on web and desktop, nice work done already. I really like to use it. But obviously for the Android app there is a lack of management to keep up with the quality (or any quality at all!) we see on the other platforms.
  18. I got response from support to my old follow up ticket - not the above one. The technical support told me, they made "some strides" but are still on development and had a hard time on figuring out the problem. The can not say, when indexing and thumbnails will work normally. I can hardly believe that, since in the meantime they kicked new stuff in the app permanently. They obviously have no time to even fix bugs affecting basic all time functionality like indexing for search. At this point the EN 10 for Android app is evolving slower than the Android eco system itself. Therefore EN10 will probably never reach a speedy and productive state as we knew before at all. It is something caused by design, bad management with focus on shiny features only. No priority on core stability or any usability at all. Every other professional app with a paid subscription on Android I know is built and evolved on a stable core code. Stability and bug fixing first, than adding features. These apps work well, no matter which Android device or version you use. Evernote does it the other way round, adding and adding features, nice looking? yes, working? Seems to does not matter.... an unhealthy and - for me - since 7 months failing path. Blaming the Android eco system here after 7 months of EN10 in the wild is distracting from management mistakes EN made and still mades. They could do better, if someone decides to...let's see, how long we have to wait for this decision. Rolled back all devices to 8.13.3.
  19. Update: images not shown reappeared now after a while. Time to roll back and give up on the new Evernote. Hope Evernote legacy will be supported a long time. Right now the EN 10 app for android is evolving slower than the underlying Android eco system and will never reach a productive state if management will not take some decisions.
  20. I got response from support. The staff member refuses to even read my ticket's description neither understands a word I wrote. Instead she constantly wants me to send screen recordings. It is ridiculous, I gave up on this. The whole product is managed too bad. If anyone of EN reads this: ticket number 3337443. Thanks
  21. I have just opened a brand new ticket via the app explaining exactly and in detail what seems to be the reason why indexing on "scanned documents" fails on Android. Hopefully they will direct it to development.
  22. Meanwhile I figured out a workaround, since I remembered (from the forums here) that Evernote mobile saves all "scanned" documents wrong as *.jpg although they are *.png files. Go to desktop, save each image with the correct file ending *.png to desktop and save them back to a (important!) new note. You get the same quality document and the files are indexed fine afterwards. Lots of work but maybe important if you need index on special documents. So the technical problem behind the non-indexing is very simple: file format does not match file ending and therefore indexing engine probably skips the files as defective. That being said, I have no understanding why Evernote staff do not simply correct it by letting the app save the files with the correct ending... maybe too small to fix in 6+ months.
  23. Thanks for your experience. I gave it a try and waited two days. Since then I never saw the image rendering bug on any of my Android devices. Fingers keep crossed, that they got it right, this time. I would have liked to see something in the release notes like "image rendering bug fixed (reorganising database on device & server may last while, thank you for your patience after update)" ... or at least a little note here in the forums. Shane D. was into this thread a while ago.
  24. Just an update from my side: with 10.12 Evernote seems to have reintroduced the old bugs. With 10.11 at least indexing worked in any case. Now with 10.12 it is unpredictable again if an image taken via the Evernote app is indexed afterwards. I have taken around 20 images in 5-6 notes in "scan" mode. None of them were indexed. In contrast images taken as "photo" are indexed normally. That was a hard landing for me again.... since it renders Evernote unusable again when handling with documents ๐Ÿ˜ž Bug tracking / working seems out of control of Evernote staff regarding the Android app... There is no "getting ever better" (Ian) without doing your basic homework first! I reopened a follow-up ticket to hopefully get some updates on this. My initial ticket was with EN 10.7.2...
  25. Update: got EN updated to 10.12. The mess is getting much worse. Now I get the image rendering bug on almost any note with images in it. Evernote pretty much is useless now. It is a shame that Evernote for Android development is ignoring to invest any ressource to correct this since 10.0... their incapability to solve such a basic thing as displaying simple images is frustrating ๐Ÿ˜” Ps: they now try to hide, that it is a bug. It now does not say "could not be rendered..." but it says "tap to load image" (translated from german). Sure, it does not load anything if you tap, it is the same bug as before. I would like to see anything official on this ongoing from @Shane D.
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