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  1. @mikefinleycoI checked it, the given link works well, don't know what is going on. I could download the file within seconds. Just copied the link of @matej1990via right click and pasted to my browser's address line as a workaround since the quoting in this forum obviously confuses embedded links. 54 MB APK downloaded and everything was fine.
  2. Sadly, you cannot turn it off, it's one of a huge amount of core and gui bugs of EN10 for android. I see this occasionally too, and it is very nasty. If you do not want to wait for a - maybe - fix, you could roll back to EN 8.13.3.
  3. ...or which new subscription plans may follow... I personally think there could be adjustments to this in future, too. Maybe that is why they don't tell yet.
  4. Can you tell the source for that exact information?
  5. Since they even here do not say which subscription plan will be eligible I would rather not dive into tasks until they found out for themselves.
  6. Maybe there is something to this often told legend. And if so I think a product manager should be able to address this properly. The Android client is the product of Evernote which quite failed to me.
  7. I like the picture of the devs at the beach. But I think it is only the Android devs team that went for the beach for too long 😉 The other teams are delivering quite well in my perception. This forum is to reflect the user experience. So I appreciate every comment on missing features or expectations if EN announces something new.
  8. +1, I just gave the feature a try ... and the first occasion was a cell content of table which I wanted to assign a task to...it is not possible. So my evaluation of tasks is already over 😞 If tasks could be assigned to cell content or sit in a cell of a table, that would be something innovative in interacting with Evernote notes in contrast to the classical combination of Evernote + a customizable dedicated task manager.
  9. Thank you @Shane D. For me this is a small step forward. But as long as Evernote does not find parts of words within words (for example "eltern" out of "Gesamtelternversammlung") in plain text I will never feel the announced magic ("remember and accomplish anything!") with the search of Evernote. Do you have any insight, if this will ever be possible (like in every desktop search)?
  10. Yes they did. I got the exact download paths that were shared here in the forums several times. The download links don't change. If you do a quick search, you can find it here in the forums and roll back to 8.13.3. What I agree is that they should leave 8.13.3 officially for download as an option for all of us, until they hopefully get EN 10 to a comparable performance and usability as with 8.13.3. With regard to all Android users with OS Android <10 the biggest crime to me is, that they literally do not offer a supported client at all. EN 8.13.3 has been without any maintenance since...at least a year, and they obviously do not invest anything in it anymore. Support pointed out to me, that 8.13.3 could have errors they have already resolved with EN 10. If these were security related...
  11. I would suggest doing a complete deinstall, restart your device, reinstall from play store and have new try. Let us know, if it worked for you.
  12. Hi, I just tried to reproduce @Cat23's scenario on EN 10.11 with a Samsung A50. Started recording in Evernote switched to several apps did some work, went back to EN 10.11 and the recording was still ongoing. Could stop the recording and in the AAC-file there was everything recorded. So everything worked well, could not reproduce the issue. I would suggest raising a ticket, maybe this is device dependent.
  13. Update: I had an exchange with technical support, again sending reports and examples of affected notes. They said, that development would have made first improvments on that (in 10.11), but obviously still has not ironed out the bug. They have no timeline for the solution. The proposed solution (by support) stays: roll back to 8.13.3 if necessary. After 6 months I somehow lost hope, they will eventually get rid of this problem. Images not being displayed already made my family and friends to refuse using Evernote with each other...
  14. I could also imagine an extra option for any image in the note: "assign as thumbnail".
  15. I did some testing with EN 10.11. To me the problem persists: Pictures taken as "scan" or "image" via EN get indexed afterwards (note info in EN legacy for windows says that). But: Pictures taken as "photo" still do not get a thumbnail (grey icon). Summary: Picture taken with EN10.11 as "photo": indexed but no thumbnail (grey icon) Picture taken with EN 10.11 as "document": indexed AND thumbnail! Obviously EN solved the indexing problem, but there is still something going on regarding thumbnails.
  16. I got 10.11 and have to say, that the bug is still there. 😞 I don't care about (new) features, as long as the app is not usable in basic regards. Bug introduced since 10.0. Opened a ticket once again in this.
  17. I checked this, forced closed EN 10.10, started flight mode, cold started 10.10 and it worked with my offline notebooks. So I was not able to reproduce. In fact, it is even faster offline than being online... so some performance issues are caused by design. I would suggest raising a support ticket.
  18. I do not see any bug fixes in the release notes at all... it is so disappointing to see, that they still keep adding features rapidly but do not get the frame for it right beforehand...since EN10 we live with a constant beta product. Obviously no priority on product quality.
  19. After a complete sync uninstall. Restart your device, deactivate automatic updates on play store (important). Last step is to manually install the apk (you will have to allow this on android if asked). If you keep the old APK in your downloads you can easily try out new versions later and - if necessary - roll back again if the bugs still haven't gone.
  20. It pretty understand the concept of upload queue for new content. But changing just tags or notebook is just meta data. A client should be able to work this out without having to phone home to a server doing even this bit of a job. I understand that with the new concept they can save much more money as they only have to develop GUIs for the client software. Would be nice if any of this would eventually pay off for me as a customer as well. I cannot see that.
  21. If filtering knows the local changes in tags immediately it could maybe possible to get this information into search results as well? A desktop client should deliver even when offline. Just looking at notes when offline to me is not enough in 2021. If a user is using tags as a part of daily workflow with notes, the huge lag or infinite lag when without internet connection can be a workflow killer. It is what it is, but the forum is to reflect user experience. Maybe someone at Evernote does care about it.
  22. I want to give feedback, that this problem is still not solved completely with 10.10 for me. After a fresh install I still see several rendering errors with images. It gets better with time of usage...but for me it is no solution to sit and wait and constantly reopen notes see them once without rendering bug.
  23. Did a check on my devices with a fresh and clean install. Images not rendering correctly still occurs on all of my devices after fresh install, but gets better after some time of usage (?) Still not consistent to me. Considering roll back to 8.13.3 again because of this. By the way, I still experience extreme slowness with 10.10. Would love to see any future perspective on this problem. Cannot use Evernote mobile in business and throughout real world day because of this...not to mention images taken by the app not being thumbnailed...and afterwards only searchable within note but not globally via EN search function 😔
  24. I crashed into this as well some weeks ago and contacted support as the german translation indicates in app links not web links. EN 8.13.3 creates in app links. They implemented the wrong link. I pointed out, that we should even expect both link options on mobile as well. I got the standard text block I often read (not implemented, thank you for your suggestion) nothing individually written...they did not even understand that they implemented the wrong internal link creation. I think they just closed the case. Wasted time. Another reason I keep sticking with EN 8.13.3 - until Evernote will (hopefully?) do some substantial progress on Android. But at the moment it is very quiet. This month we will see no official updates...
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