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  1. Scrolling through the german play store there are quite differential postings in the comments when you look at it in a chronological order of the last weeks / months. The major problems people complain are quite real and not fake - all in all it's quite well earned. Although I would better love to see growing 5 five star ratings when EN would finally do better..... EN sadly has gone very quiet with Android...looooong way to go.
  2. You cannot select multiple images or files as well...it drives me crazy when reordering pictures in notes. This basic editing functionality seems to be beyond imagination of evernote staff. Otherwise they would have implemented it after half a year of Evernote 10 being out.
  3. I raised a ticket on the extreme slowness. Support immediately confirmed the problem and assured, that development is working on this to get fundamentally better with coming updates...keep finger crossed 🤞
  4. Hi there, by chance I noticed, that this bug has been solved for my devices (10.9). Now Evernote uses a sytem notification during recording to keep the mic alive when screen times out. Just recorded some journals of about 15 minutes with screen off that were recorded correctly.
  5. I wanted to do an update here. It seems the issue is really caused by the app not the cloud service. As of today still no picture taken via Evernote capturing tool (EN 10.X) is indexed later nor do you get thumbnails in the note list for these. I have been monitoring this for weeks now. Sadly it is still not addressed by Evernote appropriately although a number one feature (searchable capturing of content). Since the number of notes in my account with non-searchable content is constantly rising I had to switch back to EN 8.13.3 which does the indexing process fine. Maybe this is of interest for other users wondering why they cannot find their content from images: You can verify the image indexing status on each note easily in EN legacy for desktop via note information.
  6. I read about your 2 seconds timing several times here and understand you are experiencing no problems - which is really nice. I would love to see this on my account as well. I have used En 10.x on several different devices running Android 10 and 11...all resulting the same issues. All issues confirmed by support with my raised tickets. They never told me, that my installation was wrong. They suggested rolling back to 8.13.3...
  7. It is a bug experienced by several users. Support confirmed this to me as under investigation an Shane D. reopened the according thread. For me it is hitting on images of all notes no matter where they originate. As I am also suffering from the extreme slowness of the 10.X app. I again rolled back all my devices to 8.13.3 and Evernote once again is a running working horse now. I am extremely frustrated about the failing Android development, no substantial progress to be seen after version 10 in the wild for over 6 months. If you compare the performance of 8.13.3 and 10.9 on same devices in parallel it is simply ridiculous. Nobody would chose 10.9 voluntarily based on this experience if you have to use (that is producing and editing with) the Android app on a daily basis. I don't care about table editing in slow motion or a fancy home screen (which costs another 5-10 seconds to load) if I can get a reliable and responsive Evernote with 8.13.3.
  8. Hi, sorry to hear, your update did completely put you out of business. You can revert immediately manually by downloading the last stable (legacy) version 8.13.3 from an archive link Evernote support offered to another user (see below). After a complete sync uninstall. Restart your device, deactivate automatic updates on play store (important). Last step is to manually install the apk (you will have to allow this on android if asked). If you keep the old APK in your downloads you can easily try out new versions later and - if necessary - roll back again if the bugs still haven't gone. http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play.
  9. If 10.10 would resolve the image rendering bug, I would be glad. This one drives me crazy
  10. Just a little update: Technical support confirmed, that this relates to image rendering bug we see since release of 10.0 in december. They don't have a solution for it, neither a date when this could be solved. Support officially offered me sideloading the 8.13.3 APK and provided a link to it. So I am guessing we will sit and wait for a long time to see this working properly...
  11. I got a message vom technical support concerning the image rendering bug. They are aware and working on it... They still don't have a date on when this will be fixed. They officially offered me to roll back to 8.13.3 via APK sideload...I don't think there will be much movement soon... 😞 Seeing this issue since 10.0 in december 2020 and this absolutely basic requirement -> just showing an image <- I wonder what is going on with Android development at Evernote...
  12. Strange, I never experienced this. I would suggest first updating directly to the latest version which is 10.12.6 and to see if this is solved then. https://evernote.com/download
  13. Just checked the download, it is still available. Perhaps you could not install. It's done that way: After a complete sync uninstall. Restart your device, deactivate automatic updates on play store (important). Last step is to manually install the apk (you have to allow manual installations, Android will ask for this). If you keep the old APK in your downloads you can easily try out new versions later and - if necessary - roll back again if the bugs still haven't gone.
  14. Evernote has hundreds of millions of downloads in playstores, yes. But how many use the app on a daily basis or at all (forced installations). The exact real user number is a secret of EN. And I think they have their metrics and are knowing. Since Evernote 10 for Android suffers from the performance issues since the introduction which is now 5 months of time I am not that optimistic that they could do much better with the new framework. Otherwise they would have put all effort in solving the major issues beforehand playing around with new features. For me I think using Evernote on Android without having the latest highend device will not be possible anymore. When you think about what EN Android is offering technically: text notes, audio, pictures - nothing really resource demanding - I cannot understand it. I am one of the average users, having several middle-class devices all suffering from the slowness of EN 10. But it is the choice of Evernote, leaving behind the average users - maybe these are not often on premium. CEO has gone quiet for a long time again. I am wondering If we will ever get an official statement to this.
  15. Yes DTLow, but these paid features also do not work at all with official Android App: my offline notebooks are not downloaded correctly, and when, you cannot view the embedded pictures in your notes when offline and so on....just an example of the whole mess. I really understand every premium user wanting to switch back to legacy 8.13.3. It just works and is fast, premium features supported. To all who want to revert, Evernote support shared a link to download legacy directly to another premium users in this forum: http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play.
  16. Yes, but you are on top hardware. I wonder how Evernote will ever get to get EN10 running on older devices with even slower chipsets than one year old middle class devices running Android 11 now, that already take 10 seconds to start Evernote. Btw: I had to deinstall 10 eventually from my Galaxy Tab as it prevented me from getting things done in a reasonable time. Using legay 8.13.3 now feels like you switched from first to fifth gear directly.
  17. Wow I would love to see this in action (2s startup) and am still hoping Evernote will get to this point again. Which hardware do you use? I have middle-class samsung smartphones and tablets. Firing up Evernote on Android lasts between 8-13 seconds for me which is a real struggle when you need it now to scan or what ever. Every other app is up instantly or at max. 3 seconds. PS: Evernote 8.13.3 did startl instantly on all my devices, as well. I am quiet missing this light weight and fluent user experience.
  18. Thank you @Mike P. I did some testing with new links and these worked for me too...meanwhile my old links are found in search as well 🙂 Maybe that was a temporary issue on server side. I experienced very slow searches the last hours, maybe this was related.
  19. Hi, I wondered, why I could not find my keywords from link collections in EN 10 anymore (all clients). I had to find out, that as soon as I add a link to a word the original word (now the link text) is not found via search anymore. Example: word (can be found when typing "word" in search) word (cannot be found when typing "word" in search) With EN Windows Legacy I can find all link texts as usual. As this is a real break down for my work I raised a ticket. Can anyone confirm on another account?
  20. Hi, I tried to reproduce this on my 10.9 installation and can fully confirm the bug, which renders offline mode useless for (paying!) Android users. Technically it could correspond to the ongoing image rendering bug which has not been resolved since 10.0 but is under investigation by support as Shane D. wrote. I would suggest raising a ticket on it.
  21. Do you mean quick notes on the scratch pad? I just checked on my 10.9 installation. Wrote a test text... rebooted instantly...and the text still was there. So, sorry I could not reproduce. By the way syncing of the scratch pad seems to have flaws. For my installations I cannot totally rely on that yet (content not always being synced between clients).
  22. Yes, I explained my two tickets and outcome in the four postings before yours.
  23. Just to confirm: with Evernote for Android 10.9 the problem is still persisting. Images/documents taken via the Evernote app are not indexed and never show a thumbnail in notes list (all Evernote 10 clients). This is a real deal breaker since capturing text and searching for it is one of the formerly strong features of Evernote. Since Evernote 10: gone...
  24. I got 10.9 and did a fresh clean install...and unfortunately the image rendering bug still occurs 😐... images in notes not displayed... hopefully this will be addressed soon.
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