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  1. I've used it a lot because of Evernote...sadly. No problems with apkmirror. Since the apps are signed and this is checked by the os they are not tempered.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this, too. Unfortunately I have no luck with this. Notification pop up for a short moment (they open up in "Evernote style" little window) but are not passed to windows notification system as the other windows apps do.
  3. Thanks, I looked that up on my machine. It was already fully activated. So it seems as if implemented but not working on my Evernote installation. As notifications on mobile are not firing reliably for me neither I still go on using a real task manager for important stuff.
  4. Hi, notifications for example for reminders are only displayed within the Evernote app. If you are not at your desktop you miss it. There is no hint in "home" in tasks or anywhere about the missed notification. For this use case windows has a standard notification area for all apps on windows. My request: please fire notifications using the standard windows notification functionality so that the users can quickly check back recent and missed notifications of Evernote. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I just went through support (ticket# 3383733) to be confirmed, that Evernote 10 for Android has NO background sync capabilities. Back in the days EN 8.13.3 could be set to a specific sync interval for background syncing so that when you start the app you are good to go with the remote changes already being on your device. In 2021 we have push syncing cloud services. OneNote and Google Keep do real time syncing without even having to start the app. Let's look what missing background syncing means at the moment: - no remote changes on scratchpads are on your mobile when you fire up EN10 on the go (having to wait 20-60 seconds to load then) - no remote set or changed reminders are on your mobile so you are likely to miss your reminders (this happens to me regularly) - no remote changes in your notes contained in offline notebooks are downloaded to your device so you cannot rely on having the latest stuff on the device when being offline later. - when firing up EN for Android I have to wait around 20-60 seconds to have "home"-screen updated completely if EN did not run for some hours on mobile. Support seriously told me, to be sure to have these standards features you have to open the mobile app after every time you did a change on web or desktop. If you collaborate with others you don't know about the changes and are out of luck. I suggest re-adding a background or push sync Android service to EN10 that could ensure this basic syncing stuff by updating the database in the background (as back in EN8.13.3).
  6. They still don't dare to give the Android update to all users at once on Android....they always release in staged modus (which is a decision by Evernote not Android play store). You could force the update via sideloading e.g. from https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/ There a very friendly users who are in the early roll out stages who upload every fresh release within 24-48 hours after update is announced by Evernote. You can update it over your current version. EN 10.17 did address some bugs they do not tell in the release note on my side while being still a sluggish piece of software. Maybe your experience is better with 10.17.
  7. To see the notebooks within the stack you can click on the down-arrow on the right side beside the stack's name (as seen on your screen shot). It then shows the names of the notebooks within this stack. You can then click on an individual notebook to show only the notes within that notebook. Hope that helps?
  8. I did contact support in the early versions of EN10 over the extreme sluggish performance and they immediately confirmed the knowledge of that problem. They said, they would be working on a fix in future. Well, after 9 months I am asking me when (or even if???) this future will become present. I have two middle class devices by Samsung, both affected badly.
  9. This is not true. As I described here it says saved not synced. They probally mean saved to cache so this is misleading. If you immediately force close the app (kill) after "all changes saved" you will notice that these last changes never appear on server (web) until you restart the desktop client for allowing sync completion. You can try it. There is always an upload lag from desktop. Even if only some seconds or a minute it can be problematic when you leave desktop and immediately switch windows to stand by or hibernate after last edits as @Carl-L-NDdescribed. You could than miss the last edits on mobile later on. To circumvent this you can exit (quit) EN desktop manually via EN menu. It than closes only after sync completion as described in my former posting. (I can only report for windows client) Therefore it would be nice if their all saved indicator could be replaced by a real all changes synced indicator.
  10. Some updates ago Evernote for windows at least got a sync check when closing the app via menu (exiting not minimizing). If there is something still not synced you get a notification saying something like "wait for sync completion" and after syncing is done EN closes. So if you need 100% sync when leaving desktop force exiting via menu could give you peace of mind. But I can underline: at least a sync indicator as on mobile and legacy (with the green icon at notes yet to be synced) cannot be too much being asked by us paying customers.
  11. First, you are not alone. You experience the exact same issues as many of us. Evernote 10 is now out for 9 months and except for adding new features there has been almost no improvement on speed and quality concerning bug fixing. Seeing this time span I would not expect that we will see a working EN on Android soon. Maybe using the new app framework killed the former user experience even forever when it comes to speed and responsiveness. Also background syncing seems to not be possible anymore. But the only chance to get an answer from Evernote is by raising tickets on this. If you need instant hassle free access to your data you could also consider rolling back to EN8.13.3 via APK sideload.
  12. It says all changed saved and does not relate to syncing. Try it out, wait for "all saved", kill Evernote immediately and look at web. Changes will not be visible as not yet synced. I think they mean saved to cache. Evernote is still away from real time push sync although being a cloud focused service now. I really assume their new infrastructure would be capable of doing push sync too as OneNote and Google Keep but they still have not activated it yet maybe for performance reasons. Activating working push sync (in all directions) would than really be an argument for not needing a sync button anymore.
  13. I have several scratch pads too but can grab on them to scroll without experiencing entering edit mode. Do you have edit protection for notes switched on (as me)?
  14. I own several devices middle class. EN10.x runs dead slow whereas all other apps have quite nice responding times. I think Evernote should figure out why this only app has such a lagging issue on so much devices. It is for months now the main reason for dropping play store ratings...just dropped another step to 3.7. I raised this with the early 10.x versions and support instantly confirmed the lag and performance problems and that they would work on it. It is 6 months since than. Not promising. If you compare with other real note taking apps around (which run lightning fast on my devices) you can really get the impression to ride a near dead horse 🙄 I would love to see everyone again be able to do work with Evernote as easy as @agsteeleis capable of. EN8.13.3 once delivered that.
  15. I tested around with two devices and version 10.16 which is rolled out right now. Tested - as always for this thread - with fresh installations on middle class Samsung devices (smartphone and tablet). Opening heavily image loaded notes throughout my notebooks. Until now the image displaying never failed with 10.16. Can we have some hopes, that this issue was finally resolved? 🙂
  16. Did anyone of the affected users in this thread here get ever an official reply from support on their tickets? Me not...
  17. Sorry to hear about that. The state of the product on Android is really a shame. Edit: if you are prevented from accessing EN on Android maybe a temporary roll back to EN 8.13.3 could be an option to bring you back in the game?
  18. Wow this is really strange. I checked permissions. Evernote is granted all permissions: cam, contacts, microphone, media files (it is only asking for media files at my test deivce as well), location. So I think exactly the same setup as on your device. No idea, surely worth a ticket on support.
  19. Folks, EN10 is running extremely slow because of the new framework they decided to use to reduce coding in future. They explained they needed this to evolve. Well that's what we got in return...slow app, no background sync and so on... EN8.13.3 is a native app, as OneNote for Android is. Both run lightning fast as a note taking app should be. Make your conclusions if this is crucial for your work. After 9 months of Evernote 10 for Android there is no excuse anymore - it is no new product anymore. But it is the only official version for Android 10+. I am really sorry for what Evernote turned into on Android. 😞 Edit: All affected users, you could vote for performance increase here
  20. Strange. Maybe mic permission is not set for Evernote app? I experienced one occasion where Evernote did not ask for location permission by itself and did not get any location data...until I figured out the reason by chance. Maybe this happened here for mic permission and the dialogue to grant access simply does not fire up?
  21. Welcome here. You are not alone. This new "feature" gives a hard time to me as well. Imho this is rather a bug than a feature. I hope this was not added intentionally by the UX team because this lowers the accessibility for disabled people. If you cannot move your fingers smooth enough you have no chance to scroll down a note anymore. To your question: there is unfortunately no option to deactivate.
  22. This is an often reported (in the forum) bug since 10.14 after installation/update. No fix from Evernote. Please try reinstalling, that in most cases helps out. Please let us know afterwards. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I checked this on my test device with V10.15. Both ways you described worked for me. Recording started and after stop audio was saved to note. I checked starting audio also from the widget and the audio recording worked as well. So can not confirm the issue for my setup. Maybe once again reinstalling helps?
  24. On Android they did not implement printing a note. I asked this support a while ago when they announced it for "mobile" (see YouTube link) 4 months ago. They confirmed it is not implemented for Android. So "mobile" for Evernote primarily means iOS. Feature parity sounds good in advertisement, right? 😉
  25. In my understand a note taking app should assist me on the go. That means the UI should react and perform at the speed of the user (writing, clicking, drawing). In 2021 this is standard even on low end and middle class Android devices...and it was until EN8.13.3 with Evernote as well. But with EN10.X: Look at the Android apps of OneNote and Google Keep. Compared to EN10.X they feel like out of another universe regarding responsiveness and speed. As a user, I strongly wish Evernote for Android would close this gap in performance as soon as possible and to become the assisting app again I loved for years. I would encourage everyone not satisfied with actual performance of the 10.X app to give a vote as well. Thank you 🙂
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