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  1. I have a personal premium account but wish to add another personal premium account for work. But it seems I cannot create two personal accounts on one email. Any ideas? I prefer to use one email for all my accounts.
  2. Well, this issue exists on Android too. I done some recording and it sounded like 1998. Used other app and all was good. But i want to record with a click of a button.
  3. I got the same error. I contacted support and they offered to unsubscribe from public notebook called "GTD" (Evernote published on their website). Ok, that helped for one day and after that the error returned. The new answer from support is that there is a bug and i should wait. Here is the official answer:
  4. Join the line. I sent a request few years ago for RTL support. I got very supportive message but that about all. Its not like Hebrew is the only freak language with Right to Left direction, what about Arabic? In the meantime I am making Lemonade by forcing myself to write in English. I sure need a practice.
  5. All of a sudden text in notes got extremely big. This happens in Windows app but not when i view on the web or android app. I tried zoom reset, zoom out, but it didn't help.
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