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  1. I have a number of checklists that I reuse frequently. In the old Evernote, I could right-click in the node and uncheck all todos, but that feature seems to have disappeared in EN 10. Now, I have to manually uncheck all individual check boxes, which is really annoying. Or am I overlooking something? <insert usual rant about why on earth EN would drop features etc.>
  2. But that was already there in the form of reminders, wasn't it? It seems that the reminder functionality is being downgraded (e.g, the checkbox in the reminder list view is now gone) in favor of the much less usable task functionality. I don't get it.
  3. Well, but Evernote has introduced reminders for notes years ago, clearly trying to cater to people who want to use it for managing tasks as well as for note taking. The beauty of that, in my opinion, was that it allowed me to task as well as all kinds of other information related to projects (background information, ideas, etc) in one searchable environment, in combination with Evernote's fabulous capture-everything capabilities. If I'd move to a plain task manager app, I'd lose that.
  4. Thanks for your answer. However, creating notes with single tasks is still rather awkward. For one, in the overview of tasks, only the notes in which these tasks live are shown as metadata, and not the metadata for the notes. So I can add tags for projects, context, etc to the notes, but I can't easily manage tasks using these tags. Also, having to manually create a task in every note is rather annoying if task management is your main usage of Evernote. In Joplin, one can easily convert a note into a task and vice versa. Something like that would be ideal, I think.
  5. In any case, may I suggest that you discuss Mac issues in the Mac portion of this forum...
  6. Thanks, but that's not what happens in my case. When I'm editing a note, CTRL-ALT-\ actually inserts a special character. From other context, nothing happens and I cannot move around in the note list after I pressed this shortcut. I tried replacing the shortcut with another (CTRL-SHIFT-\) that is not already linked to a special character but that does not change the focus either.
  7. I understand the difficulty with changing the status of notes, but I also note that the current implementation of tasks is fundamentally at odds with any GTD- oriented productivity approach in which tasks are the basic unit. With tasks living in notes, they are difficult to manage. Another but related issue I currently experience is that anything I capture with EN (eg., e-mails sent to EN, pictures taken, quick notes) becomes, of course, a note. Many of these things imply tasks belonging to existing projects, but currently I see no straightforward workflow for converting something that arrived as a note into a task belonging to an existing project. Any suggestion on that would be welcome. For now I'm sticking to my old system of keeping notes as actions with reminders attached, but I find that with the new version the use of reminders has become a lot less elegant.
  8. Keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work in many cases. For example, CTRL-ALT-\ is supposed to set the focus to the note list (a feature I missed dearly in earlier versions) but does nothing. CTR-ALT-1 opens home, but CTRL-ALT-2 (notes, supposedly) again does nothing. Or do I misunderstand what these shortcuts are supposed to do?
  9. I just upgraded yesterday, and today, within two hours of work, Evernote has already crashed three times. It seems to happen when I select multiple notes, but it is hard to be sure as Evernote just suddenly closes without an error message. The "send error report" dialog pops up when I restart. I did not have this issue before the upgrade. I'm on Windows 10.
  10. Well the post title says it all I guess. I'd like to have a method to add or edit reminders without having to mouse to the "reminder" button of the note, for ergonomic reasons. A dedicated keyboard shortcut would be great, but adding more reminder actions to the context menu would already help. I noticed "clear reminder" and "mark as done" are already there.
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