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  1. But now it's gone again. Can we please please please have this back?
  2. I just upgraded yesterday, and today, within two hours of work, Evernote has already crashed three times. It seems to happen when I select multiple notes, but it is hard to be sure as Evernote just suddenly closes without an error message. The "send error report" dialog pops up when I restart. I did not have this issue before the upgrade. I'm on Windows 10.
  3. I was really happy with InsanelyADHD's solution, but just today I noticed that it stopped working. I was using "Notebook:ToDo reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231" to find completed reminders, but now it returns way too many results, including many incomplete reminders. Interestingly, in the web interface it still seems to work correctly. I have reported the inconsistency of reminder search results long ago and repeatedly, both here on the forum and in support tickets, but to no avail.
  4. +1 on this... I use Evernote on multiple devices but I don't need to be notified of due reminders on every device separately, so having the option to switch off notifications on a per-device basis would be great.
  5. I have reported this problem long ago (link), and also submitted a support query (as a premium user). The responses have been friendly but have so far given no indication that Evernote are working on it, or are even planning to do so. I find this very annoying, if only because the fact that search features are unreliable greatly worries me in a tool like Evernote. Apparently, Evernote are not worried....
  6. Well the post title says it all I guess. I'd like to have a method to add or edit reminders without having to mouse to the "reminder" button of the note, for ergonomic reasons. A dedicated keyboard shortcut would be great, but adding more reminder actions to the context menu would already help. I noticed "clear reminder" and "mark as done" are already there.
  7. Thanks for the effort Jefito. Glad it is at least somewhat replicable . In my case, the result is the opposite: also notes that do *not* have the ">" tag show up. But at least your answer to my original question would be "no", right?
  8. Hi, I just noticed that when I run a saved search on my Android tablet while offline, the results are not what they should be. For one, the search is "notebook:2-TODO-Work tag:>" but also notes that do not have the ">" tag show up in the results. When I go online and run the same search, results are fine. So, do I need to be online for a saved search? To me that doesn't make sense, as I thought that all the info that the search needs (notebook, tag) is already available offline?? Rense
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