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  1. There is no share. I only share few note to others, i don't rely on others. This is a private project.
  2. I got a project tracking note with links to other notes. The project was waiting for some event so I didn't touched a note for 3 months. Now I went to check to note and found this: Clicked on "Evernote Note", got error message "You don't have access to this note...." Now what? I don't remember the note I lost. I tried to export from project note history and got an error. The import was done by double clicking on the note. The i tried to import with import menu and it worked. In the restored note I got the same error message. Now I got intrigued, how this happened. I created a test note (A), made a link to other note (B) and then deleted (B) . The preview didn't changed in note (A). Weird, why not to mention that note (B) is in the bin? Back to original issue: What Evernote means when it says I lost access? so it wasn't deleted but some how I lost access? P.S I am using the latest version of V10 on Window 10 machine.
  3. Googled EN new Italian Location. Across the street they got this thing. Chinese food... Pretty Pretty good.
  4. In the past months i was super impressed with upload and sync speed from Android. But today it became all 2021 again. Very Slow. I am using Android phone on my wifi with fiber internet. Upload speeds are 100mbps. Restarting didn't help. On Windows machine there is not change in speed. Didn't installed any security app, using the latest app on android.
  5. Is there a reason to post png file on web and share here?
  6. It is a Microsoft approach to UI. Multiple ways to achieve one thing. I don't mind it, some ways are faster and other are more easier to understand.
  7. I didn't used that feature in V6 but i support general trend to return old v6 features when it possible.
  8. I use note links tiles and it would be nice to see just many tasks inside a note?
  9. Now its working. May be the latest updates done something in the system.
  10. I assume i use regular sized images. Can any one post a screen shot of how it should look according to EN release notes?
  11. Am i understanding correctly release note? I thought you can place two images on the same line. Its not working with my PC client. I am probably not understanding meaning of the release note.
  12. I am not tech expert but I wish EN allowed more design and tools on the notes.
  13. I was able to reproduce the bug. It happened after I applied the same design.
  14. The Evernote experience with page rendering... Haven't the Evernote users suffered enough?
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