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  1. @Felix Felicis Mine Evernote V10 uses 483MB of RAM and 0-1% CPU. What's going on on your machine? May be some update or sync process? When it happening?
  2. The auto update is not immediate. Saw some post on forums and the general consensus is that Evernote got too many customers and prefer to spread out the update process. The immediate solution is manually download the final version.
  3. Dropping my 2 cents. If Evernote would support some kind of Styles with proper document map (MS Word), this would really help. Instead relaying on tables for some kind of structure.
  4. Mishkafofer

    Date format

    Same here, I need European date stamp.
  5. Cloud cost is not such a major factor for SAAS companies. The biggest cost are R&D and then S&M (well, at least for companies where I saw the financial reports). I work in tech finance and cloud cost is not that big of deal (Not talking about cloud AI, just your vanilla cloud). Just today I heard a CTO of tech firm saying they got 100K USD credit to leave their previous cloud host (migrating between clouds is a thing). After the credit is over, you call and cry for a little more . The biggest cost for SAAS are R&D and then S&M (Flunky sales team can ruin a firm). My hunch is that Evernote is traying to increase their ARR metrics. This became the holy grail of SAAS companies. In simpler terms, this represent recurring revenue. If you got one, you fly it high. If Evernote move is successful their evolution will jump high. Who knows, there might be a purchase in the horizon.
  6. I will try to translate from corporate speak to Hooman: They want to increase prices but don't want to anger current customers. So the battle plan is: Let's turn existing Premium to Legacy program, meaning freezing prices and features. The new kids on the block and current Premium users who saw the light will turn to brand new Premium program with higher prices and more features. Let's face it, Evernote is a SAAS (Software As Service firm) so increasing prices is paramount but due to loyal fanbase, they need to calm us down with Legacy program. I guess their plan was built by two people: The first one had the bright idea to increase prices, the second one had the joyful role writing the email explaining it.
  7. My v10 is working fine but now I have an issue with Tasks on one machine and opened a ticket. Can you reproduce errors on web version? other machine?
  8. The option went away in Version 10. No hint that this will coming back.
  9. I got Crashplan and added Evernote folder to backup. As I understand, Evernote is now cloud only so this become irrelevant. In the meantime I pretend that nothing changed and if CrashPlan backing up, good for him. Last week googled about Cloud to Cloud backup, nothing meaningful showed up. My main backup strategy is to pretend I will notice massive deletion and scream on Evernote support team.
  10. I actually like the new version and its look. But I also feel the pain of Power users that used Evernote to the max and now their workflow is damaged / gone / changed. The good thing is that the updated are coming fast. Also, Evernote team should be more open about roadmap. Color tagging was used by me a little bit, but it seems that some folks used it in a big way. I had similar experience few years ago when workplace Outlook database was migrated and i lost all my tags.
  11. 1. I actually like the changes in UX. Dark mode is superb. Before it was just too much white space. Old Evernote version looked like some kind legacy JAVA project. Now it looks modern and inviting. I understand the benefit of leaving old interface, some products are famous for that such as Corel Draw but the old Evernote's interface needed a serious overhaul. 2. About the cost, its a commercial product and not Wikipedia. The benefits of Evernote are much greater than the cost. Evernote is not in the game of selling user's data so the free version is major benefit. 3. My own issue is partial support for RTL languages but Evernote never stated that it supports this feature. So in some cases I just write in English (its my third language, you probably guessed that with my grammatical errors). 4. The current speed of updates is really fast compared to the past. 5. Yep, some features are gone but I see that they coming back in new version. I guess some will never come back but hey its life. In conclusion, Evernote good job.
  12. I have a personal premium account but wish to add another personal premium account for work. But it seems I cannot create two personal accounts on one email. Any ideas? I prefer to use one email for all my accounts.
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