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  1. Just a small addendum: I installed a new computer before 2 days, installed both versions (V10 and Legacy) and started to search within the notes immediately after installing. And whow - V10 seemed to have all notes available immediately. Legacy took a longer time to answer with complete search results. Only after a complete sync, all notes have been found. But after then it was much faster that V10... Conclusion: V10 has a more sophisticated sync methodology - based on what the user needs this moment. But because of more iNet traffic it needs, it sometimes needs more time to sync spe
  2. Yes it is the right folder - but(as you mentioned correctly) it is not required. It may be not complete because there is no "sync complete" indicator available.
  3. Didn't start at all or simply running into a never-ending loop showing something like "wait..."? (sorry - have a German installation). I had the never ending case and just killed all Evernote processes. Next start was OK.
  4. The only thing I keep in mind after my short hype is its text editor with simple and usefull capabilities to create appealing text (foldable lists, /-keystroke, ...). This page is an example of what I mean: EN-10 - was mir noch fehlt (sorry - German). All other stuff is tooo complicated to maintain (tables, databases, ...). By far not a competitor of EN - but maybe used as an idea generator ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. "A little unkind" - OK. I've been in charge for development for a long time - such basic functionality should be either on the list of ToDos from the start on (to implement user friendly i18ned SW) or even implicit thinking of developers itself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Meantime I use Legacy - which uses system dates - and AutoHotKey to support key combinations that add dates and times in various formats as I need them. My notes forinstance routinely have valid Creation Dates to sort into chronological order. But this is crazy:
  6. We do not want to pick up the format from somewhere outside EN. We want to have it defined within EN. Is it really such hard to implement a format string like "DD.MM.YY HH:MM" that will be used everywhere inside EN when a date is to be displayed? Every simple (like GreenShot) and more sophisticated programs (like Excel) offer such a possibility. From my point of view this is a finger exercise for computer science students... But for the moment, it would be absolutely OK, to use Windows-settings of "Short date" and "Short time" - as it was the case in Legacy ๐Ÿ˜‰:
  7. Oups - don't exaggerate ;-). No one will reach monthly upload limits. Only the content of your account(s) will be cached unter %appdata%/Evernote. This is app. 5 GB with my ~15 kNotes. Storing such data below %Appdata% is common use in nearly all Windows applications. But it would be fine to get a possibility to move Evernotes' local data to a folder of user's choice like it was possible in Legacy version.
  8. OK, so my idea (not tried out so far) to use "/" and "\" to replace my beloved ">" and "<" might be a bad idea? ๐Ÿ˜‰ At the moment I'll stay with Legacy and wait for an answer to my offical support ticket (that lasts from October last year, got the 3rd ticket-ID but neither a solution nor an explanation - only a "I'm transferring this ticket to our technical support team" from where it was moved to engineering where it got lost)
  9. Sorry, this is only true if the note has not been modified in EN-10. If it is modified (anywhere else - not around the link!) and it is synced back to the cloud, the link is removed. This is completely unacceptable because it secretly changes the content of my note.
  10. Arghl - I cannot see specific meanings of these characters in their search syntax. And even if you're right, they should mention it anywhere in the documentation. I use ">" to point to the future and "<" to mark something in the past - was OK for many, many years and is broken now without a valid reason and without announcing it anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜ก But THX for looking into it on your side, @Mike P ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Nice - I use a similar system of tags that start with a special character. In my case all tags for workflow tracking start with ">". So "tag:>*" should list all notes within my current workflow like "tag:>0-now" OR "tag:>1-next" OR "tag:>5-wait" OR "tag:>9-finalize". But the result is all the time ๐Ÿ˜ž. Legacy works correct and shows all currently handled notes. This means: Wildcards do work in all cases. I checked it for some other special characters: $ is OK (your example, not used on my side) =, _, @, ~, # and ? are OK (also used in my system)
  12. Legacy allowed to use wildcards I'm tag searches. Example: "tag:y2*" finds notes with tags y2010 OR y2011 OR y2012 OR... Now it is impossible to specify an equivalent search phrase because wildcards are no more supported. Using keyword "any:" is not a solution because it cannot be combined with something an "and:".
  13. I'm in contact with Filterize and they spoke about other (not all) users. Up to now they have no glue about reasons ๐Ÿ˜ž
  14. Yep. At least changes on Tag should not change note's update date. Tagging is often used temporarily to shrink down search result.
  15. To be patient is OK. But we should talk about the problem to collect experiences that might help to solve the problem or give it some priority among others... I and some other users of Fiterize found that emails from Fiterize to Evernote do NOT reach desired folders at Evernote. Mails from my account to Evernote are OK. Looks like some sending servers are blacklisted on EN site. This is unacceptable (if it is true). Using blacklists is OK to block spammers. But there should be a whitelist available to override blacklists that are maintained on foreign sites in some cases.
  16. Only as a reminder to our support and program management staff: It should be on user's choice to insert URLs that do not work in all cases. If I (as a user) insert a File Link to my local file systen, I know that this will work only on my system. If I klick on such a link on my mobile phone, it will fail - and this is completely OK! Or do you really plan to verify all destination addresses future? Maybe http://www.the-hell.com might fail... Maybe mailto:support@the-hell.com might be an unexistent mailbox... If you are consequent in your doings, you should
  17. THX - will help to calm me down ๐Ÿ˜‰. Could You please check whether the link remains untouched after modifying the note anywhere else in 10.9.x and syncing it back to Legacy?
  18. Huh, haven't been here for some time and THX for showing up this before I'm going to install 10.9. Is it really true that this version removes the links from the note text? So that they are gone forever if I re-open the note in Legacy? If so, I'll lose my faith in Evernote ๐Ÿ˜ข.
  19. This is similar to what business users see all the time even in Legacy ๐Ÿ˜ž: Tags with the same name appear multiple with different counts (with no origin) - but the empty ones realiably disappear in all clients. They are retained in the server database and have to be deleted there by using the administration console. So, Your bug in EN-10 seems to be an easy-to-fix one because it works already with business databases ๐Ÿ˜‰. I would accept it until the next fix will come - except it makes a problem when assigning (shared) tags to other notes: which one is assigned? This is a problem in bus
  20. I also keep a diary by automatically creating a note every day at 06:00 o'clock and assign it a template. Because this kind of automation cannot be done inside Evernote, I use IFTTT go create the note by... set up a free IFTTT account define a rule to get the Today's Weather Report from Weather Underground in an Evernote note in a specific notebook (i.e. Diary) thereby tag it with #NewDiary (or any other tag you like) use Filterize to attach your template by... set up a free Filterize account define a rule to change he
  21. This is a bug in EN-10. You should open a support ticket for that. If You need this to work correct, You should use the old "Legacy" version of Evernote. You might download it from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwAR2TNqp-eGRH3Ds8Vfu-CiKPjYolJzZ_keR9eWQaDahJ2GN-7hwn595zI8w&__s=bsetfdgzirbvqtopurph
  22. Fine. It means (my interpretation): After having it indexed on servers, recoIndex-information is stored on servers "behind" a GUID <resource-attributes>...<source-url> en-cache://tokenKey...+https://www.evernote.com/shard/s333/res/...{GUID} </source-url></resource-attributes> So after deleting the note and re-importing it from ENEX, there is no need to re-index it because it points to already computed index data (which has not been deleted on server side). This makes sense in your test case (and even real cases in which transfer/re-index tim
  23. Hmm, note representation in ENEX format seem to be different in Legacy and EN-10 Legacy contains found word in an recoIndex-section within the ENEX file EN-10 points to a cache entry outside ENEX file (on server which in turn might be cached on client) referenced by an en-cache:-URL By doing so, EN-10 has no need to sync the note itself after OCR scanning servers have completed their job. Background might be better syncing speed because only cached recoIndex-data take fewer bytes... ... and makes syncing effects more mystic ๐Ÿ˜‰ (am Rande: Kรถnnten wir uns hier nicht auch au
  24. THX for the link - didn't see it so far... ... and it approves, that indexing is done on server side. Because there is no direct link between EN-10 and Legacy databases on your local system, all that is a syncing problem: Every change on notes and embedded images have to be transferred to the servers servers do their OCR job (at any time with regard to your account and their load) after this job is done (and recoIndex is added to the note), findings have to be merged to the search index (on server side) and note has to be distributed to clients
  25. Oups, aren't PDFs and images indexed on server side (only)? If so (as it is/was my understanding), using EN-10 should not show differences. If it does (and it does if I'm looking for ๐Ÿ˜‰), it might be a sync issue... I tried the following: I've an image, that contains "offizielle Abgabefrist" in two notes: both (Legacy and EN-10 on Windows) find the notes I've copied this image to an other note in EN-10: EN-10 does not find the newly extended note After a sync in Legacy (even nearly immediately after the copy operation in EN-10) Legacy finds
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