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  1. I am able to apply formatting (bold/italic/colour) to Notebook titles as displayed in the left hand pane (on Windows). It would be visually useful if similar formatting was available for Notebook Stack names
  2. Android Presentation Mode would probably encourage me to upgrade from Plus to Premium subscription...
  3. Following up my earlier post on the new widget/actions... I uninstalled EN from my Galaxy S4 mini and then reinstalled the latest version. This time I found that the new EN action bar, EN list and EN action buttons had all appeared in the device's Widget section. So I now have a nice new shiny EN action bar on my home page and have managed to populate it with the 5 actions that I want, Not sure that setting the content of the action bar is particularly intuitive, but I seem to have managed it. I guess the previous update from Google Play over the weekend didn't function correctly? Still not certain about the separate 1x1 action buttons widget. Are you meant to be able to put instances of these on your home screen s or what exavtly?
  4. Installed the updates for EN and EN Widget this weekend on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. It seems a bit confusing - there don't appear to be any actual widgets that can be installed anymore; when I look at th e widgets screen on my device all the old EN widget s are flagged as unavailable (although they appear in the display of widgets on the device...) I guess it's some sort of screen size thing - in my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 I get the ability to install a new EN "action bar" to replace the old widget... And on the Galaxy S4 mini, there seems to be a problem to getting any selected action buttons to stick to the home screen... Having installed 3 action buttons on my home screen I switched the device off overnight and this morning when I switched it on the 3 action buttons had disappeared. Once upon a time we used to get explanations of how to use new/changed features, these days features get added or changed and are just rolled out to devices. It would be good to see some better explanation of new features rather than just let everyone run around trying to work out how to use them (or what they do).
  5. If I've needed to create a PDF of an Evernote note, I've just chosen the Print option and selected an PDF printer driver from my PC (e.g. Nitro PDF). However, I'm not sure what I would do if I was using my Android tablet... It would be good to extend the Export options to have a "Export as PDF" option.
  6. For Windows users who use Outlook to schedule their day, the Outlook add-in, gSyncit from Fieldston Software may be of interest. With the latest version of this tool you can create Task items in Outlook from your Evernote notes. As I review my notes in EN, I move those that I need to tackle tomorrow into a dedicated EN notebook, having set reminders on the notes. The gSyncit add-in in Outlook is configured to read the EN notebook that I specify and create Task items in Outlook for the date(s) in question. So, when I look at my Today vioew in Outlook, I see the list of Tasks generated from my EN notes in my To Do list and can schedule them within the day. No need to create the Tasks manually. The content of the EN note appears in the body of the Outlook Task. gSyncit also synchronises other apps with Outlook. It can sybc your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar, so once you#ve scheduled the Tasks that were created from your EN notes, they will appear in your Google Calendar. As well as Evernote and Google, gSyncit also has options to sync with Toodledo, Dropbox, Simplenote, Nozbe and Pocket Informant Online. Worth a look if you use Outlook on your Windows desktop as well as using mobile devices.
  7. @Karol_1978 - EverDoIt sounds/looks interesting. But it also appears to be an Apple app... Shame, there are plenty of Android users who would be intersted in this. Any chance of an Android version of EverDoIt ?
  8. @RyGuy - thanks for the info about Papyrus. I've downloaded the beta and it looks quite good on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 device. I like the "infinite" page size, and the ease with which it 's possible to push your Papyrus scribblings into Evernpote. I'm also looking at MyScript Notes Mobile from Vision Objects. It's available for Samsung tablets from their Samsung Apps Store - it doesn't appear to be in the Google Play store.. This is built around Vision Objects digital inking and text recognition engine that I think has been around for quite a while - probably since Bill Gates demonstrated Windows XP Tablet Edition on the Windows-based Tablets of a decade ago. MyScript Notes Mobile al;so lets you export your notes as text to Evernote, or create PDFs or image files. It also includes handwriting-to-text conversion capability - either as you write, or after you finish your note taking. I like the fact that you select either to convert your handwritten text into the standard Android font, or into a neat handwriting font.. All I've got to do is to find a decent stylus to use with these apps (i.e. a non-S Pen type)
  9. Hope you can make some inroads into that backlog soon! Sorting on Android would be very useful. It would mean we could use the "modify created date" trick to get things in "to do" sequence, rather than having to insert a yyyy-mm-dd date into the note's title...
  10. Using Evernote for Android, I can see how to sort my tagged lists by various fields, i.e. date updated, date created, title, notebook, city or country. However, itwould be good if we could choose the sort sequence - ascending or descending. At the moment if I search on date created for example, I get the most recent note first in a tagged list and have to scroll to the bottom to find the earliest date created. It;s often useful to have your notes listed in ascending order (i.e. oldest first) so you can check off what's been outstanding the longest. Please could sort sequence be added as feature in the next Android release? (Unless someone can either tell me what I've overlooked, or supply a simple alternative that doesn't involve duplicating information...)
  11. @gazumped - thanks for the feedback. Sounds like we're both trying to work along simuilar lines. I shall "play" a bit more with Event Noted, but I think you're right - it's not quite the solution. I like the idea of using the Outlook EN Clipper to put meetings/appointments into EN - I hadn't thought of doing that; thanks for the tip! I can see that when you initiate the clip, EN gives you the facility to amend the title, tag the note and specify which Notebook it should go into - that;s good. Now, as I said before, if only there was a utility which allowed you to create an Outlook Task from one of your EN notes, giving the Outlook Task a start date so that it appears in your Outlook To Do list on the right day; you can then slot it into your calendar for that day at the time you anticipate dealing with the task. And when the task is complete you can check it off in the Outlook To Do list (v satisfying!) So I'm +1 with you to Santa to get one of his elven-developers to produce a solution...
  12. @gazumped - I've just started experimenting with Event Noted. Like you say it doesn't cater for UK format dates, i.e. 3/11 which to me = 3rd November is treated by Event Noted as March 3rd - and it sticks the event into my Google calendar on March 11th 2012. (Not even thinking it should be a forthcoming date of March 11th 2013...) That's not too much of a problem for me as I title my Evernote notes with a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD when I know when they are relevant, so I can see them in date order in Evernote List view, giving me a "diary/agenda" list within Evernote. And Ever Noted seems to work with these just fine. However if you want to get these Evernote/EventNoted notes/events into you Outlook Calendar, things aren't too clevcer. Event Noted sets up its own Eventnoted. calendar within your Google Calendar to place the Evernote events. It then suggests using Google Calendar Sync to sync your Google Calendar with yor Outlook calendar. BUT - Google Calendar Sync only works with your primary Google calendar, and the EN events are in the Eventboted. calendar... 88sigh!888 so close, but not close enough In truth what I would really like as a solution from someone is to be able to update my Evernote Notes with a due date in the title then create an Outlook Task on the relevant day that then gives me the flexibility to schedule the task (ex-EN note) where I want and to tick it off in Outlook when complete My philosophy is that I might know which day I'm going to action this Task but it might not be until the day before that I;m ready to schedule a time for it. And when it's scheduled in Outlook, I run Google Calendar Sync to sync my Outlook Calendar with my primary Google Calendar and can use Meshin Calendar app to see my agenda - and if only the EN link from the original Task could be included in the Outlook Task and Event, life would be wonderful Just a few rambling thoughts, hoping one day we'll have an all-singing, all-dancing way of integrating Evernote notes and Calendar apps
  13. Not sure I comprehend mcluff's suggestion about linking to tags... Is te suggestion that in Meshin, when you decide to ataach a note, you could specify a tag and then all notes with that tag would be linked? If the intention is to be able to attach multiple EN notes to one event in Meshin, then you could create 1 note that contains links to all the other related notes (usint the "Copy Note Link" feature). I'm liking Meshin Recall (see my comments in the calendar thread of Evernote for Android sub-forum) . I'd like to see a more filterable search when you use the "Attach Note" option.At present when I click "Attach Note" Meshin immediately scans for all the notes in the default notebook. Would itbe possible to allow the user to select a tag or something else before the scan starts?
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