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  1. Hi I have just updated to the latest update for android. Since the update the app is not launching. When i click on the app i get a black screen for a few sceonds then it goes back to the homescreen. I have samsung galaxy s2 Android version 2.3.4 Is anyone having this issue?
  2. Hi Just to see whether it is just me or the latest release - since i updated to the latest release today - when i try to search notes by tag it shows me all notes. Is anyone else havign this issue? Ken
  3. Hi I sometimes have a number of PDF files in folder which i would like to add to a notebook. Why i select attach files i browse to the folder - if i selected all files to be added - evernote adds them yet they are attached to each other - so i need to add each file separately - is there an option to go around this? Ken
  4. Hi I am still having this problem and tech support are giving up on it - they state that i am the only person using evernote who had this problem and no one else. Yet from what i can read on this forum more people are having the same problem. Has anyone who is having this problem opened a support ticket for it? ken
  5. In no way do i want to be rude to anyone or offend anyone - but now i have been patient for almost a month and i think i need to speak my mind. I have been having this problem for a month now - the only options i was given from support was - re-installing evernote and downloading the database again. The last one was to re-install evernote after using revouninstaller. Each time i receive an email from the support tech - they start like - we think that the problem is etc etc. My question is, can actaully someone see the problem and try to identify exactly where the bug is - instead of experimenting. I have been doing practically the same thing each time, which is stupid actaully. I am not a programmer - yet i am not an idiot. telling me to uninstal and re-instal using different methods - will actaully give you the same results. fruther more the error i only get it when i am downloading new data not when i am uploading new data - so my logic tells me that if there is a problem with the installation or the database then it would be both ways. Also i have no idea the level of tech who is helping me - sometimes i get two different techs telling me to do 2 different things or telling me to do things i had already done with another tech. Are these guys software engineers. do they actaully stufy the log files i send them and identify the error in the code - or do they just follow some standard protocol and that's it. I do understand that re-installing and downlaoding the database might solve certain issues - but if the issue is not solved then i thinkg it makes sense to escalate the problem to the software engineers. i am really lost and disappointned. I hope that someone high up in the tech support sees this and helps me out. Cause i don;t know what to do. Ken Also i query
  7. So BurgersNFries You are able to use the web version without any hitches? with all those notes? Ken
  8. No selecting "Hide Unassinged tags" does not help I have around 300-400 tags Ken
  9. Owyn no problem occurs on three computer. So unlikely its a malware problem further more i have norton 2011 installed and i keep cpmputer very clean don't instal much stuff - only essential things
  10. I think you mean notes, not notebooks. Owyn primarily uses the web version & has over 7000 notes. I use the web version occasionally. I just used it to modify a note & had no problems & it was not slow. I have over 42,000 notes. Yes i mean notes - sorry. Ok thats good having 42000 notes and it works well - actually it used to work well before the upgrade = yet since the upgrade it became very sluggish. The thing ones needs to look into is whether it is just a question of the number of notes or maybe the number of tags etc. But something in the size of the database is effecting the loading and performance. Ken
  11. gbarry Yes i am using a websversion as a workaround - reason being i have been trying to solve an issue with the windwos version for the past 3 weeks and support just keeps experimenting -telling me to try this and to try that - without actually bothering to try and find the exact issues - in fact i already posted in the windows section - the problem i have. I am giving up on support because i am not arriving anywhere. further still - the issue with the webversion is still an issue for me. It should work smoothly i presume, so i can't understand why its so slow and sluggish. Ken
  12. Hi it takes me 30 minutes to sync - since it crashes about 5-10 times - it would only need to sync 2 notes - but it keeps crashing and i have to keep restarting it and syncing it - crashes - restart and sycn again etc until eventually it syncs. My Support ticket numebr is #16051-25954 Its already 2 days since i sent my last log file and i have not get any response yet - i would really be grateful if you can fix this please Ken
  13. Hi Would like to share this with others and see if others are having the same problem. Lately i am having some serious issues with syncronisation of evernote windows. So i decided to start using the webversion. Yet to my dissapointment the web version is so slow and sluggish that is completely unusable. So i contacted support - first they told me to use a different browser - i was using 7.0.1 . So i did as they said an used IE9 - still the same issue. Then support suggested i load evernote whist diabling all addons - i did so - yet still same issue. Then i tried loading my wifes account and it worked well. The only difference is i have 1800 notebook and my wife has 200 notebook. So the logically explanation is that evernote fir the web can't handle large databases effectively and it is almost unusable. Not sure if anyone has the same issue here? Ken
  14. Yes exaclty a Lawvol. Problem is that at times it takes me 30 minutes to get a sync. Anyone else has this problem? Maybe evernote support will take it seriously and try to solve it Ken
  15. Yes got a clean copy of installer from the site Ken