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  1. Hi I have just updated to the latest update for android. Since the update the app is not launching. When i click on the app i get a black screen for a few sceonds then it goes back to the homescreen. I have samsung galaxy s2 Android version 2.3.4 Is anyone having this issue?
  2. Hi Just to see whether it is just me or the latest release - since i updated to the latest release today - when i try to search notes by tag it shows me all notes. Is anyone else havign this issue? Ken
  3. Hi I sometimes have a number of PDF files in folder which i would like to add to a notebook. Why i select attach files i browse to the folder - if i selected all files to be added - evernote adds them yet they are attached to each other - so i need to add each file separately - is there an option to go around this? Ken
  4. Hi I am still having this problem and tech support are giving up on it - they state that i am the only person using evernote who had this problem and no one else. Yet from what i can read on this forum more people are having the same problem. Has anyone who is having this problem opened a support ticket for it? ken
  5. In no way do i want to be rude to anyone or offend anyone - but now i have been patient for almost a month and i think i need to speak my mind. I have been having this problem for a month now - the only options i was given from support was - re-installing evernote and downloading the database again. The last one was to re-install evernote after using revouninstaller. Each time i receive an email from the support tech - they start like - we think that the problem is etc etc. My question is, can actaully someone see the problem and try to identify exactly where the bug is - instead of experimenting. I have been doing practically the same thing each time, which is stupid actaully. I am not a programmer - yet i am not an idiot. telling me to uninstal and re-instal using different methods - will actaully give you the same results. fruther more the error i only get it when i am downloading new data not when i am uploading new data - so my logic tells me that if there is a problem with the installation or the database then it would be both ways. Also i have no idea the level of tech who is helping me - sometimes i get two different techs telling me to do 2 different things or telling me to do things i had already done with another tech. Are these guys software engineers. do they actaully stufy the log files i send them and identify the error in the code - or do they just follow some standard protocol and that's it. I do understand that re-installing and downlaoding the database might solve certain issues - but if the issue is not solved then i thinkg it makes sense to escalate the problem to the software engineers. i am really lost and disappointned. I hope that someone high up in the tech support sees this and helps me out. Cause i don;t know what to do. Ken Also i query
  6. Hi it takes me 30 minutes to sync - since it crashes about 5-10 times - it would only need to sync 2 notes - but it keeps crashing and i have to keep restarting it and syncing it - crashes - restart and sycn again etc until eventually it syncs. My Support ticket numebr is #16051-25954 Its already 2 days since i sent my last log file and i have not get any response yet - i would really be grateful if you can fix this please Ken
  7. Yes exaclty a Lawvol. Problem is that at times it takes me 30 minutes to get a sync. Anyone else has this problem? Maybe evernote support will take it seriously and try to solve it Ken
  8. Yes got a clean copy of installer from the site Ken
  9. Hi thanks for all your replies. Well basically it all started since the last upgrade - i had a problem since i couldn't update the evernote software it was giving me some error when it tried downlaoding the upgrade - so then i contacted support - and they told me to uninstal evernote and re-install the latest version. I did so and it worked except for the sync. Everytime i try to sync i get an error window telling me that evernote had encountered and problem and needs to close. I click send to the send the report and evernote closes - i open it again it tries to sync and again i get the saem error - the cycle is repeated about 5-10 times until it syncs - its a nightmare. The problem here is that i am very disappointed with the customer support - i have this guy who is dealing with this - first he told me to uninstall and reinstall - i did so - then he told me to redonwlaod the whole databse i did so. Then he tried to convince me that this is a normal issue since my database is BIG!!!! Can you believe that. How can it be normal it takes me 30 min to sync!!!!. After i sent him tons of log files he "thinks" the problem is with a note called BR - i have 280 notes called BR - he wants me to move all these notes one by one. Unbelievable it would take me ages. My argument is - this guy most probably is not a programmer or software engineer so i doubt whether he knows exactly what the problem is - i think he is just experimenting - which i don't think its professional and neighter good service considering i am a premium user. Further more the problem i am getting might occur to other also. I never had this issues since the latest upgrade!!!!. I thus adviced him to escalate problem to higher level of support. I am still waiting for his reply. I am posting here hoping that a seniour support personal sees this posts and helps me out on this issues - cause i am very disappointed - it is almost 2 weeks now with this problem and no solution Ken
  10. Hi Since i have upgraded to the latest version for windows - evernote keeps crashing whilst syncing. I contacted support - told me to re-install evernote - i did - no success. They then told me to redownlaod database - no success. The reason they gave me was that i have a large database - that's all. I am very diappointed - since it appears to me that they are not taking the issue seriously. I have a large database of 1600 notebooks. Note sure if anyone has this kind of database and having similar issue. Problem is that i use evernote on 2 pc and if i can't syn between the two pc it is useless for me. Every time i try to sync it crashes then i have to restart it again try to sync again - syncs a bit more and crashes and keep doing this until finally it syncs all the data - but this is taking me ages. Have sent numerous report on the error - yet till date i wasn't given any satisfactory response from evernote - this is very diappointing. Not sure if anyone has the same problem My query is can evernote handle large amount of notebook??? Ken
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