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  1. Why does no one ever want to answer my question: WHY DID YOU REMOVE THE "COPY IMAGE" FUNCTION from V10? It's the same on all the platforms - you do not allow the copy of images stored in Evernote. A basic, fundamental and absolutely essential function! As in V6, I want to be able to click on any image either CTRL-C or Menu/Copy to move that image to the system buffer. How hard can it be? You clearly do not support that anymore and that was a conscious, voluntary decision. The function did not just "get lost". And you refuse to reply to questions about it. For months now. Please fin
  2. Hi Rich Tener, I agree entirely with EdH: DO NOT PLACE COOKIES ANYWHERE! I pay to use EverNote software and data storage, I do not want ANYONE to have ANY idea what data I store, what I do with it, what web pages I store or access etc. Make any such cookies optional and configurable. Facebook, Google, Twitter are evil. When I say "evil", that's mild. They are run by psychopaths. All big tech corporations are. We've seen what kind of ideology and what interests they represent, how they censor content, how they support criminals, how they interfere in elections and in the free distri
  3. I sent this as "feedback" at least 5 times already, still not a single reply and absolutely no change in the application: I have a gigantic Evernote database which I access all the time to copy texts and images into documents, online posts etc. I search for the right note, locate the correct image (there can be dozens, sometimes over 100 images in a single note), Ctrl+C the text or image, then paste it where I need it. THIS DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE IN V10! The "copy" menu option does NOT copy the image to the Windows buffer. WHY NOT? I tried the "Open" function, which occasional
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