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  1. I've a feeling that like on Kobo e-readers, Evernote is selecting formats based on the language alone. I don't know how to 'open a bug about this'. Do they have some kind of hidden GitHub or GitLab page where I can do so?
  2. I'll try to show you what I mean in multiple screenshots. First, here's Evernote 10.5, but I had to try and edit out the note titles for privacy: Now here's my Android language settings, and note the formats shown in the clock settings (I turned off automatic time just to show the formats): Here's a stitched screenshot of search results for a newsletter in Microsoft Outlook, to show the correct short date format: The same correct formats are shown in Google Calendar. For example, Evernote rendered the first reminder date in the screenshot as '06
  3. 10. The new Evernote insists on opening links within the app, with a "Done" button being the only button in its in-app Web browser. I can't just open links in Firefox like I could do with the old Evernote!!!
  4. Ah, interesting! While trying to reproduce the first issue you mentioned, I came across another bug: I have gestures enabled (and since Sony's Android skin is close to stock Android, I assume the gestures are identical to the Pixel gestures), and when I try to swipe in from the side to go back, the keyboard keeps spawning and along with that, the phone vibrates each time that happens, like the vibration when performing that "back" gesture, but for slightly longer that it feels harsher. I assume you have a tablet that runs a new enough version of Android, as again, since both of my ta
  5. 9. No ability to access Note History from mobile apps. I know the old app didn't have this either, but I did hear that the reason for the complete app rewrites in the first place is that Evernote wanted to make all of the apps consistent!! I'm also somewhat glad that both of my tablets are stuck on Android 6 and thus didn't get the update, as it seems to have only been rolled out to Android 10 and 11 users for now.
  6. I recommend you don't update the Android app!! Version 10.x is very buggy at the moment, and I'm having to put up with it thanks to a Play Store auto-update on my phone, which runs Android 11, but both of my tablets are stuck on Android 6, and the version 10.5 update is currently limited to Android 10 and 11, so I've disabled auto-updates for Evernote there. Just be sure you're on Android app version 8.13.3, as that's the current 8.x release as of this reply. On Windows, you can get "Evernote Legacy" from Evernote's support website, and that installs alongside the new version. EDIT:
  7. Just going to bump this. Unfortunately, with how Android app data management works, you won't be able to get back your changes.
  8. I agree, there should be Evernote Legacy for Android (likely as a separate APK download outside Play Store), just like there is for Windows and Mac OS!
  9. Evernote provides previous versions of the Windows and Mac OS clients as "Evernote Legacy". Why can't they do the same for Android, as a separate APK download?!?!?! I've experienced so many bugs with Evernote 10 on both Windows and Mac OS. I'm trying to hang on for dear life in the hopes that they'll fix all of these issues, otherwise, if they don't fix them by the end of this year, I'm going to look into switching to OneNote, then stop paying for Evernote Premium and start paying for Microsoft 365. I've been a loyal user since 2013, but Evernote 10 being rushed out for all of their curre
  10. 6. No ability to discard note edits. In the old Evernote for Android, pressing the back button dismisses the keyboard as expected, then pressing it again triggers a dialogue that asks if I want to discard changes in or return to editing the note. 7. I can't properly describe this right now, but when selecting an editing option that spawns a pop-up menu, like the blue +, text button, and list button, Evernote dismisses the touch keyboard before opening the menus, which throws me off as I have to tap in the note body to get the keyboard to come back on screen. In the old version, those pop-
  11. More issues! 3. The ability to clip webpages as just the URLs is missing! I'm now clipping a long article with lots of images (this), and the new Evernote INSISTS on clipping that long, illustration-heavy article! I'd normally set it to capture just the URL in the note body and page title in the note title, but that option is missing! 4. Evernote insists on automatically embedding YouTube videos, even inside bullet and numbered lists!!! Likely inside tables too! This is a huge problem for me as, in some of my notes, I'd have bullet lists with links to videos (in the case of the
  12. I agree, as I'm very annoyed that the app now ignores my Android regional format settings! There's no 24th or 30th month on the calendar…
  13. I think the support live chat may be down, so I'm going to vent my stress in a forum post!!! The app for Android auto-updated and now I have issues!!!!! 1. Just like in the YouTube app, Evernote now ignores my Android language and regional format settings (from highest to lowest priority: English for Singapore, Australia, and the UK, and French for France), and uses American formats (month before day and 12-hour time) instead of British formats (day before month and 24-hour time)!!!!! This throws me off as someone raised to use Australian formats, before switching to British formats
  14. I was about to file a support ticket, until I found this. Yep, it does seem to be a bug with Nova Launcher, as after posting this to Evernote's support Twitter page, I tested it with the stock Samsung launcher, and Nova on my tablet (after rooting it, its stock Lenovo launcher kept crashing, and by the way, they suck at updating their Androids), and found what it really was,
  15. Yep! This feature would really come in handy as I have my old notes from my school days that I don't want to lose, among other things. I imagine that, by default, notes in Archive and Trash wouldn't be saved for offline viewing and editing, but the rest would be.
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