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  1. Ah! I already have LibreOffice installed. Otherwise, I could copy them into plain text files and run those through KDiff3 or WinMerge. Thanks for the workaround!
  2. I have both devices that can run Evernote 10 and devices that can't, so I often move between modern and legacy clients, especially with an older tablet I have that's stuck on Android 6 and thus is stuck with the legacy client. As such, I often go between the modern and legacy clients, sometimes forgetting to sync the legacy clients, and that's how I usually end up with note conflicts. So far, I've ended up with 2 note conflicts, and both are long notes that I have trouble comparing in split-screen on the desktop client on Windows. I can't show the notes in screenshots as they contain information for unpublished projects I'm currently working on. As such, I would like for the desktop clients to have some sort of comparison tool, not only for Note History, but for note conflicts too. (Edit: I forgot that the desktop clients share code with the browser-based version, so I feel that if this gets implemented for the desktop clients, it could transpire to the Web browser-based client too)
  3. I see! Thanks for the helpful explanations! If you'd like, I could provide screenshots here of the duplicate default and/or a portion of my real task note (of which I had posted a screenshot of it in the Windows client here).
  4. Finally! A real answer that makes sense, not like that seemingly dedicated Apple user "PinkElephant" and their reply! You get double "thanks" from me as a result! (Apologies - I'm just a little stressed from their reply as I've had to deal with similar replies before)
  5. About 20 clicks to get out of the tutorial on desktop. Also, if you can and still have solder flux on your fingers, please tell me how you were able to get "Word and Resource Counts" here which is missing from the current desktop client. The problem is that I have a ton of task notes and the tutorial changed my default note setting, so I had to manually find the correct note and change the setting back. I've already used zero solder flux in everything I've typed.
  6. I had been testing this feature since the private beta, but because Evernote didn't enroll me into the private beta for Android, only Windows, I lost a lot of productivity by not being able to access my list on Android. Tasks early access has finally been rolled out to me on Android, BUT when I tried to activate it, I had to tap a button to activate it, then Evernote forced a tutorial (EDIT: apparently it's called "onboarding" within the software development space) on me even though I was in the private beta and already knew how to use it! It even created a tutorial note and I was able to exit out of that to the main menu in order to derail and crash the tutorial, which had already set that note as my default and so I had to trash that note and change it back to my real default note! I just wanted to get in to being able to access my note that I could previously only access on the Windows client, so I didn't take screenshots of the prompt asking me to enable it, and the forced tutorial that followed. EDIT 2: Basically, the Android client treated me as though I had never used the Tasks private beta on the Windows client prior, but unskippable forced tutorials in apps and on websites is a design trait that I hate!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is the first time I've experienced this, but I've had the new Evernote opened in the background on a laptop that has 8 GB of RAM and a "ultrabook" Intel Core i5 5th gen CPU, and it's one of three apps currently running that's just eating up CPU time. This is after intensive use with 3 windows open, one of which was inactive, I was using it for quite a few hours excluding loads of hibernations and sleeps. RAM usage went up to almost 1.5 GB, way more than my Pale Moon and Firefox sessions combined (I have a tab unloader extension installed and way more tabs open in the former). I managed to fix this by killing the process for the Evernote client component that was using up the most resources, which crashed the main window and allowed me to restart it. I thought this would pull up that Chrome "Aw, snap" thing (or "This page is having a problem" in Edge), but it pulled this up instead, which is probably an Electron thing in an attempt to hide as much of Chrome as possible. Since the main window was the resource hog, I suspect this was a result of me clicking on various notes and opening (and jumping between)various pages in the main window. In the legacy client (which you can see in the bottom left corner of the screenshot above), I can hide the note pane, but I can't do that on the modern client! Ugh. I could go back to the legacy client, but here's the problem: While the legacy client is less of a resource hog than the modern client, and the legacy client has lots of features and settings that the modern client lacks, here's the catch: The modern client has several new features that the legacy client lacks, AND some of my notes are dependent on features only available in the modern client, AND no separate legacy client is available for Android, only Windows and Mac OS. Ugh. 😵‍💫😠🤯 I think I have to go into a rant. If Evernote based their new clients on the Firefox platform, using code from Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey, they could have a client that not only uses theoretically less resources, but uses native-ish UI elements, and could have support for Firefox themes, tabs, and extensions, the Rust programming language, SeaMonkey profiles modified to allow users to log in to multiple accounts, and a UI that's much more customisable! Rant over. Ugh. Ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks!! I see it here and it's working for HTTP/HTTPS links! I just tested this and suspect this uses different code to the automatic linking within notes! I also didn't know I can actually select multiple tasks like they were table cells! Cool! EDIT: I forgot to mention that I can't check to see if this is the case on mobile as Tasks early access hasn't rolled out to Android clients connected to my account, which in turn also hinders my productivity somewhat as I have to be on one of my desktop OS devices to even be able to see the list.
  9. I've already converted a to-do note I have into a Tasks note, but found that I can't tag individual tasks with URLs like I can tag them with dates, reminders, and flags. I'd not only want to tag tasks with HTTP/HTTPS URLs (e.g. I want to remind myself to do an action on a website), but I also want to tag with internal links to other notes! To give you an idea of what I have been trying to do, here's a screenshot. You may also notice that I have some tasks that begin with hyphens. Those are tasks that were originally indented 1 level inward back when this note had a regular checklist instead of the new Tasks feature, and are tasks that i've grouped in specific sets. I could create a separate note for those, but I'd rather have these in one place. EDIT: I didn't notice that the note title still mentions 30 May, but it's just that I've been busy with some of the projects on this list, which is also why I've not been able to find lots of time to file issue reports and feature requests for Evernote and other apps/services.
  10. 11. No way to easily pin/stick notes containing tasks (using the new Tasks feature some users are testing) to the homepage. I was able to do so using a workaround, but then tasks become non-interactive. 12. 'New Note' menus aren't consistent across platforms. On the desktop and Web versions, the drop-down contains a list of templates. On the mobile versions, the drop-down contains a list of attachment types to immediately create upon note creation. The new mobile version hasn't rolled out to both of my tablets as they're stuck on Android 6. In both cases, the menus are NOT customisable. Seriously?!?! I thought the whole point of Evernote 10 is to have CONSISTENCY across supported platforms!! I hope the 'New Note' drop-down menu can be customised to not only include attachment types, but also templates, and have those options sync across platforms.
  11. I've a feeling that like on Kobo e-readers, Evernote is selecting formats based on the language alone. I don't know how to 'open a bug about this'. Do they have some kind of hidden GitHub or GitLab page where I can do so?
  12. I'll try to show you what I mean in multiple screenshots. First, here's Evernote 10.5, but I had to try and edit out the note titles for privacy: Now here's my Android language settings, and note the formats shown in the clock settings (I turned off automatic time just to show the formats): Here's a stitched screenshot of search results for a newsletter in Microsoft Outlook, to show the correct short date format: The same correct formats are shown in Google Calendar. For example, Evernote rendered the first reminder date in the screenshot as '06/20/2021, 9:47 PM', but if it actually followed my Android regional format settings, it would've instead displayed '20/06/2021, 21:47'. Likewise, for the second date displayed, it should've displayed that as '26/05/2020, 13:00' instead of '05/26/2020, 1:00 PM'. For the note panel, I'm referring to the thing on the right in the tablet and desktop versions of Evernote. My laptop isn't on right now, but I may add a screenshot later. EDIT: I don't have 76 notes. The title should display either 'Reminders (76)' or 'Notes (1,314)'.
  13. 10. The new Evernote insists on opening links within the app, with a "Done" button being the only button in its in-app Web browser. I can't just open links in Firefox like I could do with the old Evernote!!!
  14. Ah, interesting! While trying to reproduce the first issue you mentioned, I came across another bug: I have gestures enabled (and since Sony's Android skin is close to stock Android, I assume the gestures are identical to the Pixel gestures), and when I try to swipe in from the side to go back, the keyboard keeps spawning and along with that, the phone vibrates each time that happens, like the vibration when performing that "back" gesture, but for slightly longer that it feels harsher. I assume you have a tablet that runs a new enough version of Android, as again, since both of my tablets are stuck on Android 6, so I still get the old version there. This reminds me of how I can't hide the note panel on the new Windows version like I could on the old one.
  15. 9. No ability to access Note History from mobile apps. I know the old app didn't have this either, but I did hear that the reason for the complete app rewrites in the first place is that Evernote wanted to make all of the apps consistent!! I'm also somewhat glad that both of my tablets are stuck on Android 6 and thus didn't get the update, as it seems to have only been rolled out to Android 10 and 11 users for now.
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