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  1. I was about to file a support ticket, until I found this. Yep, it does seem to be a bug with Nova Launcher, as after posting this to Evernote's support Twitter page, I tested it with the stock Samsung launcher, and Nova on my tablet (after rooting it, its stock Lenovo launcher kept crashing, and by the way, they suck at updating their Androids), and found what it really was,
  2. Yep! This feature would really come in handy as I have my old notes from my school days that I don't want to lose, among other things. I imagine that, by default, notes in Archive and Trash wouldn't be saved for offline viewing and editing, but the rest would be.
  3. On devices using OLED displays (or a variant thereof), right?, I do vote for that, but I also want the coloured headers from Evernote Android app v4.x, as I hate the boring white interface of 5.x (hence me not upgrading to Android 8.x, and also why I don't use iOS), so I backed up the v4.x APK from my tablet, installed that on my phone for the time being, and disabled Play Store auto-updates on my tablet and phone. So, if the developers listen, there could be 3 options in the app settings under "Theme" (not actual names of each option): Boring white interface (a la iOS) (default) Classic colourful interface (a la Evernote Android app v4.x) Dark mode The reason why I prefer the colourful interface, is because it allowed me to tell the difference between all notes, notebooks, and actual notes. (Tweet for context)
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