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  1. This might be related to the PDF Preview issue. While using annotation mode, I'm seeing the PDF go white or at least a big portion of it will blank out behind the area I'm adding and moving an annotation. Specifically, I'm adding text annotations to a PDF document. If I wait or click around to other pages of the PDF, it eventually comes back. Here are some repro steps: 1) Open and annotate a PDF multi-page document using the text tool. 2) Save it. 3) Open it again. 4) Move the annotated text around the screen. If this doesn't cause it to blank out, move to the next page in the multi-page form and then go back and move the text around again. The background started flashing for me and eventually, it went white and text and images that were part of the PDF disappeared while I was moving the annotated text. https://cl.ly/3o071m0q2M3h
  2. As I understand it, the separation of Personal and Business is a requirement of some companies. Unless there is separation, they won't deploy Evernote. Companies don't like it when employees co-mingle their data between personal and business. With that said, I think we would all agree it's an inconvenience. Like Stacey's comment, I would focus on providing Evernote suggestions on how to improve your specific workflow without changing the fundamental model. Separating personal and business might be something required from an Evernote business perspective to land more enterprise customers but great shortcuts or features for power users to speed their workflow between the 2 worlds is probably an area the Evernote Mac team has some leeway to add functionality.
  3. When I download the Beta link it wants to open it in Dropbox???? Any help is appreciated, I need to be able to print a checklist with checkboxes for a convention next week. 

  4. I'm seeing a bug with the new Trash sidebar item. The trash icon looks selected and remains selected after clicking on Tags or Atlas. Here are my repro steps. Click on Trash Icon on sidebar. Click on Atlas. Observe Atlas becomes selected briefly but then the highlight gas back to Trash. Click on Tags. Observe Tags becomes selected briefly but then the highlight gas back to Trash. It only appears to be broken for Atlas and Tags. I tested Shortcuts, Recent, Notes and Notebooks and they all appear to work fine. By the way, I'm glad you guys added this. It's a good addition. Does a badge or something appear next to the trash icon if there is a new item that was recently trashed? Not sure exactly how it would work but my thinking is that this feature ideally should help people see if something gets accidentally deleted and some sort of badge or indicator would be helpful to bring it to people's attention.
  5. Looks solid to me. I haven't noticed any issues. In 6.6 I had issues with screenshots. Sometimes they would turn into the blue question mark after I pasted them in but I would just paste them again and it would work. I haven't seen that yet in 6.7. Any big changes to the note editor yet?
  6. To help clarify the request for the Evernote developers, when you say you want Dark Mode, are you asking for the editor to be inverted too so the note is black and text white or just the rest of the UX beyond just the sidebar? In regards to syntax highlighting, during our hack week when I was there one of the security engineers got this working and I think you could even choose the language so C was highlighted differently than Java. The reason code block and a lot of these features aren't turned on is because not all the clients support the same editor yet. Once this is done then these feature can easily be turned on. I don't work there anymore so I have no idea where they are on that but that's the reason. If not adding syntax highlighting and other editor features would have to be added to the 5 different clients separatey which is very costly and time consuming.
  7. I don't know if this was mentioned by Adjusting yet but there is also a new Tag feature. In the note you'll now see a drop down arrow next to the Tag. If you right click on the tag you'll see a new menu and menu item called Filter By Tag. This is a quick way to see all of your notes with that Tag. For example if I want to see all of the notes that I tagged UCLA, I can do this quickly by right clicking the UCLA tag in one of the notes and selecting Filter By Tag. This was a feature request by the Evernote Mac designer who is a heavy user of tags.
  8. Are you using Evernote for Mac 6.6 Beta 2? Double check the About Box to make sure. I'm really liking the Quick Switcher. I think it's better than what we talked about when planning the feature. Great job!!!
  9. What specific font formatting features are you looking for? Currently Evernote uses CMD+T or Format: Show Fonts to display the Mac OS font dialog which I think gives you all the font formatting capabilities one would want. Evernote is a service and Alternote is a partner. On some level it doesn't matter what client you use as long as the service is Evernote. If people like Alternote that's great. Choice is good for customers. I think we're in agreement. For the longest time Evernote was focused on expanding the business by acquiring, building or partnering with 3rd parties to add more clients to the core Evernote service or focusing on collaboration/messaging as an extension to the sharing experience. I think the point you may have missed is that the new management team has changed course. The new focus is on the "note" but before the company tries to run, the team must first ensure that the basics of reliability and stability are taken care of. This is what the Mac team has been focused for the past 3 months. My point is that they are starting to turn the corner and will be able to get back to addressing missing features and innovating again. My other major point is that new competition and/or bad press has not had a material affect on the fundamental business. Evernote is in great shape. Let the Evernote team know explicitly what you are looking for. Vague and broad statements don't help. Cheers.
  10. Are you using CMD + SHIFT+, or CMD + SHIFT+. It's a little confusing. The key command is ⌘> but this means you have to use the SHIFT key to get them. I think Evernote could also make CMD+, and CMD+. do the same functionality which would make this easier for US Keyboard users. The issue is you can't display the key command with the shift key because then it wouldn't work for European keyboards like German which have < > on the same key. Both Zoom and Code Block have been requested by Evernote forum customers. Zoom in particular has a forum thread that is 2+ years old so I don't think you can make the argument that Evernote isn't starting to address some of the long requested features by customers. They may not be the ones you've requested but they are features people have asked for. There is also a bug fix in the tag filter that was addressed in 6.5 which was also something discussed at length in the forum by a number of people. Evernote has been focused on stability and reliability for the past 3 months. 7 of the top 10 crashes are fixed in 6.5 which I think everyone can appreciate and I know many would argue are more important than more features. I've read posts in the forum where people think Evernote isn't doing well because of news reports they've read and then they make the argument that if only Evernote management listened to their customer then they would be doing much better. I know this wasn't brought up in the above comment but I've read it in other posts. The funny thing is that Evernote is doing great. The company is on target financially and active user numbers have never been better. In particular the Mac product is doing fantastic based on all the usual metrics one would consider for success so don't believe everything you read and don't believe that Evernote is faltering. I fully supported the 3 month effort to focus on quality vs features. I think that phase is coming to an end and you'll start to see more new features coming in the not too distant future.
  11. I think it's safer to use Evernote with El Cap than other OSs because most of the testing is done on El Cap so the issues are found faster. Also the vast majority of Evernote users are using El Cap so it must be fine for most people. Unfortunately I think its difficult to highlight the shortcuts and recent items because they are basically links but I get why it makes sense. Since I don't work at Evernote any more you'll have to wait for them to give you a definitely answer. I'm not able to reproduce this issue. What OS are you using? Is there anything unique with your set up? Evernote doesn't control this. Mac OS typically decides if a menu pops up or down and it sounds like either OS or Evernote is making the OS think that there isn't enough room to pop the menu down for some reason. Possibly reboot your system. I think the old UX is supposed to show up in this case since we used newer APIs to build the audio toolbar that 10.9 doesn't support but I'm not sure. Thanks for reporting this. I'm not able to reproduce this issue so I don't think this is a new issue or an issue that happens for every PDF. I'm guessing it is something unique to the PDF you attached. It looks like you have a large slideshow of some sort which is probably why this isn't working and I'm guessing the software is getting confused about what part of the PDF to show. Maybe there's a limit to the number of pages that is supported. Anyway, please try a different PDF to see if it is a general issue or just an issue with this PDF and report back in this forum.
  12. @fnl Your argument doesn't hold on lots of different fronts. First MS Office was one of the first programs on the Mac and was on the Mac before Windows so it's not a Windows transplant. If anything it helped define some of the standards that are now common on the Mac. Remember the Mac originally didn't have contextual menus or a "right" click. Second just because you use Pages it doesn't mean lots of people use Pages even if it's free. The majority of people use and are familiar with MS Word. Microsoft is by far the largest "seller" of Mac software and because it's so pervasive in business one could argue that it sets standards for how things work in productivity apps. Third you can't dismiss Google Docs as just a web page. I don't know about you but most of the kids I know in both high school and college in the US use Google Docs. It's also very popular internationally especially in markets where they can't afford MS Office. Standards are not what a company defines but what the majority of people use and are familiar with. Evernote needs to base decisions on what is the most popular "standards" in the market place and not necessarily what we individually use and are familiar with or a single platform defines. In fact my guess is that there are MS Office and Google Doc users who have always felt Evernote violated the font key command "standard" because it didn't follow these 2 apps. What also factored into the decision is that there was a feeling that more people would end up using Zoom vs the font increase and decrease key commands since there isn't UX for it where as the font size drop down is easily available. If beta results are any indication, we were right. Zoom is the 4th most used note editor feature even though it wasn't on by default. The font increase and decrease key commands never reached that high of a ranking even though its available to everyone. The bottom line is that change is hard. The key point is that the Evernote team didn't take this lightly and put a lot of thought into it and I think this is the right decision. Now there could be some tweaks required for international users and some other things that might make the new key command better for more people but I think the change is good.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments. I think the Mac team is in really good shape and will be able to deliver some really great features in the upcoming releases. I've defined what I felt were the top things to address through to the Summer and the executive team supports these changes. I also want to point out that I think Evernote as a company is in great shape despite some negative articles. I'm reluctantly leaving because I got an offer I couldn't refuse. It had nothing to do with Evernote itself. In any case, thanks again for all the nice words. Don't worry the Mac team is in good hands and all of us customers will benefit from their hard work.
  14. Today we're releasing Evernote for Mac 6.5. Here are the official release notes. New We changed the key command for increasing or decreasing font size. To increase, hit “⌘>” and to decrease, hit “⌘<”. This aligns with other office productivity applications and allows us to use “⌘+” and “⌘-” for a future Zoom feature. Fixed Fixed an issue where checkboxes didn’t print. Fixed an issue where tags with periods or other symbols wouldn’t be found in the tag filter. Improved initial Mac setup performance for accounts with 1000+ tags. Fixed 7 of the top 10 crashing bugs. Beta Features (NOTE: These are only available on the Direct Download Version) We have a couple of features that are not quite finished yet but are available for beta testing purposes. Zoom - Use “⌘+” and “⌘-” to temporarily zoom in and out. There are a few bugs, including an issue with resizing images when in zoom mode. To try it out, go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable zoom. Code Block - This feature basically takes any selected text and converts it to a monospaced font and creates a gray background around the line of text. This also has a few bugs. It’s not recommended to turn this feature on if you’re an Android user because editing the note on Android will undo the code block. This works fine if you’re using the Common Editor beta version of Android, but will break using the standard Android app. To try it out, go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable code block. Please let us know if you find any issue and reply to this post so we can find them quicker. If you want to download the build you can get it here. P.S. I also wanted to add with a lot of sadness that this is my last day at Evernote. It's been a real pleasure working with all of you. I think Version 6.5 will be the most stable version of Evernote Mac ever and I'm really proud of the work the team has made on fixing crashing issues and working on sync errors. I also can't wait until you see 6.6. Now that the product is in a pretty stable state, we started to focus on some of the long standing issues that many of you have been asking for and also working on some cool things that will be totally unexpected. I'm disappointed I won't be here when 6.6 finally ships but as an Evernote user I'm going to be ecstatic. Thanks again to all of you in the Evernote community who have commented in these forums and played a big part in making our favorite product better.
  15. Let me provide a little more context so you understand why this feature works the way it does and why we haven't changed it. 1) Evernote Mac has worked this way for 2 to 3 years so this isn't new behavior. It's just more obvious now because of the blue highlight. This is also the way it was designed so it's not a bug which means changing this behavior is not easy. When I ask people who were here why it was designed this way the response I hear is that the plan was to add a lot more features like Atlas to the sidebar so notebook and tag lists were being de-emphasized. In hindsight I'm not sure that was the right decision but it was the decision at the time. 2) This is only an issue for those that turn on the notebook or tag list on the side bar. Evernote defaults with both of these off so not many people run Evernote this way. in fact it's only about 7% of our free users and 20% of paying customers so not even a majority would notice this issue. Also most of our users don't have a lot of notebooks so it's not really something that is top of mind for most people. This is why it hasn't been a high priority to change. 3) Getting the selection to stay highlighted after one clicks on the item is relatively easy to do. The difficult part is going the other way around. If you change the notebook you're looking at via the CMD+J menu in the note list, theoretically the notebook on the sidebar should get highlighted too. This is relatively hard because it means the sidebar and the note list have to communicate to each other whenever there is a change. This is not how they are currently designed. There's also a bunch of interaction issues that have to be worked out. What happens if the notebook is hidden? Do we expand the list to expose the notebook or do we highlight the stack that the notebook is in? What if the notebook you're looking at doesn't show on the sidebar, do we scroll the sidebar to bring it into view? What do we do when you select a note and it has 25 tags. Do we highlight all 25 tags on the sidebar? If we have to highlight all of the tags, can we do that in high performing way so it doesn't slow things down. As you can see there are a bunch of things to consider which makes the cost of change relatively high for us. So what are we doing about it? My philosophy is to try things out and to experiment. In our internal builds we've changed the way selection works so that we keep the notebook or tag selection when the user clicks on the sidebar item but we fallback to selecting Notes if the user does anything that nullifies the sidebar selection. For example if you're in a tag called "Work", if you switch the notebook to "Travel" via CMD+J, the selection will go back to Notes because you are no longer looking at just the Work tags. Personally I think this is better than the current behavior but I'm not sure what other people will think so we're going to try it out. If it seems to be working for people, we may even release this in a beta to get your reaction. In any case, we're experimenting with different things and thinking about what we can do in the short term and what the ideal behavior should be in the long term. Here's a little animated gif I made using a version of our software with this change already made. What do you think? Would this be good enough for you?
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