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  1. This might be related to the PDF Preview issue. While using annotation mode, I'm seeing the PDF go white or at least a big portion of it will blank out behind the area I'm adding and moving an annotation. Specifically, I'm adding text annotations to a PDF document. If I wait or click around to other pages of the PDF, it eventually comes back. Here are some repro steps: 1) Open and annotate a PDF multi-page document using the text tool. 2) Save it. 3) Open it again. 4) Move the annotated text around the screen. If this doesn't cause it to blank out, move to the next p
  2. As I understand it, the separation of Personal and Business is a requirement of some companies. Unless there is separation, they won't deploy Evernote. Companies don't like it when employees co-mingle their data between personal and business. With that said, I think we would all agree it's an inconvenience. Like Stacey's comment, I would focus on providing Evernote suggestions on how to improve your specific workflow without changing the fundamental model. Separating personal and business might be something required from an Evernote business perspective to land more enterprise custo
  3. When I download the Beta link it wants to open it in Dropbox???? Any help is appreciated, I need to be able to print a checklist with checkboxes for a convention next week. 

  4. What specific font formatting features are you looking for? Currently Evernote uses CMD+T or Format: Show Fonts to display the Mac OS font dialog which I think gives you all the font formatting capabilities one would want. Evernote is a service and Alternote is a partner. On some level it doesn't matter what client you use as long as the service is Evernote. If people like Alternote that's great. Choice is good for customers. I think we're in agreement. For the longest time Evernote was focused on expanding the business by acquiring, building or partnering with 3rd parti
  5. Are you using CMD + SHIFT+, or CMD + SHIFT+. It's a little confusing. The key command is ⌘> but this means you have to use the SHIFT key to get them. I think Evernote could also make CMD+, and CMD+. do the same functionality which would make this easier for US Keyboard users. The issue is you can't display the key command with the shift key because then it wouldn't work for European keyboards like German which have < > on the same key. Both Zoom and Code Block have been requested by Evernote forum customers. Zoom in particular has a forum thread that is 2+ years old so I
  6. @fnl Your argument doesn't hold on lots of different fronts. First MS Office was one of the first programs on the Mac and was on the Mac before Windows so it's not a Windows transplant. If anything it helped define some of the standards that are now common on the Mac. Remember the Mac originally didn't have contextual menus or a "right" click. Second just because you use Pages it doesn't mean lots of people use Pages even if it's free. The majority of people use and are familiar with MS Word. Microsoft is by far the largest "seller" of Mac software and because it's so pervasive in busine
  7. Thanks for all the nice comments. I think the Mac team is in really good shape and will be able to deliver some really great features in the upcoming releases. I've defined what I felt were the top things to address through to the Summer and the executive team supports these changes. I also want to point out that I think Evernote as a company is in great shape despite some negative articles. I'm reluctantly leaving because I got an offer I couldn't refuse. It had nothing to do with Evernote itself. In any case, thanks again for all the nice words. Don't worry the Mac team is
  8. Today we're releasing Evernote for Mac 6.5. Here are the official release notes. New We changed the key command for increasing or decreasing font size. To increase, hit “⌘>” and to decrease, hit “⌘<”. This aligns with other office productivity applications and allows us to use “⌘+” and “⌘-” for a future Zoom feature. Fixed Fixed an issue where checkboxes didn’t print. Fixed an issue where tags with periods or other symbols wouldn’t be found in the tag filter. Improved initial Mac setup performance for accounts with 1000+ tags.
  9. Marcus


    My EN tells me i need a later version and will not open. Where can I get 6.5 b1?




    Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 08.42.05.png

    1. rongor


      Oops i need B2

    2. SoftwareMarcus


      There is always a link in my forum posts.  Try this. http://bit.ly/1NUQNhA.


  10. Ahh, you meant Windows. Sorry about that. I'm not sure. I'll ping them to let them know this is a feature you'd like to see.
  11. We've had this ability for a month. Just go to the formatting tab in preferences in Evernote for Mac 6.3 and turn it off.
  12. This is definitely on our radar. We agree that this would make formatting a note quicker and easier. Technically we're focused on moving all of our platforms to use a common editor first after which it should make it easier to add note editing features quickly and consistently across our apps.
  13. Is anyone else seeing this. I still can't reproduce the issue. What image format are you using?
  14. I can't reproduce this issue. Can you tell me what image format you're using? Also how did you get the image into Evernote? Did you drag from a web page into Evernote? Sometimes this causes problems because I think there may be an issue with us picking up the extension on the drag and drop operation and if we don't have the extension then there are issues when you drag it to the desktop. Not positive but I seem to remember issues with that flow.
  15. We made this change based on what we were seeing in support. Support found that many of the people they were helping who reported losing data actually deleted their notes by accident and thankfully we were able to recover their notes from the trash. I realize it's a pain for people who liked the old way and some will think it's a bug but we really wanted to make sure we decreased the number of people who accidentally deleted their notes and I think this solves that problem. There are still lots of ways to delete a note. The trash button in the note itself. Right click in the note list and
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