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  1. One "platform specific enhancement" I was thinking about was AppleScript... I've seen a bunch of people mourn the loss with v10... Not something I personally used though... I thank the author of YARLE, which let me see Obsidian/Joplin with "my data", and though I'd say neither quite matches original Evernote in doing what it did well each has their good points and I have seen about 8 months "life after Evernote". It was a good 12 years of subscribing, plus 8 months or so knowing I could always look back on Evernote to see what the original note looked like. I think my fave version of Evernote was Mac v5 - even simple things like the dividing line between the note title and note content but a lot of other little bits of UI just seemed better..... But a couple of macOS updates ago put the end to that... Had to jump to v7... Crud, wasn't going to post any more ;)
  2. Looks like they are applying "bans" for the Evernote equivalent of browser user agents - sad days. Always thought the Ian Small (?) led plunge into turning EN into effectively a "web app" was wrong. Some may think EN chose the correct path and I would say you are entitled to think that... I would've liked a move to Qt if they just wanted to unify codebases as that would've provided the ability to preserve some platform specific enhancements but I guess JavaScript developers are more numerous?? After a brief "OMG this is horrible" introduction to v10 on one machine, quickly going back to the old app on Mac I watched as v10 launch farce unfolded, and later the mess made with "real time editing", the opposite of what a lot of people wanted, a manual sync button. I started to jump ship moving my "daily diary" notes to Obsidian barely days before EN told their staff they were moving operations to a different country, almost as if there was something in the air. After a few weeks my more complicated notes ended up in Joplin and I've barely looked back... Couple of months later I cancelled my 12 year subscription leaving myself with free account "just in case"... Both work with local data even though they are Electron too, but they work well and both have sync, so I'm actually paying more but I know my data remains mine, constantly available... Going to remember to unfollow this topic now... So long and thanks for all the elephants...
  3. I didn't even know about this change until reading the discussion board which I only visit every couple of months... Reminds me of the 10.x rollout which was released WAY before it was ready and Evernote only ever addressed the issue on desktop with "Legacy", never mobile.
  4. The "Legacy" apps are high performance native apps with access to local resources e.g. you can have local notebooks if you want or you have notebooks synced with the Evernote online system. Third party apps can use published APIs to sync, so I used that to use Evernote on Linux. The Electron apps in comparision feels like you are only "borrowing" your data, and no option for local only notebooks, naming just one missing feature. I can't at this point imagine the @agsteele doom and gloom legacy sync turning off scenario, as I mentioned there are publicly documented APIs. What will happen is OS changes will gradually impair the applications to run. I loved Evernote 5 on Mac and I clung to that as long as I was able. Version 6 was a mess IMHO so I pretty much jumped from 5 to 7 (pre legacy) when OS changes meant Evernote 5 would no longer launch without crashing. The green elephant 7.14 just about still works on Sonoma (just launched to try) but enhibits the same windowing quirks of running on Ventura. I don't agree with the way Evernote is targetting/nagging users to go from "legacy" and pre-legacy clients to version 10.x and reportedly removing the old application. What if a user has local notebooks? The upgrade nag does not mention the lack of this feature and users could/will lose access. This is IMHO a MAJOR error and omission from Evernote especially with the removal of the download links to the grey elephant legacy apps. I would guess these days not only are the developers of the native apps no longer with Evernote I suspect most of the original developers of the Electron apps have gone too so I think sadly would be even harder to pull the code out of mothballs to make updates. I just really wish Evernote had gone for using Qt to developi the apps a few years back which should have allowed them to create common code for the various app as well as some platform specific code if they wanted to provide native OS functionality. Today I have cancelled my subscription (been subscribed since mid 2011) having barely now used Evernote in past six months, instead using apps with local storage/database support as I have previously used my green elephant to export and migrate all my data. I hope Legacy continues to work for everyone that uses and relies on it, to the limits of OS compatibility.
  5. Hi, I saw your post referencing your use of Evernote Legacy on the Linux operating system. (I've never used Linux.)   I'm about to load Linux on an old Apple MacBook, and I'd appreciate any guidance you can provide me in this regard -- concerning the best use/configuration in order to maximize the use of Evernote Legacy. Thanks in Advance.  -- Re. 

    1. Brian Handscomb

      Brian Handscomb

      I was using NixNote2 - version that "came with" the Devuan distro of Linux - this would obviously use published API similar to those of "legacy" Evernote client...

      For Apple laptop I would recommend getting Ubuntu. Only distro I've tried so far where WiFi works right off the bat...

      Just tried "from scratch" using Ubuntu on an old MacBook Air... Nixnote2 is available via the software repository so installed it. On launch it was a default local account. I told it to add an account and gave username and selected Evernote as type of server. I then switched to that account, and told it to synchronize. There was a new window to login to Evernote. Provided details and clicked to login. Window went blank. Found Nixnote2 had a "login failed" popup behind. This was I think Evernote blocked access wanting to ask me to re-authorize but the program wasn't ready for the prompt. Close the "fail" popup and told it to synchronise again. Window popped up asking me to allow the access (for a year) and as soon as I told Evernote to allow access the program started to populate. Then the charge in the laptop battery died.

      Haven't used the version of NixNote2 available to Ubuntu before but it is slowly pulling down my 1000s of notes. Interesting tapping through seeing notes I created in 2011

      These days I split my notes between Obsidian and Joplin - Obsidian for simple "daily diary" notes, Joplin for everything else. I've imported everything in and haven't actually used NixNote2 for a couple of months.

  6. Back in February 2021 I made a note that I had looked at Joplin, Standard Note and Obsidian and really didn't like any of them. Fast forward two years... I started "test driving" Obsidian with my "daily diary" notes on 19 June (simple text only notes) my incentive being switching my personal phone from Android (where I had an old EN app) to iOS. Think I first tried iOS then Mac desktop app of Obsidian. Early test with that day's note seemed "promising". Notably for this use case there is a "core plugin" in Obsidian that is designed to make a daily note named with the day's date. Been doing that manually in Evernote for almost four and a half years by that point, sometimes even getting the date wrong. I noticed the Obsidian Sync service is certain a little quirky on iOS - one way to guarantee a sync is to close the note and re-open it. I don't see the issue that often. I have no idea how well the other half of my Evernote note collection will transfer (some have formatting, or embedded pictures/files), or even if Obsidian will be my note taker of choice long term. It could for example eventually be Joplin. Since starting my "test drive" of Obsidian I have had an EXTREMELY basic quick look at Joplin - in some ways I prefer it, in others less so. I know for "local storage" Joplin builds a "database" (SQLite I believe) containing your content where Obsidian (on desktop) is basically an open folder with a file per note meaning you can take your notes anywhere. Joplin has a visible formatting bar though. In one of my notes Obsidian had trouble when I pasted in a Windows file path and the backslashes didn't display after an edit to the note. Joplin "imported" the Obsidian note and the display was fine meaning it was just a display issue. At the moment still using Evernote for my "reference" notes (about 900 of them I think), but haven't created a new note in a month and only edited 7 (mostly using NixNote2). There it a lot of "doom and gloom" predictions about "Legacy" stopping working soon (notably not from Evernote), but personally I am not too worried. For one thing at least one copy of my notes are in a "local database" maintained by a non Evernote client which uses the published API that I don't think has changed in the last couple of years. Tempting to spin up another third party client I know about (Quentier) to get ANOTHER independent local copy. I've successfully played with that a little in the past and it is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  7. Various comments about "people on Legacy don't know there's a new version" I would suggest likely is the polar opposite of the actual situation. I suspect if people really do have "Legacy" it is a very deliberate move to avoid v10... Based on the current problems where people are losing data I thing the nag prompts (daily, couple of times a day sometimes?) are INCREDIBLY badly timed and should be stopped... IMHO... YMMV... etc
  8. Based on what I've read in recent days about people losing data in EN v10 I am more than happy that I stuck with older version, except the hour-ish with a Mac v10 and maybe a few days with v10 on an iPad but didn't use and uninstalled when I realised (never really used it) The irony being right when there are a bunch of sync issues and data loss issues EN is pushing legacy (and pre-legacy) users to "upgrade" - would say now is definitely NOT the time to switch. I'm "test driving" Obsidian and last time I put in any research v10 had export limits so if I HAD switched I would NEED old versions to export as I have several "diary" notebooks with 360+ notes (usually a note a day, occasionally two)... Test export (to ENEX) of a notebook with about 170 notes converted perfectly well with YARLE. Home? Widgets? Tasks? Links? Not interesting for me... For me right now it seems like too much effort on "new and shiny" and the core functionality of being a NOTE app is being compromised. Now if I could only stop those nag boxes when I use an official client (mostly Mac) then I'll be as happy as when I use NixNote2 on my personal "daily driver" Linux laptop which is where in the past three or four years about half of my Evernote usage has been - probably about five years of almost exclusive Mac usage before that, which reminded me of how un-Mac like v10 seemed when I looked at it.
  9. Looks like the update nag is daily now (if left running) or every launch. Which I'm not liking. It does actually include the version reference. Or at least my just pre-legacy one does (7.14, not 7.14.1).
  10. Have just seen the same update banner appear on my 7.14 (just pre Legacy) Mac Evernote which has update notices turned off... Thankfully I read everything carefully...
  11. EN says member since June 2011, interestingly my "Welcome to Evernote" note is dated 9 April 2010, but guess that's just the date they had last edited that welcome note. Earliest personal note I can find is 16 June 2011.
  12. I'm not against a company advertising an upsell if there is a cut price promotion, what I am against is being shown this in multiple different ways in multiple places multiple times.... ONCE is enough! Never seen this type of spam in MANY years of using Evernote (started April 2010 according to the "Welcome to Evernote" note still in the initial notebook created).
  13. Nice trick with sidebar... For the keyboard shortcut lovers, Command-Option-S twice.... Great for the people (like me) that think v10 is still a toy and adds nothing they find useful to their experience and that a real local desktop app (with Internet sync) is better that a web app with an offline mode. I've lived with this niggle because my only Ventura OS is a MacBook Air that my employer owns. The bug doesn't affect smaller EN windows as much.
  14. I always said if a MacOS update prevented me using Legacy (or oldest "still green" v7) I would look at an alternative client rather than v10... Quentier is a Qt based client available for Linux, Windows and Mac which I've "run up" a couple of times in the past - no idea on Ventura compatibility... For now I'm still using Legacy/v7 on Mac (though my daily driver is a Linux laptop with NixNote2) and yes on Ventura there is this UI bug... I think smaller windows don't show it (or not as much) but I've not tested comprehensively... For what is hopefully a simple fix I'd love some kindly Mac developer (if there are any still at EN) to spin up Xcode see if they can provide a UI fix... Probably never gonna happen...
  15. Currently I (now) have Legacy on an Apple laptop and an Apple desktop (Intel Mac mini) and have "fixed" the non-Evernote green icon with a little "copy paste" on the Get Info... Very pleased you can still do this trick that I used back in the "System 7" days... The old "squarish" green icon fits better alongside Apple's icon IMHO. I also have the last pre-legacy Windows version on a Windows machine (which I barely use) and last pre-10 Android app on my personal phone... iOS I did upgrade "by mistake" on an iPad not long after "v10" came out, regretted it and uninstalled... I just don't use it on iPad any more due to the "refusal" to offer the old app even renamed Legacy as Evernote did for the "computer" apps. Somewhere I may have a device with the old version but EN is "dead to me" on Apple iOS. I rarely miss it. On Linux I have one of the forks of NixNote2 installed. This and the Android app are probably 80% of my usage and guessing maybe 19% "Mac" and 1% Windows. If Legacy breaks (very happy to report it launched after pushed my work laptop to macOS Ventura) then I've eyed up Quentier which is cross platform using I believe the same Qt based code base across Mac, Windows and Linux. Of course as of yesterday the interest will be what will happen under "Bending Spoons"... I could be looking to "move" my database if "bad things" happen which as people have mentioned is where "Legacy" versions are so much better than v10 regarding backups, etc. Time will tell...
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