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  1. The "proper app" versions included a Spotlight plugin, proper local copies of your data etc which made this possible. With v10 Evernote just threw this away. Sadly with Mac OS updates since ENv7 this has gradually become more and more broken, but had EN kept developing proper apps I feel sure they would have solved this and we would've had a better product. IMHO. Other opinions may vary.
  2. There are currently three web versions of Evernote (vaguely called new, previous and classic) - If you go to your Account Summary you should be able switch to a different version which may or may not help if the version your account is set to is acting up. I don't know if everyone has access to every version but it is worth investigating.
  3. Currently mostly using a mix of: Evernote non Legacy v7 (green icon is easier to find on dock) on work "test" laptop running Big Sur (app works though has some annoyances more to do with v7 than OS conflicts I think, and "helper" apps are sometimes a bit unhappy and crash); Evernote v8 on my Android 8 phone; NixNote2 on a Linux laptop; Sometimes use a non Legacy Windows v6 app but rarely; Just recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of days a week back in the office rather than working from home where my main computer is a Mac mini with Mojave and has a copy of Evernote v5 (IMHO best version on Mac) which I know works up to macOS Catalina but NOT on Big Sur. Until "covid" EN v5 Mac was what I used most. I have very very briefly played with Quentier, a for now fairly basic cross platform (Mac, Windows and Linux) client using the Qt framework sometimes described as "public alpha" by the developer, but appears to work. NixNote2 is built with same framework but has primary focus on Linux with Mac and Windows support going in and out of fashion depending on whatever developer forks and maintains the code. Development of Quentier is somewhat slow but ongoing. Might be something I start using in the future. Have tried many of the "complete alternatives" listed throughout the forum but have either had technical issues (so much use of Electron framework) or had major personal preference issues in term of the UI, sometimes again related to so many of them using the Electron framework...
  4. Evernote 10 is a rewrite in JavaScript with Electron (one of a few different JavaScript "containers") as the means to run that JavaScript code. It does this with an embedded copy of the Chromium browser as the engine, a less Google-y version of Chrome that's allowed to be used in that way. As a result developers are "held hostage" to the framework for platform support breaking beyond normal "limitations" of JavaScript within a browser, i.e. if a new OS feature comes out out something like Apple's M1 chips happen then app developers cannot do anything about it until the framework adds support. Last I checked "mobile" builds of Electron were experimental or even unofficial at best and only Mac, Windows and Linux are first class platforms with Evernote not really interested in one of those three. IMHO something like Qt allowing native compiles on all the platforms would've been better if they wanted a single code base (for all but web app) but this is straying away from the question...
  5. For the first two and a half months of 2020 the v8 Android app was probably the app I used second most (behind a v5 Mac app) using it every day and I found it perfectly fine... Web seemed fine too on the occasions I used it, which I admit wasn't often... Actually last I tried I found I can't use the new web app, just wouldn't load at all for me, so I have myself set to one of the TWO other web versions... just checked and I have it set to "classic" as opposed to either "previous" or "new"... Perfectly usable...
  6. There are a lot of official versions of the desktop clients you can download just by finding announcement posts on this forum... When I get back to working in my actual office I'll be happily "reverting" to using the installed v5.x Mac client for at least a while longer, and my personal Android phone has a v8.x client I think (thankfully can't run any v10)... These have been perfectly stable and usable for a very long time (Mac v5 a very very very ling time) and in terms of the Evernote service I would be VERY surprised if something broke them... But... I know v5 Mac breaks on Big Sur (crashes on launch), and v6 isn't that much better (some note lists don't work and the editor is odd), but it's not Evernote breaking these, it's the underlying OS... v7.x is okay, though every so often one of the helper apps crashes, but the app itself is as "okay"... Just same bunch of annoyances that I've had when trying v6/v7 before... tables that auto size to just a bit wider than edit window for example... No boundary between the note title and note content... There are a few other third party apps using EN's API I have my eye on, so when my Mac life turns Big Sur throughout I'll probably switch away from official Mac apps... Found two that use Qt to allow multiple platforms to be based on the same code (one on EN's arguments for the rewrite) and I already use one on Linux... Wish EN had gone down the Qt route as I believe that could allow Mac, Windows, iOS and Android apps to be built from the same compiled code, leaving just the web client as "different"... For people who point to the release "velocity" by the way, including EN themselves, I'm one of those people that think it's a bad thing... IMHO... I would much rather a heavily properly tested FEATURE COMPLETE release once or twice a year than a series of hasty half-baked releases... Let me get used to things... Along those lines... the "Home" feature... released as a "starting place", so still work in progress as I understand it, and in the FAQ is the question, can I disable it? No says the answer... Remember Context? A "missing feature" for some in v10... Introduced in v5.7 IIRC and for me it added clutter to the window so I turned it off... fancy that... a feature added that you can disable simply by going to the application preferences window...
  7. Nested notebooks IMHO don't "make sense" (a book inside a book) and very quickly raises complications, but I could imagine the scenario where you might have a group of books that you could "collapse" like a folder in a file system navigator and you could maybe put groups into groups if you really wanted, and from a tech point of view you'd add a piece of metadata to the notebook called "parent" which old clients could ignore, then make a new class of object for the groups. Providing clients ignore unknown metadata fields (or maybe the API has a way of telling whether or not to include that bit of data) it should be possible to implement without breaking old clients. By having groups ONLY containing groups and notebooks you avoid breaking and complicated issues like notebooks and notes at the same level inside the same container...
  8. A few days ago saw Mac 7.14 (non Legacy) pop up a big message saying this version was no longer receiving updates and it was time to upgrade to a new version... Dismissed it and went to double check the update check option... still disabled... Seems like even pre "Legacy" they at some point implemented a sneaky "back door" update notification system... Might be time to investigate the "robert7" fork of NixNote2 which uses Qt... I already use it on Linux (alongside old official Mac, Windows and Android clients, not so much iOS now). From the About Qt blurb... "Qt provides single-source portability across all major desktop operating systems. It is also available for embedded Linux and other embedded and mobile operating systems." Imagine if Evernote had decided to go down this route, rather than start with "hey what we need to do is re-write Evernote in a interpreted language rather than a compiled one - we're sure people won't notice it getting slower..."
  9. Part of me still hopes EN "does a Winamp"... A huge amount of time was spent totally rebuilding Winamp and when Winamp3 came out a lot of people found it was unstable and missing features (sounds familiar) and went back to version 2... The Winamp devs took stock of the situation and went back to the version 2 core code for a couple of minor revisions before releasing a version 5 based on version 2 with some new features of version 3 re-built to work with the version 2 code. I think maybe "less than single digit" percent chance of EN following that route as they've "admitted fault" but are pressing on with their new code base (plus they are in a bit of a different situation) but it shows it is not unheard of for total rebuilds to be classed as "oops, we dun goofed" and abandoned in favour of older code by developers. In the back of my mind I've toyed with the idea of making my own app, maybe with one of several cross platform solutions I've used before, or toyed with, or just thought about toying with (wxWidgets, GTK, IUP, Mono, Qt) - unlikely but in my mind I believe I could do it with 90%+ of the code being the same on all the desktop platforms I use (Mac, Windows, Linux). At least some of these fully support mobile app development too (Electron seems less official) and IMHO would've been a far better route to get a mostly unified code base with the exception of web code. Real code for real machines, web code for web. For now I'm mostly on classic (not legacy) apps downloaded from official Evernote forum release announcements with the odd bit of API based third-party action. Also an old version on my Android phone that won't run a version of Android that EN supports making it safe from "upgrade". If that stops being an option I'm outta here.
  10. Very nice and have looked at this before but I wish there was an option "not an Electron app". There are plenty of ways to do cross platform apps with "real code" rather than write a bunch of HTML, CSS and JavaScript... Qt, GTK, wxWidgets, Mono, IUP (I've at least tried most of these myself). The lure of writing a web app and magically creating a desktop app is too great for many people. Even Microsoft have gone down that dark path in recent years...
  11. IMHO they should "republish" the old mobile apps, under a different name if needed rather than fall back on "oh the application stores don't let us give you an old version of the existing app" excuses. I've managed to dig up a couple of old iPads and the older EN versions that were on them is wonderful in comparison and totally removed V10 apps from newer devices, not that I used mobile apps that much. My personal phone is running an older version of Android so is "safe" from getting V10 as far as I'm aware.
  12. Manual and controllable sync is also nice for network bandwidth control... For people that need such things...
  13. I saw someone note "Legacy" having features disabled? Sadly from "Legacy" it is considered a downgrade by the version check and you have to mess about with local files but it may be the last "real" versions may work better... I would not trust versions on other sites but Evernote GA announcements should be perfectly fine, last releases below... I don't think these will offer to upgrade to either the v10 or the newer "Legacy" versions when you use them but can always disable the auto update feature in the application settings. https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/122340-evernote-for-mac-714 https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/126377-evernote-for-windows-625ga
  14. IMHO v10 even in the current form was a mistake, compounded by "hiding" a hacked about "legacy" version on a support document - better would have been linking to the still available still working releases on the download page with a clear note about the different versions and the missing features of version 10... Saying there s no alternative but Legacy is untrue... As for EN saying the various app stores don't allow "downgrades" there is nothing stopping EN making another app version alongside the new version using a different name, maybe called "Evernote Classic", if they wanted to support their users.... The Evernote 8.x on my Android 9 phone is still working perfectly fine and long may it stay that way.
  15. I would personally reverting to a "real" version... e.g. On Mac I was sticking with 5.6 or 5.7 depending on machine but one computer I had to install Big Sur and that killed the v5 clients... I tried v10.4.3 I think it was, regretted it after barely a few minutes then looked up older versions... Lots of people point to the "Legacy" versions but I don't trust they didn't do something nasty in the code we haven't discovered yet......
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