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  1. As a former EN user of many, many years, I do not understand why anyone still uses EN for Mac at this point. There are better, faster, cheaper, and more secure (e.g. E2E encryption on all notes) PIMs out there. I switched to devonthink a few months back there is not a single thing I miss about EN. And it is rock solid—no bugs, unlike the perpetual bug cycle on EN.
  2. I am sure others who are experiencing this issue appreciate EN's reply to @luckman212. I know I would. Thus, such is the objective.
  3. Marco: go to system preferences->accessibility->display and make sure "reduce transparency" is not checked.
  4. Same. I'll never pay for EN again—there's no reason to. After switching, it's a bit shocking and truly refreshing how stable DevonThink is. So much snappier and nimble, yet much more powerful features. Am kicking myself for waiting so long.
  5. For Mac users, there is always the option to use DevonThink. I've been using EN for 7 or so years and yesterday, I ported everything over to DevonThink Personal. Very easy, no hitches whatsoever with a rather large database. Only a one-time fee of $49. More secure; all notes sent to a cloud service of your choice are encrypted by DevonThink. I've yet to find any downsides whatsoever. The search function is far superior to Evernote's. The interface is more flexible, with no bugs. I cannot see any reason to stay with Evernote at this point.
  6. Seconded. How is this a good use of space? And really, what on earth is going on over there? I follow these threads closely—too closely—and upon every release a crop of new issues always arises. Time to really consider porting out my data, especially as Evernote increases in price, yet delivers more bugs with each release.
  7. Try going to system preferences->accessibility->display->uncheck "reduce transparency"
  8. This x100. Stop pushing us to share. Same goes for the text "You can always share later" when one creates a new notebook and selects "private" (I realize this has been there for ages but point still stands). Just stop.
  9. Any chance we can do without the juvenile—and somewhat sycophantic: We’ll admit, that was taking things too far. , but we fixed that. , which was a big fail. Since updates are healthy, we put a stop to that. This was less than ideal, but on the bright side, we fixed it. , which is probably not what you expected. And notebooks deserve love too. But that’s a thing of the past. , which was unfortunate. And only WWE wrestlers should be allowed to break tables. which wasn’t helpful. We really like bold, but that’s taking things too far. You could say it was a big mess. That was an embarrassing oversight on our part. , but it should be smooth sailing now. Things should be back to normal now though. , but that’s no more. I have a good feeling I'm not the only one who finds this additional commentary rather irritating.
  10. Fixed it. For those having a similar problem: system preferences->accessibility->display->uncheck "reduce transparency". Anyone else able to reproduce this issue?
  11. Just upgraded to Mojave and EN Version 7.5 (457109 Direct). I am using the "light", not "dark", Mojave theme. When using EN in the side list (or top list) view, black artefacts appear when scrolling. Yet when I screenshot them—to show here—the screenshot doesn't show the artefacts. Bizarre. How do I fix this?
  12. Wow. This new release sounds like an absolutely unmitigated disaster. For the first time since I began using Evernote—which was many years ago—I'll hold off until a stable release. And I expect many others are as well.
  13. Cheers! Thank you @nicolml for the followup and temporary workaround.
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