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  1. My hope is that Evernote will stop trying to impress us: and will return to the original vision of the ORIGINAL founder: "Nobody should worry ever, what to remember..."
  2. I cry a little inside when I read this... (full rant written, then deleted. This is all that needs to be said...)
  3. Is anyone else having this problem?______ Opera will show tab crashed out of memory, and if I refresh, then the entire browser will exit. Chrome will load, but for example when I tried to change the sort from relevance, to one of the last updated orders, it just causes Chrome to exit. Specs: I am using a Dell Optiplex, with Windows 10 1909 32bit, current with updates Both Chrome and Opera are latest version. This was also occurring mostly with Opera on a previous machine, but I figured it was because of it had Windows 7 64bit.
  4. I want to make it clear I AM TRULY VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Getting a quick and timely response is a rare and precious thing on this thread, so I don't want to miss any of the informative value. Also it helpes to bump this thread up in the forums, so maybe we can get the attention of someone at evernote sometime in the near future. To prove how serious I am about the implications of a quick response, I did some quick math on how much time USUALLY elapses between posts on this thread. 7/19 7/24 5 days 7/27 3 days 7/30 3 days 11/15
  5. Could you clarify this? I admit even after searching the only 4 other references in the history of the forums (https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q=tombstone&quick=1) and thinking about it for a day, I'm not sure I get the relevance of your comment to either the intent of the original poster, or my post. It seems unlikely to me, considering the thread, but am I supposed to percieve it as some insinuation that a tombsone is in my near future?___ Or is metaphor for my being in danger of being kicked off the forums?_____ or Terminated as an Evernote customer?______ Please elabo
  6. Update: Still not working as of 2020.03.11 12:49 MST USA customer of Evernote. ====== Details ====== 1 _ Dell optiplex win7-64bit Opera Browser Version:66.0.3515.115 2 _ LG Phoenix 4 android 8.1.0 Chrome browser Version 80.0.3987.132 I do have other WIndows 10 machines, and higher end Smartphones like a couple of Galaxy Notes, but I will report my results with these as a baseline of widely available and affordable hardware. Also it will help isolate if the sandbox functionality DOES return, But only on certain hardware, OSs or browsers. The tests th
  7. Still Not working. Has blocked our progress on this for... something approaching a year now. If anyone is having succes, please report your results, and how you have gotten it to work. Some questions: _Did @Nick L. leave the company? My inclination is that is: unlikely as I see posts from him as recently as 10 days ago (feb 26) _ Is this a an attempt to do a clever "these are not the droids you are looking for"? or is it ok to call it for what it would be called in any other normal Non-tech situation: gaslighting, and ignoring the situation, and just hoping th
  8. TLDR: 1) This is most easily solved by a script 2) If (you use Windows 7 or Windows 10) and (Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browsers), I'll create a script, and a video to demo it, as it would fit in some other things related to "cognitive assist" tools like Evernote that we are working on. DETAILS: This is the kind of thing that is relatively more in the domain of a 3rd party scripting/macro programs like 1 Windows: Autohotkey or AutoIt or others https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=alternative+to+autohotkey&sourceid=opera&
  9. 1) what were some of the use cases where you would find mobile access to be useful? 2) You are one of the oldtimers, so I know that you were using evernote (and the mobile web client) more the two years back when they blocked all access to the mobile WEB interfaces (one simple html, the other javascript) , right? Did you ever use the web on mobile back then, gazumped?
  10. 2 - questions: 1) what were some of the use cases where you would find mobile access to be useful? 2) were you using evernote (and the mobile web client) more the two years back when they blocked all access to the mobile WEB interfaces (one simple html, the other javascript) ?
  11. Wow, Thanks, again, GrumpyMonkey!!! Amazing! Your clear thinking about these Evernote challenges, and your ability, and willingness to articulate thinks in clear, succinct, and cogent fashion are SO appreciated.
  12. I can see the count for individual notebooks, but NOT the TOTAL note count of ALL NOTES. Access to a DESKTOP computer [ secure enough for me to trust logging into the WEB client ] is NOT AN OPTION for at least several days. Evernote android 7.9.2.
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