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  1. My hope is that Evernote will stop trying to impress us: and will return to the original vision of the ORIGINAL founder: "Nobody should worry ever, what to remember..."
  2. I cry a little inside when I read this... (full rant written, then deleted. This is all that needs to be said...)
  3. Is anyone else having this problem?______ Opera will show tab crashed out of memory, and if I refresh, then the entire browser will exit. Chrome will load, but for example when I tried to change the sort from relevance, to one of the last updated orders, it just causes Chrome to exit. Specs: I am using a Dell Optiplex, with Windows 10 1909 32bit, current with updates Both Chrome and Opera are latest version. This was also occurring mostly with Opera on a previous machine, but I figured it was because of it had Windows 7 64bit.
  4. I want to make it clear I AM TRULY VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Getting a quick and timely response is a rare and precious thing on this thread, so I don't want to miss any of the informative value. Also it helpes to bump this thread up in the forums, so maybe we can get the attention of someone at evernote sometime in the near future. To prove how serious I am about the implications of a quick response, I did some quick math on how much time USUALLY elapses between posts on this thread. 7/19 7/24 5 days 7/27 3 days 7/30 3 days 11/15 108 days 2592hr 155520 min 12/13 28 days 1/30 48 days 3/10 12:26 40 *** 3/10 6:40 0.22 Days 5:14hr 314min! 494 times faster than the longest response time. 3/11 14:40 1.27 days 30:30hr Your post and My previous reply Directly to you 3/10 6:40 3/11~14:10 1.33 days 20 hr So you can see that I was so startled by your response (pleasantly startled, that is), that I realized I had never thought checking and of posting more often once a month, much less multiple times a week, or even once a day. So again, thanks for your attention to this, and taking time to post. Pam Kiit / Pamki IT
  5. Could you clarify this? I admit even after searching the only 4 other references in the history of the forums (https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q=tombstone&quick=1) and thinking about it for a day, I'm not sure I get the relevance of your comment to either the intent of the original poster, or my post. It seems unlikely to me, considering the thread, but am I supposed to percieve it as some insinuation that a tombsone is in my near future?___ Or is metaphor for my being in danger of being kicked off the forums?_____ or Terminated as an Evernote customer?______ Please elaborate.
  6. Update: Still not working as of 2020.03.11 12:49 MST USA customer of Evernote. ====== Details ====== 1 _ Dell optiplex win7-64bit Opera Browser Version:66.0.3515.115 2 _ LG Phoenix 4 android 8.1.0 Chrome browser Version 80.0.3987.132 I do have other WIndows 10 machines, and higher end Smartphones like a couple of Galaxy Notes, but I will report my results with these as a baseline of widely available and affordable hardware. Also it will help isolate if the sandbox functionality DOES return, But only on certain hardware, OSs or browsers. The tests that I will be reporting on in this and all future updates is: _ Shutdown and restart the browser _ goto https://sandbox.evernote.com/. If already logged in I will logout. _ Login, with Remember me for 30 days UNCHECKED. _ I will verify that the notes are there. in this case ~ 90 notes. _ I will then do at least two searches. a) one that will have a word I know for sure is in any of the notes. b) one that will have a word I know for sure is Both Included in at least one note NOT included in at least one note ____ If Evernote staff or other users have further suggestions of any other criteria I should be including, or any other testsI should be conducting, please be sure to let me know. Thanks "Pamki IT Project" Plan Ahead Move Knowledge It Is Time
  7. Still Not working. Has blocked our progress on this for... something approaching a year now. If anyone is having succes, please report your results, and how you have gotten it to work. Some questions: _Did @Nick L. leave the company? My inclination is that is: unlikely as I see posts from him as recently as 10 days ago (feb 26) _ Is this a an attempt to do a clever "these are not the droids you are looking for"? or is it ok to call it for what it would be called in any other normal Non-tech situation: gaslighting, and ignoring the situation, and just hoping that the concerned people it is affecting will just shut up and go away? It sound like the company is still infected with the DNA of Phil Libin's 3 rules of customer feedback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpKR1ZRTsr0&feature=youtu.be&t=124 which include everything EXCEPT actually listening to, acknowledging the customer, and/or changing behavior based on the feedback. _ Does Evernote really think that just pretending that this most broken functionality just doesn't to anyone else just because THEY have decided it isn't "great" or "important" enough to do something about it? They also seem to be still carrying the DNA of Andrew Sinkov: https://youtu.be/9nKF2Xp_g24?t=854 The Evolution Of Evernote's Story with Andrew Sinkov Unlisted •Oct 23, 2014 We waited for Ian365. and even patiently extended our wait to Ian365q1. Now we have passed Ian365Q1M1 as he enters month17. It appears that his decency as a man and successful CEO experience with a previous startup is NO SUBSTITUTE for a company that doesn't think it is TOO IMPORTANT to fulfill it's original calling to society and it's customers, and has the humility to DYFJ (do your frickin job) and just keep their own trains rolling: eg keep the your api working for your developers. Be consistent be stable, more like a reliable digital UTILITY company. it is helpful in the Andrew Sinkov video if you start back at 10:56 to listen to him articulates Evernote's philosophy: "There is a note taking space ... we already dominate it ...a crappy space to dominate" Apparently supporting new developers has also joined the "crappy space" And again, Yes I know, TOS, and legally Evernote, a digital company is allowed to add or remove any feature or service they want at will etc etc. So I'm uninterested is any discussion about EVERNOTE'S RIGHTS to conduct themselves this way. I am in NO way challenging their rights and prerogatives. I am just trying to MEASURE what the company is doing, and to predict as much as possible what they may do in the future, or that they are simply going to continue to be unpredictable, so we can determine in which are ALTERNATIVES need to be found or created. Added on: My apologies as a longtime customer if my views to NOT represent those of the MAJORITY of users, the FREE users. I have used some of Pachikov's original products going back to the original evernote, and some utilities from one of his earlier products around the time of the Tablet PC. I Returned to Evernote in early 2012, and Started paying within a day or two, and have been a paid user ever since. I understand that my particular use cases (ie NOT a BUSINESS user) , and my 47k+ notes as a personal mobile user is not really the market Evernote is interested into going forward. We COULD restore some of the simple features Evernote gutted under the later leadership of Libin & Sinkov using the API, but it seems they've decided to gut that also, but SAY that it is fixed, and hoping we will just stop talking about it. The hundreds of views... oh over a thousand now, shows there ARE some other developers interested in this, but it seems most are content to accept that Evernote is NOT going to do anything about this. So I accept that we are not the customers Evernote wants. I accept that other developers are ok with just allowing this major breach of functionality for developers to slide. Mostly it is important to make sure this is part of the public record, (and of course we are archiving all of this for when the inevitable suppression of this thread and the above videos occurs) so when we work on alternatives, the incredulous people that we are talking to can see for themselves, the ACTUAL current STATE OF THE INDUSTRY, of the "note-taking space". I have a lot of egg on my face. After the most dramatic gutting of some basic & fundamental Evernote functionality circa 2014, 2015, I made a lot of predictions about how Evernote might be willing to re-enter some of their original market where they had begun to really "cross the chasm" into a wider market, after they saw the slowdown in growth from limiting their focus to mostly an upscale, and business audience. Well I was Wrong. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Not not just wrong. DISASTROUSLY DELUSIONALLy WRONG. Despite the easily predictable (and still reversible) slowdown in growth, it seems the Directors STILL on the Board, and the new CEO are comfortable with Evernote adopting the philosophy of Gil Amelio, a former ceo of Apple Computer: "Apple is a boat. ...* But there's also a treasure on board. And the problem is, everyone on board is rowing in different directions, so the boat is just standing still. My job is to get everyone rowing in the same direction so we can save the treasure." ...* Some of you know something is missing here. (you can look it up if you don't) That was deliberate, because unlike Gil Amelio, The current leadership is not even talking about what is missing. Of they do, and have decided simply NOT TO ALLOW IT TO EVEN BE TALKED ABOUT. And in this post where some people have dared to talk about one small part of a long list of multiple ...*, just to pretend that they have solved it, and hope that shaking the shiny keys in front of the baby will distract everyone. This post is on the behalf of many of us saying "we are not distracted". The attempt to snuff out completely part of the most universal aspects of Stepan Pachikov's original insight and vision. (And don't let the "bro culture" of Silicon valley snuff out the record of the critical encouragement of Svetlana (whom we affectionately call "customer zero" {like "patient zero")) or the critical role of catalyst of Esther Dyson to create the magic that resulted from the bringing together of Pachikov's and Libin's teams). And no we are not spouting crazy fiction when we talk about what has happened with Evernote in the last 5-6 years. This is a true story. This particular thread is one of the best examples of many more crazy episodes that are part of the long saga of Evernote. But anyway, one step at a time. This is to measure whether they are again willing to accept the help of developers, or still think they are smarter than everybody else in the world and can or should even TRY do it all by themselves....
  8. TLDR: 1) This is most easily solved by a script 2) If (you use Windows 7 or Windows 10) and (Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browsers), I'll create a script, and a video to demo it, as it would fit in some other things related to "cognitive assist" tools like Evernote that we are working on. DETAILS: This is the kind of thing that is relatively more in the domain of a 3rd party scripting/macro programs like 1 Windows: Autohotkey or AutoIt or others https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=alternative+to+autohotkey&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 2 Mac: (i'm less familiar with) eg: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/153930/autohotkey-equivalent-for-os-x Another way to think of your request is not: why doesn't Evernote spend developement resources for a relatively rare request, and instead Find the JOY of discovering it IS part of a LARGER QUESTION QUITE OFTEN ASKED, and therefore HAS MANY ANSWERS: How to I do an "industrial strength number" of REPETITIVE on any program using mouse/keyboard, that would be very tedious to have to do manually? It MIGHT NOT seem to be worth the effort for just this one thing, but with a little thought you may find that there are you ask that question more often than you think, and the upfront to master the simplest of macro/scripting programs will pay off well over any period of a year or more: My particular tool has been Autohotkey starting ~ 4 to five years starting with one to make some things easier in the browser(s) and automating things from windows 10, windows 7, and even xp [Those systems are airgapped from the internet, so shutup!! :) ]. To this day the value of it has only grown. WIth mastery of it under my belt now, If I were in your situation, I'd probably create another free account to test it out, even using autohotkey to repeatedly create a bunch of new notes and notebooks, to test my macro first against a test database, and as a best practice probably 0) Build one for a browser for ease and more universal application (but definitely test THOROUGHLY on a TEST ACCOUNT FIRST! OR, For, safety, use one of the native clients on eg window, Mac, and test it with the computer OFFLINE with an offline BACKUP copy of the database, and verify no errors before allowing it to sync online. 1) Build in some time delays to can see what it is doing and verify that it doesn't get ahead of the browser or native app. 2) build in a default key that would Abort the loop at anytime, 3) run smaller batches of maybe 5-20 at a time just for safety. I can tell you from experience that even with those precautions, you will find it surprisingly quite pleasant and empowering to allow your mind to rest from the tedium of doing all the steps manually, even if you have it go slowly at human speed or slower (eg 10-15/minute). SO I will leave you with Two things: A ___ If 1) you can get to a windows machine, either Windows 7, or Windows 10, that I actively use, and 2) you Use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, Let me know your exact specs OS, browser, including the version number, I'll write an autohotkey script that will allow you (and me too) to do any number of repetitions of deleting notebooks in evernote. I'll provide the source, well documented so that you could quickly (yourself, or any one of many Autohotkey enthusiasts out there) modify it to do any other relatively simple functions in Evernote Web. As a matter of fact I might be willing to setup a github project and take requests for other automated functions people often want to do with Evernote and/or do so research to see if there are already some people doing so that have some tools out there. or B ___If you want to do it on your own, but are not sure whether it is worth the up front effort you can read below some of the small projects I have accumulated over the years, that now make it feel COMPLETELY WORTH IT TO ME that I took the time to master Autohotkey. I know that I will use it for the rest of my life. and **** EVEN in the cases I decide that taking the time to automate something is NOT worth the effort, JUST KNOWING I HAVE THE OPTION, has dramatically changed my attitude about all of those "95% the way there" features and products that we always seem to encounter in software. **** Ok I'm going to put the list in a reply later, becaue I want the offer to write the script to be available to you right away. SO to Summarize the plan: 1) This is most easily solved by a script 2) If (you use Windows 7 or Windows 10) and (Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browsers), { I'll Create an Autohotkey script that will do it I'll create a script that can "auto create" a bunch of notes and notebooks, to test it on I'll post a video of the script working. You can create a new test evernote account to test it on You can use the "auto create" function to make notes and notebooks You can test the script on the you created test account You can use the results to decide whether you trust it on your main account } If others have ideas of additional tasks we can look at those too. With all of the HUGE projects related to this 5 year "Evernote crisis", doing a small, quick and easy win project like this could fun!
  9. 1) what were some of the use cases where you would find mobile access to be useful? 2) You are one of the oldtimers, so I know that you were using evernote (and the mobile web client) more the two years back when they blocked all access to the mobile WEB interfaces (one simple html, the other javascript) , right? Did you ever use the web on mobile back then, gazumped?
  10. 2 - questions: 1) what were some of the use cases where you would find mobile access to be useful? 2) were you using evernote (and the mobile web client) more the two years back when they blocked all access to the mobile WEB interfaces (one simple html, the other javascript) ?
  11. Wow, Thanks, again, GrumpyMonkey!!! Amazing! Your clear thinking about these Evernote challenges, and your ability, and willingness to articulate thinks in clear, succinct, and cogent fashion are SO appreciated.
  12. I can see the count for individual notebooks, but NOT the TOTAL note count of ALL NOTES. Access to a DESKTOP computer [ secure enough for me to trust logging into the WEB client ] is NOT AN OPTION for at least several days. Evernote android 7.9.2.
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