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  1. I'd add my voice to those requesting this feature. The frustration with this is what led me to use OneNote as the formatting in the editor was just so much better). I still use Evernote as a digital filing cabinet, but not as a note taking tool. I periodically give Evernote another go, and while some things are improving (Formatting styles! At last!), the broken implementation of tab to indent remains a deal breaker.
  2. Running 6.0.11 (451580 Direct). I have a long note (fills the height of the window) and when I press Enter to get a new line, the cursor drops a line, but the page doesn't scroll up until I start typing. To reproduce: Position cursor at bottom on note (visible on screen). Press Enter and the screen scrolls so that the cursor is on the last possible, visible line. Press Enter again. Cursor disappears. Type something and the page jumps to show the text. First noticed on 6.0.10 and upgraded to see if this would fix it, but hasn't. Anyone else able to reproduce? Update: Okay, this is the same problem that lots of people are describing as a scrolling bug in the latest release.
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