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  1. Me, too. Lots more conflicting modifications than ever before, and I'm a long-time user. The system for resolving conflicts is also a HUGE problem. Oh... there is NO system for resolving conflicts. Pasting my conflicted note into my note (sometimes multiple times) gives me no tools for integrating conflicting changes. This is a long-standing problem I've been asking EN to look at for YEARS. Evernote, when there's a conflict, put the conflicting info TOGETHER side-by-side, line-by-line (highlighted, or with a line through) so I can see the conflicting info and choose to keep or delete. MS Word has a system to track changes. Notespark had a great system for resolving conflicts. Evernote's system (just pasting whole notes in on top of their former versions) is all but useless. Terribly frustrating and inelegant. Not to mention that unless you look for conflicts you don't even know you have them. Please fix this, Evernote.
  2. I, too, really dislike the new "minimalist" interface in the Mac app - and even more so in the web interface. Not because I hate change. I just hate change for the worse for no reason. Other things that are worse: notebooks don't change tone when dragging notes into them, making it even harder to see what's happening. It's also much harder to find support pages now from within the interfaces. And Evernote's crashing much more, and creating more conflicting modifications more often. That's a lot of steps in the wrong direction.
  3. Dear Evernote team, I love Evernote. (Mostly.) And I have a request. Some feedback. A complaint. It's long past the time you guys got it together in terms of how conflicts are handled. The current system is fatally flawed. A second copy of my note inside the note is not helpful. It's just annoying. Take a look into how Notespark (now defunct) used to handle conflicts. Conflicting items were placed inside the same note line-by-line, side-by-side, so you could see the conflict, choose the resolution and modify it - and move on. With all but the simplest notes of just a line or two (and most are not), the current system is all but useless. Adobe (and they're far from perfect, btw) has a programmer policy that they call JDI, or "just do it" - where they prioritize fixable issues, and fix them. JDI with this conflicting conflict thing. The current system has to go. Please. I'm begging you.
  4. I know Rockmelt's not supported. Wish it was, but the Chrome webclipper extensions work just fine - usually. 5.7 doesn't work for me. It installs, but doesn't do anything. Downgrading to 5.4 works just fine with Mac Lion 10.7.4 and Rockmelt
  5. This is not a feature request. We're asking for a bug fix! I want to confirm that my own experience, similar to many users on the forums (do a search for "line spacing") is that there's a problem with Evernote's handling of line spacing in text. Just one example, from another thread: (Emphasis added.)I'm having the same experience, using the Mac desktop version 3.2.0 (premium). Even when I "simplify formatting" it's not clearing the formatting consistently. Some lines are "simplified" to single-spacing - others have a line inserted between. Tried CTRL/Command-SHIFT-V instead of CTRL/Command-V and I still end up with wide spacing. Same thing with space-V, as Emerick suggested. And, like some other users, I tried cleaning up the problem by pasting into an intermediary program (textedit), turning the copy into Plaintext, and pasting into Evernote. Still had an extra space between lines. Only way re-pasting (and that's not a reasonable thing to need to do) works is with a brand new note. It's not a "feature request" to want "simplify formatting" to strip ALL of the formatting out of our notes. I'm growing to really, really like Evernote but, as another user commented, Evernote's "failure to support plain text" is a major flaw. Evernote needs some kind of line-spacing control, even if it's just the ability to consistently strip down to single-spacing. Fix this please.
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