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  1. Dear Evernote team, I love Evernote. (Mostly.) And I have a request. Some feedback. A complaint. It's long past the time you guys got it together in terms of how conflicts are handled. The current system is fatally flawed. A second copy of my note inside the note is not helpful. It's just annoying. Take a look into how Notespark (now defunct) used to handle conflicts. Conflicting items were placed inside the same note line-by-line, side-by-side, so you could see the conflict, choose the resolution and modify it - and move on. With all but the simplest notes of just a line or two (and most are not), the current system is all but useless. Adobe (and they're far from perfect, btw) has a programmer policy that they call JDI, or "just do it" - where they prioritize fixable issues, and fix them. JDI with this conflicting conflict thing. The current system has to go. Please. I'm begging you.
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