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  1. If I change the key combination for a particular global shortcut, does that change apply to my account (i.e. on any computer that I use to load Evernote) or just to the specific computer that I make the change on?
  2. I tag, a fair amount. Have done it for years. However, I find keeping up with tagging tedious. Way back when, Michael Hyatt recommended tagging new notes each evening. I try, but I always fall behind, then feel pressured to catch up. I tag for two reasons: to help me find specific note(s) and to be able to set up specific views via searches (e.g. just work-related notes, which are tagged @work). I find the task of tagging so tedious that I wonder if I should give it up. Are there any formerly regular taggers who have mostly or totally stopped tagging and are still good with how they
  3. Very glad to see that the new filter feature enables filtering by dates created or updated. As a "power user" I learned EN search grammar, but I imagine that less than 5% of users take advantage of the search limiters. Making it possible to filter by date - something a lot of software has had for years (e.g. Gmail's search function) - is a big improvement for the average user not using search grammar.
  4. I solved the problem by downloading 10.6.9 on the desktop. Don't know why 10.5.7 wouldn't recognize that there was a newer version of EN available. Also don't know why I had 10.6.9. on the desktop and somehow reverted to 10.5.7. But, all good now.
  5. I've had the Home dashboard on my desktop computer running Windows since it was officially announced. However today the dashboard is gone. All the other left bar options are still there. I exited the program and reloaded but program still gone. The desktop previously had version 10.6.9. However, it's now running EN for Windows 10.5.7 build 2171; I don't know why it has reverted. When I check for updates, the program says that 10.5.7 is the latest update. The "Welcome" section of the release notes talks about Home, but it's not there. My laptop still has Home; it's running 10.6.9. Bo
  6. A polite disagreement, Pink Elephant. For me, EN works well enough that I expect to be a Premium subscriber for a while. I am very excited by and interested in new features, but if the program stayed the same, was stable (didn't lose my notes) and reasonably fast (even if a bit slower than pre-EN 10 versions), I expect to stick around and continue paying for a subscription. However, it's clear from threads in the forums that other people think of their annual membership as somewhat contingent on progress in the app, especially as competitors line up and bring new and different featur
  7. Ditto - I'm running Android 10 on a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. No EN update yet. I'm checking every day. 🙁
  8. In Evernote 10 for Windows, when one fills in tags for a note and starts typing the letters of the note, EN lists tags that start with those letters, and highlights one of them for "automated" entry. In other words, if one presses the Enter key, the highlighted tag is automatically assigned to that note, even if the user hasn't yet typed all the letters for that tag. However, in the Web Clipper the autofill is handled differently. When one types letters to enter a tag for a proposed note/clip, the web clipper lists tags that start with those letters. However, if one presses the Enter key,
  9. I upgraded last night. One positive thing about version 8.9.1 is that search is NOTICEABLY faster than previous Android versions. I'm not happy about the non-highlighting that Mayurh noted above. It might be, though, that the non-highlighting and the faster search are connected in some way - either intentionally or unintentionally. Also not happy that Evernote issued a fix without acknowledging the problem, and the serious impact the problem had on many Android users. I believe most Android users have never been to this forum, and probably didn't find out about the fix by restoring
  10. Presumably, since there is a quasi-public announcement that Evernote is aware of the problem and working on it, there will be a FULL public announcement when a version is released and the bug is fixed, so that those who went to an earlier version (which now includes me) will know that they can safely update. At least, that's the MINIMUM one would expect at this point.
  11. Tip for those returning to an earlier version - make sure to follow this thread and/or check into the forum periodically so that you will know when a new version of EN with search working is released. You can then turn the automatic update back on.
  12. I just changed wallets, and noticed that my emergency medical information card in the old wallet was in bad condition and also outdated. After a bit of thought, I created a note in Evernote to save the information. I set the font to 8, and set up the information in a table. Once I print the note out (without the title), I fold the paper in half and it just fits in one of the slots in my wallet. As a saved Evernote I can easily update the note when info changes and print out a new card. Though this isn't a groundbreaking idea, it would make a nice template for Evernote to add to its c
  13. Having the same problems - search not working on Android. Search is working on Evernote for Web. Cleared cache and search history - didn't solve the problem. Also, my list of saved searches on Android has only 5 saved searches - it used to show all of my searches, with the same list as in Evernote for Windows and Evernote on the web. Hope this problem is fixed SOON - very annoying.
  14. FYI to Evernote - my quick two cents on the web beta. I generally like the beta better than the original version. Recently I started using the web version more because the Windows version runs too slowly on my five-year-old work computer. While I miss the quick notebook selection, the one show stopper for me is not having access to saved searches. I have about 30 saved searches, with about 5 that I use at least every other day. I hate switching back and forth between the old and new web versions to be able to do the searches, so I tend to stick with the old web version, even though
  15. Thanks for the tip. I actually have bxactions loaded; have been using it to activate the flashlight, though I find I don't use the button for that purpose very often. Maybe I'll change it as you suggest so that it loads an Evernote handwriting note, and see if that works better than the three-step alternative.
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