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  1. To Nordseo re the "multiple assignee" workaround: When one is within a ntoe and has an existing task and presses enter, EN sets up to create a new task. So one could copy the text of a task, press Enter, paste the copied info, then replicate the due date, reminder & flag status from the original task but enter a different assignee. The tasks themselves aren't directly linked, but they all would point back to the same note, so one could monitor all of the assignees from there. Also, if the task to the multiple assignees has the same due date or all, the tasks would display reasonably close together in the Tasks window if viewed by date (same due date). Even if they don't have the same date, the tasks would be sequential if the Tasks list is viewed by note (since they are in the same note). If one had dozens of assignees this workaround would be unwieldy, but I imagine that isn't a frequent need.
  2. Thanks for the timely reminder, ChristianJB. I expect that recurring tasks will be coming soon (my guess would be by end of Northern Hemisphere's summer). A quick plug for one other item on the "what's next for tasks" list - multiple flags. For my personal use case, recurring tasks would be useful for home tasks, less so for work tasks. But multiple flags would be useful every day, as long as I could filter the Task List to display only flags of a particular color. That would be a perfect way to distinguish home from work tasks; there's one other major project that I do that I would assign a third flag color. There are workarounds (e.g. putting info or a special character in the name of a task), but multiple flags would make a HUGE difference to the usefulness of the Tasks feature for me. If there were enough flag colors (10-15, as PinkElephant suggested elsewhere, would be more than enough), I could use the flags both for distinguishing home from work tasks and for giving particular tasks the highest priority. So, for example, red flag could be highest priority (#1-Now in GTD); blue flag could be work; green flag could be home. So if I could show tasks with red and green or red and blue flags, I would be set! That said - from Early Access to now I have found Tasks immensely helpful. Maybe I should have been using a tasks app all along (I probably would have chosen Todoist), but what's in EN Tasks now, combined with what's coming, should be enough for my needs.
  3. Thanks. I uninstalled EN Android and reinstalled and that got me to the right version.
  4. Update - I was finally able to sign out of EN on Android and sign back in, but that didn't solve the problem. Still no Tasks; still version 10.12.1.
  5. I saw in a General Discussion thread that EN was suggesting logging out of EN and logging back in to try to solve problems with Tasks access. On Android, I can't log out of EN. When I try to sign out, I get a whirling circle for a while and then nothing happens. Meanwhile, on my Windows desktop at home, Tasks and EN seem to be working fine, personal version. I logged out on my desktop and logged back in. Still having problems with Android.
  6. Hi - when the new Evernote plans rolled out yesterday, I shifted from Premium to Personal. However, on Android I am locked out of Tasks, which no longer appears as an option. When I use the button at bottom of screen to try to create a new task, I get a message "Tasks not enabled - Update your Evernote version to keep using tasks". I then noticed that my EN version on Android is 10.12.1, which is apparently not the latest version. Is there a way for me to update to 10.13.1, which might solve the Tasks problem? I've gone to the Android Play Store but there is no update available there.
  7. That would be my guess. I would add that I think the Plus plan will have a stripped-down Tasks feature, the lesser Premium plan the current Tasks feature (the one in early access), and the maximum Premium plan will include updates to Tasks (e.g. recurring tasks). I don't see Tasks being part of the Free version (though I wouldn't mind being wrong), but Home will be there. Sure, we could just wait for Evernote's actual announcement in the next few weeks. But what's the fun in that?
  8. I have a number of saved searches where what I want to do is find notes that were created within a certain # of days or updated within the same # of days. For example, one search is: any: created:day-2 updated:day-2 The searches don't work the way that I would expect - they seem to pull in many more notes than the specified categories. For example, the response to the above search includes a note that has created and updated date of July 25, 1989. I saw some forum posts identifies this problem with EN releases before version 10; is this still an issue in the newest version? I've been using this set of searches for quite a while, through many EN versions, and the responses always seem overinclusive. FYI, putting parentheses around some of the search terms changes the results, but seems not to solve the problem.
  9. Thanks - I did a force reload and that solved the problem. (I thought I had already tried that, but maybe I was mistaken.) FYI, haven't had this problem on my Windows desktop at work, either - happened only on one computer.
  10. I'm using Tasks Early Access on several Windows computers and on my Android phone. This morning Tasks EA disappeared from EN on my Windows desktop - EN version is 10.16.7. The "Tasks Early Access" option does not appear on the left side of the screen. The green button on the left side no longer has the "New Task" option. When I go to a note with a Task, there is a message: Content not supported. This block is a placeholder for a beta feature.... In the meantime, I can still see my Tasks on my Android phone, and the Tasks EA seems to be working fine there. I've run "Check for Updates" on the Windows desktop a few times, but there's no update. Should I download EN again and reinstall, even though I have the current version?
  11. Does the latest EN Windows version with the return of the import folder ALSO have Tasks Early Access?
  12. Re the "single flag attribute" that was my initial take as well. But in working with Tasks the past few days, I realized that since my GTD tagging was setting priorities primarily on when items needed to be done, the due date option essentially accomplishes the same thing. In fact, it might avoid a problem I had with my GTD simulation in Evernote - I would tag something as, say, a #3-Soon, but if I didn't get to the task for a few weeks, it might become a #2-Next and then a #1-Now with the passage of time - but I often wouldn't have time to re-review the notes and change the tags. Being encouraged to select a specific due date for each task also means that the task priority goes up over time, at least when the list is viewed sorted by due date. If with this system I can actually keep track of my tasks better and do them in a more efficient manner, I won't miss the lack of tagging. Presumably if I need more context or info re a task, I could include it in a note that I could tag. So the tagging option is always available. If would imagine Tasks will be searchable at some point soon (shouldn't be too hard to program), but I may not miss that possibility either. As with all things Evernote, "your mileage may vary".
  13. An idea comes to me - the staggering of due dates could work well for GTD purposes. The due date window for Tasks has shortcut buttons for today, tomorrow, next Monday and in a week. Those time periods will work well for some users, less well for others (not me). Would be interesting if the shortcut buttons could be customizable for different time periods. For me, "today", "end of this week", "end of next week" and "one month from now" would be more useful.
  14. I'm very excited about Tasks being available; downloaded it today for my laptop and desktop. Looks nice! First pressing question is how to use Tasks with GTD. The main missing feature is not being able to label tasks 1 to 6 in terms of urgency (now, next, soon, later, someday, waiting for someone else's response). I guess flagging a task could be the equivalent of 1. A way-in-the-future due date could be the equivalent of "someday". Not sure what to do with the rest (other than forgetting about them and trying to go with the Tasks workflow). Thoughts welcomed!
  15. If I change the key combination for a particular global shortcut, does that change apply to my account (i.e. on any computer that I use to load Evernote) or just to the specific computer that I make the change on?
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