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  1. Hi There! Should you have any issues with customizations sticking, please use the following steps to resolve: 1. Select "Customize" in the upper right corner. 2. Select "Reset default widgets" in the bottom right corner of the customize pane. 3. Attempt customization again. Should this not work, please reach back out so we can help troubleshoot further!
  2. Hey everyone! Thanks for the heads up. Looks like the team accidentally shared a bit more than we'd intended. As such, you won't see it again until it's ready for prime-time in 2021. So stay tuned! 👀
  3. Hi there - My name is Brittany, and I manage the support team here at Evernote. There is an update regarding this issue you can follow here:
  4. Hi All, My name is Brittany, and I manage the support team here at Evernote. We've seen a lot of questions around delayed replies to support requests. I wanted to let you know we are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests. The average wait time for a response is currently 10-12+ days. Please know we're doing our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Here are some resources to help you in the meantime: Ensure you are on the most up-to-date version of Evernote on your device: For Mac or Windows go here. For iOS, check the available
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