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  1. @debralWhat A/V program do you use? I saw this back a few months ago and my vendor supposedly sent out new A/V definitions to address this. Best I can tell, this new version of EN now uses Windows PowerShell to make the launch call to your 3rd party app for the spreadsheet and this looks suspicious to security A/V software. You can try to get new A/V definitions or you can add an exception to your A/V or security program for PowerShell.
  2. Yes - this is still an issue in the latest version. I much preferred the behavior of previous versions where clicking a link to another note opened that note in the same window with the ability to toggle back & forth. Losing focus back to a master listing is very difficult to work with.
  3. That's what tags are for & they can be nested. Focus on using tags rather than notebooks - I have over 5000 notes but only 3 notebooks. Ex: There's also "stacks" where notebooks can be stacked together although I've never used that
  4. Great responses & info here.......Yes, fiddling around with it as described above did result in making it visible for me. It is very ßeta; none of the changes or edits that you make 'stick' unless you first move around some of the widgets - seems to retain afterwards. Still, it's a great concept & I'm looking forward to it going live. Patience is a virtue I guess.
  5. When I first installed the new v10.5.6 build just now, it opened to a new GUI named "Home" with a very distinct appearance and some new graphics. Somehow, I clicked away from that & all reverted back to my standard layouts. I sort of wanted to look that over if anyone figures out how to view that "Home" desktop in EN. I sure can't seem to find it again :/ Thanks
  6. Best I can tell, they seem to be moving it around with each new install? Anyway, the latest install for me is at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote.exe
  7. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  8. I received notification from Avast Support that this has been corrected in the latest AV definitions & I can confirm that It's working as designed now for me
  9. Just an FYI......after a few days of no access with this error in the new v10.4.3, this fix did the trick and I can view all now. Thanks for the new note list options also 😁
  10. It seems that I spoke too soon - the same issue has returned as before. This appears to occur anytime a call is made to utilize any 3rd-party program to open an attachment in Evernote whether a spreadsheet or pdf. Still haven't heard back from Avast on what they see in the logs but I suspect this is an Evernote issue as it worked fine previously. Will advise
  11. Are these "orphan" or "ghost" notes that don't reside anywhere (not in any notebook)? There are some threads in this forum on that issue that has not been resolved yet. Mine show up when I search for untagged notes
  12. Yes, I have seen AV updates & definitions cause this type issue before as well. I usually update everything I can prior to troubleshooting. I use Avast & do have an active call open with them. If anything useful is provided or the situation changes, I will note it here. Thanks
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