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  1. OK Google Tell Evernote "whatever is your voice message" This works for me **I got to thinking about why this works for me & not others - really makes no sense in that context. I now have to apologize as it turns out that I had enabled an IFTT applet for this functionality and why it works for me. It's called "Create a note in Evernote using Google Assistant" if you want to look into it. Sorry about that 😕
  2. I use that script as well. The ENScript application is not functioning properly in this v6.0 release & this issue was present in the ßeta builds as well. It looks like it has not been repaired/updated for this GA either. I hope this will be addressed soon.
  3. I seem to have found a bug..........v5.0.0.782 A previous note has files attached (zip files). When I go to add another zip file, it appears to attach normally, but never appears. For example, when attempting to attach it to the end of a note, it never appears anywhere within the note. Tried synching & re-opening without luck. Finally had to create a new note, attach the file there & then merge the 2 to get my new attachment at the end of the original note.
  4. Yes.....exact same thing on my Nexus4. However my Android tablet upgraded to the newer version without error. ::::::::bollocks:::::::::
  5. You can put them in there & encrypt them I guess, but I am not sure I would be comfortable with that. I would suggest you look into a password manager program. I've used RoboForm on an encrypted thumb drive for years & it works flawlessly.
  6. Regarding the OSX user accounts, I'm not a Mac user (I know....blasphemy) so I'm not certain if it works the same as follows. Your mileage may vary....On Windows, any admin account can access any users documents folder by browsing to it. Simply clicking on the EN DB there with an admin logon launches that information & reveals all.....the password is only necessary to synch back to the servers. This is problematic if you work with a bunch of propellerheads (like me) and everybody knows the admin logon or a 'secret' way to get into your machine or how to jazz around with the Windows registry. Using an encrypted volume is easy & defeats these jokesters. There are online videos & worlds of info on the details of using TrueCrypt, but here's how I did it. Create a TrueCrypt volume big enough to hold your DB plus some....give it some room to grow. This encrypted volume can be anywhere....like on a thumb drive, in the cloud, network drive, etc. Once the TrueCrypt volume is created, mount it & copy your DB into it since it works just like any other folder or drive. My new volume is setup as the P drive, so I launched EN, went into Tools >> Options and changed the EN Local Files option to point to this new location. Mine says P:\My EverNote Files (the database folder is understood it seems). Now each time you want to use EN, launch & mount your truecrypt volume first so that EN will have something to look at. When you're done with EN & have exited, just unmount the TrueCrypt volume to secure your data. You can also setup the TrueCrypt options to dismount at logoff automatically or start at logon, etc. Personally, I use a batch file that mounts the volume, starts EN & then auto-dismounts when I exit EN. Everything is secure & synchs & all is well. If you're really paranoid, you can also go ahead & start fresh & install EN into this TrueCrypt volume so that it can't even be seen until the volume is mounted. That worked ok for me, but there were a couple of things I didn't care for, so I took that part out & only pointed to the DB there instead.
  7. I noticed this myself & did not like. I have created a TrueCrypt volume to store my DB in & pointed EverNote to that.
  8. I have been using this combination for some time now for exactly the reasons you specify. You need to add one more program to the mix in order to get to where you want to be......TrueCrypt. You create a TrueCrypt volume that's larger than your EverNote DB & store your DB there. That encrypted volume goes in your DropBox. Set Evernote to NO synchronization in all installations & with DropBox on multiple machines, you have secure access to your synchronized DB from any client. The only reason to then use your thumb drive for this, would be when you were utilizing a machine that did not have DropBox installed. Your thumb drive could also have TrueCrypt & Evernote installed on it so that you could have secure access to your DB, but you would have to manually update your DB there from time to time in order to keep that copy 'current'. I realize I have simplified this process here, but you can get detailed info on this with a Google search, as well as searching on TrueCrypt here in the Evernote forums.
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