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  1. Yes - this is an issue still. It is not universal however - some pages clip fine while others never clip at all I noticed the problem on ebay trying to clip shopping items but I've seen it go both ways on other sites If you turn on logging in the extension, you can see the errors: 'ERR Channel: Message 'fetchUrl' failed with error: ' & so forth I tried turning off other extensions while troubleshooting w/no impact
  2. OK Google Tell Evernote "whatever is your voice message" This works for me **I got to thinking about why this works for me & not others - really makes no sense in that context. I now have to apologize as it turns out that I had enabled an IFTT applet for this functionality and why it works for me. It's called "Create a note in Evernote using Google Assistant" if you want to look into it. Sorry about that 😕
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