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Airmail Integration

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I have successfully used Airmail integration with evernote for over a year but past few weeks it has stopped working. Anytime I try to send an email into Evernote I get this message. 

There was an error posting your message on Evernote" 

I have unlinked the service and connected it again but no success? 

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The fact that you recommend a different app for integration is beside the point - the “upgrade” of Evernote broke the integration with this App and many other apps, has made performance suffer, and I can’t even get the clipper to work consistently anymore.  Which BTW was the main reason I have not switched to an alternative app from Evernote in the first place.

If Evernote believes an “upgrade” that breaks integrations, that previously worked for years, is the way to move the app forward, I am seriously concerned and will soon be examining alternatives to the app I’ve been using for a decade.

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