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Restore "save to contacts" for business card scanning




I can no longer find a way to export "scanned" business cards from Evernote to my contacts. This used to be possible. Is it still possible? Is there a way to export "scanned" (photographed and ocr'd in Evernote) business cards to my contacts in iOS? If not, this is a huge loss, and makes entering business cards into Evernote all but pointless. Evernote is not, and will never be the primary way I manage contacts.

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Agree with everyone above. Evernote is a "Contact Portal' to send contacts to the iPhone which then ports to Google Contacts and other primary managers like Outlook Contacts. We don't want to have or use any other applications for Contacts - we have all the capability we need - just need to get Evernote for iOS back to where it was before where it would "Send to Contacts". Please get this working ASAP - you will start losing us as subscribers if we cannot accomplish this basic function. 

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Please restore the save to contacts function immediately. Or at least provide updates on what is being done to address in the meantime.


Concerned iOS user who pays for premium every month like a chump

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I guess I just discovered I am not the only one.  I know this used to work and thought I must have done something wrong, but apparently you are saying this extremely important feature was deliberately removed?  If I am unable to photo business cards and sync with Apple Contacts through iCloud, the value of Evernote significantly diminishes.

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I tried Scannable.  

The good part is that it is free and scans some business cards.  It can sync with Contacts on my iPhone

The downside is that it is very slow, it does a much worse job of recognizing business cards than the prior version of Evernote that supported this feature, and get the sync to work in rather non-intuitive.  I guess it is better than nothing, but it is a downgrade

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No automation, you can try to manually copy information to contacts.

No comment from EN (they rarely comment on anything like this).

Personally I run another app (CamCard)that is better up to the task. However they switched to a subscription model lately, so after the first 500 cards it becomes expensive.

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