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  1. Your doc file is encrypted only if you choose to encrypt it using your word processing app, or some third party app. As far as I know, EN does not encrypt attachments by default.
  2. Someone with a Mac can confirm, but I think you can move the reminder icon out of the dropdown and onto the note header area. In Windows, I dragged the reminder icon out of the dropdown and now it sits next to a few other icons, all of which sit to the left of the dropdown icon. Clearly, keyboard access is still needed, but at least you won't have to make so many mouse clicks to set/adjust reminders.
  3. More signs that Microsoft is giving up on Windows phone: Windows Phone dies today
  4. This statement is quite laughable. I could rephrase it as "Windows phone is the most popular mobile platform that hardly anybody uses." The mobile market is Android and iOS. You knew that when you got your Windows phone. Years ago, much software development was done on one platform - Windows. With the popularity of MacOS and the explosion of mobile - essentially iOS and Android - lots of software has to be written for multiple platforms. But every software team has to decide where to cut things off. Otherwise, they'll spend all their time on development for marginal platforms and neglect feature improvements and bug fixes for the platforms that the vast majority of their clients use. That in turn puts them at risk of being outcompeted by a rival that is happy to concede the Windows phone, Blackberry, etc., platforms and is focused on the 99.6% of the mobile market that is Android and iOS. As for Blackberry, while the BB keyboard I used a decade ago blows away every touchscreen keyboard, I've used since, even Blackberry understands that their OS is going the way of the dinosaur, which is why they now have an Android phone. For those who want to complain about EN's decision, here is a dose of reality: Source here: https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/16/14634656/android-ios-market-share-blackberry-2016 Windows phone is the "third most popular platform" at 0.3%. Blackberry rounds to 0.0%. Stick a fork in them, they're done. Both companies have already conceded as much in their recent product development decisions, so I don't see how Evernote can be blamed for following their lead. PS. Evernote, I wouldn't say no to a couple of months of Premium for helping drive some nails into the coffin of this discussion.
  5. This has been requested many times. Instead of diluting your vote by starting a new thread, please enter your vote in the following thread:
  6. Mystery solved. There were multiple attachments, and I only noticed the first one, which was 9MB. In total, the attachments exceeded 25MB.
  7. I asked about storage, but the person has 2GB free on the iPhone.
  8. I have a large note (~9MB) in a shared notebook. One of the people with access to this shared notebook receives the following message repeatedly in the EN iOS app. "Note cannot be synced" "The note [note title] in [shared notebook name] is too large to sync. Edit the note to reduce its size." I created the shared notebook and added the note to the shared notebook via my account, and I do not receive this message in the EN apps I use - Windows and Android. Is there any way to resolve this issue apart from shrinking the note or removing it from the shared notebook?
  9. I also used AHK for a solution, though instead of a hotkey, I used a simple phrase expansion: :*:;in::intitle: So when I type ";in" AHK expands that to "intitle:".
  10. +1 on the request. In the meantime, here's how you can do this in AHK:
  11. In the Android app, I only see the 'left column' when I click the icon in the upper left of the "All Notes" view. When I click there, I get a list that pulls out from the left side that starts with my name, then All Notes, then Notebooks (and so on). When I click on Notebooks, I get an alphabetical list of notebooks. I do recall seeing a recent notebooks list, and I did find it annoying, and I agree there should be an option, instead of forcing a recent notebooks view on everyone. I figure that view is throwing a bone to people who insist on creating lots of notebooks. EDIT: what I recalled seeing was in the Windows app.
  12. Umm, yeah, this pretty much constitutes spam, link or no link.
  13. In the Windows app and Android app, I only see an alphabetical list of notebooks, though I recall having seen recent notebooks on top in the past. Did something change, or is there some other view that shows recent notebooks?
  14. Ha. I was just trolling @csihilling - he(?) and I both use third party tools to provide keyboard access to the Reminders function. He uses PhraseExpress, which requires the user to specify pixel coordinates to access a particular element in a GUI, while I use AutoHotKey, which has image search ability, which is quite a bit more robust than relying on pixel coordinates. But since you're here, how about Evernote providing keyboard access to the Reminders function? For those who prefer the speed of keyboards over mice, this would be great. And some of us are using EN for not just info storage/retrieval, but also for task management (makes a lot of sense to use one tool for info storage/retrieval and task mgmt) so quick access to the Reminders function is important. Hence some of us resorting to 3rd party tools to provide the keyboard access.
  15. I'm submitting a feature request to move the reminder icon 100 pixels to the left of its current position.
  16. Or take it up a notch with an automation scripting tool like AutoHotKey.
  17. For casual users, definitely easier to submit to MS and let them have their way with you. Linux distros have gotten more user friendly and some of the front ends will look familiar to Windows users, so the bar to entry into Linux has been lowered. But it would definitely help to have more apps available so that a further bar of running virtualization or Wine doesn't have to be cleared. Need more developers, but developers need userbase, and round and round.
  18. Thanks for that link. Pretty interesting. Seems Linux isn't picking up any (or hardly any) Win 7 users. Though I'd speculate that the users who are switching to Win 10 now aren't very representative of those who will stick with Win 7 until 2019./Jan 2020. The Win 7 userbase that wants to avoid telemetry and MS forced updates isn't moving to Win 10 now. Some of them may opt to jump ship for Linux when support for Win 7 ends.
  19. That's been true thus far. But with Microsoft's overbearing approach to Windows 10 and various Linux distros becoming quite user friendly (especially Ubuntu and Mint), perhaps it will be different this time . . . I hope.
  20. I'm not the OP, and the OP has only 1 post, so he may not be back to retitle the thread.
  21. Yes, please! Maybe re-title it: Option to disable automatic addition of URL to note when pasting content
  22. It will be interesting to see how many Windows 7 users move over to Linux when Microsoft stops supporting Win 7 in Jan 2020. At that point, the choice for Win 7 users will be stick with Win 7 knowing that hacks will be likely, submit to Microsoft's telemetry and control of the OS (MS chooses the updates and pushes them through whenever they want), pay the premium to enter Apple's walled garden, or move to Linux. If enough users move over to Linux, then we might see much more software development for Linux, which in turn would draw more users in a virtuous cycle. The only thing holding me back from moving to Linux at this point is that a couple of programs I use aren't available on Linux, and one of those apps is Evernote.
  23. Try the latest and work backwards to find a version that runs acceptably well. KitKat is pretty old at this point and I'm guessing it won't run the latest EN Android app satisfactorily.
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