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  1. Win+Shift+S does nothing when I try it. And I don't see it listed here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807 Is this a custom shortcut? If not, what's the context in which you're using it? Globally in Windows or with EN Windows app active?
  2. Does everyone sharing a notebook see a reminder set on a note in that notebook? Does it make any difference if the reminder is set by the notebook's owner or one of the other people sharing the notebook?
  3. Even more basic than keyboard shortcuts is simple keystroke access. If you have keystroke access, you can use scripting apps to make your own shortcuts. But some EN functions do not have keystroke access, so making shortcuts for those functions relies on less robust methods such as image search or pixel coordinates. An example of functions without keystroke access are the reminder functions.
  4. Definitely not the only one - many people have complained about Evernote's editor. Believe it or not, it's less quirky than it was a couple of years ago. Still has quite a ways to go. The only indenting I do is with bullet points, and that works well enough. I also have no issues with bolding or italicizing. The feature I'd most like to see added to the editor is collapsible outlines. Regarding lag, how large is your EN database (number of notes and size of 'databases' folder)? Attaching Word docs and editing those docs seems like extra work, and something I'd reserve for those notes that need formatting that I can't readily do in Evernote (like collapsible outlines).
  5. An annoyance of using due dates for task mgmt for Android users are the device notifications. Evernote provides very little control over notifications on Android. Made a feature request regarding this: I ended up blocking notifications from the app using Android's application manager. Not ideal, but better for my use case than notifications I have no control over.
  6. That's a good idea. I was changing due dates because my tidy-up filter was picking up anything overdue, so to clear the tidy-up filter list, I had to change reminder dates to today or a future date. I just modified it from remindertime:day to remindertime:day-7, so now a task will only show up in the tidy-up filter if it's 7 days overdue, at which point I can assess why it's so overdue and act accordingly.
  7. Yeah, date maintenance is why I'm using TSW tags and reminders - only deadlines get reminders. Otherwise there's too much changing of dates as tasks roll from one day to the next. Here's a (minor) issue I'm running into that maybe you or someone else here has already resolved. For many tasks, there are sub-tasks that are too trivial to bother breaking out into its own task. But some of those sub-tasks require that something else happen outside of my control (e.g., a response from someone). So if I advance the TSW 1-Now tagged task to the point where I need to wait until tomorrow or wait until I get a response, how do I get that task off my 1-Now list for the remainder of today, but have it reappear on my 1-Now list tomorrow? I could add a 2-Next tag and remove the 1-Now tag, and then be sure to check the 2-Next tag list tomorrow and reverse the tagging but that seems like a lot of tag maintenance.
  8. Right, that's where I figure most conflicts stem from (assuming instant sync is enabled on desktop app). I.e., EN's server gets changes instantaneously, or close enough (unless you are immediately switching platforms and editing the same note). But the platform may not get updates from the server quickly enough, unless, as you suggest, you force the sync.
  9. I thought changes made via mobile apps are real-time? As far as I know, only the desktop apps are not real-time, unless "instant sync" is enabled (recent update to Windows app, not sure if it exists yet on Mac).
  10. You lost me at "notebooks and stacks". I use notebooks to delineate access (i.e., local vs sync'ed notebooks, shared notebooks, offline notebook), not note content. Tags cover note content in my implementation.
  11. I could be interpreting this incorrectly, but it seems there are a couple of layers of redundancy here. Anything due this week gets a "this week" tag, a "1-Now" tag, and a reminder date? Seems like overkill, but again, I could be misunderstanding. I use the TSW When tags and reminder dates, but a task gets one or the other, not both. I.e., a task I want to complete now but that doesn't have a firm deadline gets a "1-Now" tag, while a task that has a firm deadline gets a reminder date. Given EN's search limitations (no full boolean search), I am forced to use two saved searches to filter down to tasks I need to work on today. I only recently began using EN for task mgmt so I'm curious as to why you went with your setup as it relates to When and Due tagging and reminder dates.
  12. Yes, Evernote is so much different than Microsoft or Google or Apple in this regard. Google routinely tells me what's going to change in their apps. They even gave me advance notice that they were going to kill Google Reader. And I'm on the email list where Apple discloses all the juicy details regarding the iPhone 8.
  13. Quite possibly the worst analogy I've seen on the internet this year.
  14. +1 It's easy to accidentally alter a note and not even realize the note has been unintentionally altered. Having the option to toggle selected notes as read-only is a good compromise between easy/quick editing and preserving the integrity of notes that the user considers 'finalized' or notes the user deems important enough that he/she is willing to take the extra step to unlock for editing.
  15. The only notification options I see in the Android app are: Quick Note - add notes from notification bar And a few Work Chat notification options. Would be great to have options as to notification sound/vibration, and to turn notifications off altogether.
  16. For a note taking app, I would think that outline mode/collapsible text is far more important than further work on font styling, all of which is already available albeit not in the manner the OP would like.
  17. Are the notes you want to access in a synced notebook or a local notebook? Local notebooks are only accessible from the EN desktop app on the computer on which the notebook was created.
  18. If it's an actionable item that also contains reference material, I'll just remove whatever I used to make it actionable (either a TSW "When" tag or reminder date) and move it to my main notebook (if it wasn't already there). If it's strictly a todo item, and I don't need any record of completion, I'll just delete it. If I want a record of completion, I have a shortcut that inserts "_Completed [date/time]" in the note and then move to main notebook.
  19. Thanks for confirming via test for this lowly Plus user!
  20. Makes sense. I suppose moving the note from a sync'ed notebook to a local notebook would also wipe the note's history. So if you had a note the way you wanted it and wanted to restart the history for some reason, move it to a local notebook for a day (presumably more than sufficient for EN to detect the missing note and wipe it from the archives), then move it back to a sync'ed notebook?
  21. How long are the archives kept? In other words, if I delete a note (or part of a note's contents), how long does that data sit in the cloud?
  22. if I create a notebook and share it with another person, how do notes added to that notebook count toward the monthly data limit? In other words, as notes are added via the Web Clipper or import folders or Scannable or EN's built-in Android scanner, does the data count toward the monthly data limit of only the user who is adding the data or toward monthly data limits of everyone sharing that notebook? are notes in shared notebooks editable by everyone the notebook has been shared with?
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