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  1. Hello! First off, I love Evernote. Thank you for everything you do. One (huge) pain point I have while using Evernote is working around only being able to have one note open at a time. On web, it's easy enough to work around by opening Evernote in multiple browser tabs, but on a desktop client, there's not even a workaround. I don't know anyone, including myself, who sits on one note at a time while doing serious work. Currently, with no back button and no option to view more than one note at a time, I find myself often avoiding even going back into Evernote to look for somethin
  2. Hello, One thing that almost pulled me away from Evernote to Dropbox Paper was the left railing which shows all H1 and H2 titles as a table of contents which I can quickly scroll through for a high level view of my notes, and use to quickly navigate to sections of the note. Google Docs has this as well with their 'outline' tool. It's not a new concept and I'm surprised it's missing from Evernote. It would help in reducing the number of notes I need to create just to divide things up nicely -- especially for large, more serious documentation. Thanks for your consideration!
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