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  1. Hello! First off, I love Evernote. Thank you for everything you do. One (huge) pain point I have while using Evernote is working around only being able to have one note open at a time. On web, it's easy enough to work around by opening Evernote in multiple browser tabs, but on a desktop client, there's not even a workaround. I don't know anyone, including myself, who sits on one note at a time while doing serious work. Currently, with no back button and no option to view more than one note at a time, I find myself often avoiding even going back into Evernote to look for something, or navigate within it. This would be a game changer! Thanks, Adam
  2. Hello, One thing that almost pulled me away from Evernote to Dropbox Paper was the left railing which shows all H1 and H2 titles as a table of contents which I can quickly scroll through for a high level view of my notes, and use to quickly navigate to sections of the note. Google Docs has this as well with their 'outline' tool. It's not a new concept and I'm surprised it's missing from Evernote. It would help in reducing the number of notes I need to create just to divide things up nicely -- especially for large, more serious documentation. Thanks for your consideration! Reference: https://dribbble.com/shots/2877917-Table-of-contents-in-Dropbox-Paper https://www.theverge.com/2016/3/9/11187364/google-docs-navigation-outline-tool
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