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  1. Are you performing a global search? If on Windows app, hit F6, then search. If on another version of EN, clear any search filters that have already been applied so that you are searching all notes, not some subset of notes.
  2. Specifically referring to packing lists in Evernote. I am well aware that dedicated task management apps may be better suited to packing lists, and I have used such an app (RTM) for years, but I am interested in using Evernote for this function. Any tips on using EN for packing lists? A couple of ideas I'm considering incorporating: modular lists with a master list linking to the various modular lists. E.g., toiletries list, clothing list, tech gadgets list, etc. Master packing list has note links to each modular list. And each modular list has a note link back to the master list. For an upcoming trip, you work through the lists relevant for that particular trip (e.g., for a ski trip, you include the 'ski gear' list). This saves you from having to replicate items across multiple packing lists, and from replicating additions/deletions across multiple packing lists. double checkboxes. Each item in a checklist gets 2 checkboxes. The first checkbox gets checked if this is an item to be packed on this particular trip. Second checkbox gets checked when the item is packed. Useful for when not every item in the list is necessary for a particular trip; the first check makes it easy to see what needs to be packed instead of having to either (1) re-make the pack/no-pack decision on each item as you refer back to the list, or (2) manually sort the list to move the no-pack items to the bottom of the list. For those not familiar with checkboxes in Evernote, any checkbox list is easily reusable by using the "Uncheck All" function to clear checks from checkboxes.
  3. Do you know if there's a workaround using iTunes on a PC?
  4. Saw on this page that EN requires iOS 9.3 or later. Is this correct? How do people run EN on older iOS devices? I don't use iOS, but was thinking of picking up an older iPhone or iPad because most of my family is on iOS.
  5. Evernote's Android app has a built-in scanner.
  6. Do you think they are similar enough that you could use EN on an iPhone to talk (over the phone) someone who is thoroughly non-tech savvy through the basics of using EN on an iPad?
  7. My mother has an iPad and I'm trying to help her make better use of Evernote and also use Scannable. I'm doing this long distance, so mostly over the phone. I'm an Android user and since the Android and iOS apps are fairly different, I'm thinking of buying an old iPhone so I can better walk her through how to perform various actions in EN and Scannable. But this plan works best if EN and Scannable are identical on the iPad and iPhone in terms of functions and menu options, hence my question.
  8. Why not just use Dropbox to share the file? And create a link to the file in an EN note?
  9. This seems very inefficient. Why not just tag the notes accordingly? Then there's no need to create all these subfolders underneath Dropbox/Evernote Archives. And no need to create all the notebooks in EN should need to import the notes back. As you note, the export and import functions preserve tags. Use that to your advantage and you can stop messing around with all this folder and notebook creation.
  10. There aren't any Evernote company videos on this AFAIK, but there are lots of user videos. The Productivity subforum has many threads discussing this: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/279-productivity/ The thread I found most useful in terms of picking up ideas on how to use EN for task mgmt is this one:
  11. Some people use Evernote rather narrowly, such as an archive of recipes. But it is capable of so much more. For me, the real-world problem EN solves is it saves me from having to remember things - to use the EN marketing phrase, it's my "external brain".
  12. I think you just identified part of your difficulty with tags. But it seems clear you have less interest in actually learning how to use tags effectively than in griping, so carry on. As an aside, in the time you've spent on this forum complaining, you could have ported all your notes over to OneNote and been in unlimited notebook nirvana instead of still stuck in tag hell with us.
  13. Oh look, there's the exit out of this roundabout: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evernote-feature-requests/
  14. . . . and we have gone full circle. The answer to most of your questions is tags. Had Evernote given me unlimited notebooks, I would have defaulted to it since that's what I was already familiar with. Now that I understand how to use tags effectively, if they gave me unlimited notebooks, I wouldn't change a thing about how I organize my notes. So thank you Evernote, for giving me a gentle push in the 'right' direction.
  15. I disagree. They knew at the outset that search trumps browsing, and that's where they put their focus. Why browse through layers of notebooks/folders when you can search? Giving people unlimited notebooks and notebook nesting keeps them stuck in browsing mentality. Search is a scalpel and cuts right to the info you're looking for. IIRC, way back in Yahoo's early days, they employed a directory structure. Then Google came along with search and ate Yahoo's lunch.
  16. You can also enable "Clear context on search" in Tools > Options > Search. Then hit F6 to search and prior search context will be cleared giving you a search from scratch.
  17. @suobs, I think you are making valid points here. I think it boils down to prioritization for them. If most of their userbase is using mobile/web apps to do the kind of note manipulation you're talking about, then this is a high priority. If however, most of the userbase uses mobile/web apps for quick note taking or note retrieval and save the more 'heavy lifting' reorg stuff for the Mac/Win apps, this drops way down the priority list. Apart from the user demand, there are the technical issues. I certainly don't expect a mobile spreadsheet app to match MS Excel in Windows. As to why they don't relent on notebooks, I suspect (pure speculation) it's because they want to encourage the use of tags, and if they give people the option to use notebooks, most new users would default to notebooks simply because that's what they're used to and then find themselves hemmed into all the limitations of notebooks. In any event, this thread isn't going to move the needle. Better to submit a feature request re: tag functionality in web/mobile apps and hope that lots of others feel the same way and upvote the request.
  18. +1 Even keystroke access without a shortcut would be a big improvement. Right now, at least in the Windows app, there is no way to navigate to the Reminders function via keyboard. It can be worked around with a script, such as the AutoHotKey script I made for the Windows app (I assume there are similar simple scripting languages for Mac): But a native shortcut or even keyboard access (which would simplify the scripting required of the user to create a shortcut) would be preferable.
  19. Not sure how you arrived at this conclusion re: "most people". I'm glad EN emphasizes the use of tags, which are more powerful and flexible than notebooks. Intuition as it relates to fields like tech are often rooted in how things used to work (which itself is often rooted in tech limitations at the time). Now that I'm reoriented toward tags, it seems much more sensible and intuitive to use tags for organization and use notebooks to differentiate notes based on access (i.e., online notes vs sensitive local-only notes, shared notes, etc.) and not by content. When I think back to my old Outlook folders vs my tagged Gmail, it's a no-brainer!
  20. No, that is a firm limit. Tags are a much more powerful and flexible organizational tool than notebooks. To quote myself from another thread:
  21. You do realize that there is a limit of 250 notebooks?
  22. As many of you probably noticed, there was a significant outage today affecting many websites, including, presumably, this forum. It was an issue at Amazon AWS. For those who are eager to use on demand sync, here's an example of the type of situation that could leave you without your data for some time.
  23. Doesn't strike me as a severe limitation. I guess it boils down to how many people use the mobile and web apps the way I do - i.e., for basic note entry and review of existing notes, vs how many users are trying to organize their notes using these limited apps. Every piece of software has limitations and more feature requests than the developers can practically address. If the company figures that most EN users have a desktop or laptop, and the web and mobile apps are perfectly capable of basic note creation and review of existing notes, trying to match the feature set of a desktop app (where devs have much greater control) in a web app is a tall order, especially in light of all the other (more pressing) priorities. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to EN incorporating more of the desktop features into the web or mobile apps, but I think there are bigger fish to fry. YMMV.
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