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  1. That's the thing - it doesn't really work well for me. My 'Next Action' list in RTM has become overwhelming with > 100 'next actions'. I find myself creating a note in EN each morning with a (more realistic) checklist of what I want to do that day. Not that this is a problem with RTM per se - more of a problem of me narrowing the 'Next Action' list down to a list that is manageable to tackle in a day. But since I'm fixing to do an overhaul of my task list, I figured I'd see what task managers EN users prefer and what advantages they may have over RTM. I guess that also opens up the pos
  2. I've been using Remember the Milk for years, long before I started using EN. RTM is not great for notes, and once I started using EN, I moved all the notes to EN, and used RTM's very basic Evernote linkage to create tasks from those EN notes. Anyway, it's been more than a decade since I looked into task managers, and I'm wondering what's out there today, and in particular, what integrates well with EN? So who better to ask than EN users. Also, if you've used RTM in the past, if you could share any advantages your new task manager has over RTM, that would be helpful, thanks.
  3. If I browse the forum, as I am doing now, and leave the browser open, if I come back in a few hours, I'll be logged out. This is despite an initial login with authentication code and ticking the box to keep me logged in for 30 days. So, browser open, logged into only one EN account, and computer on (does sleep count? Its a laptop). Edit: Even without the laptop going to sleep, I'll get automatically logged out of the EN forum.
  4. I agree, I was a bit frustrated a year or so ago, but we have seen improvements in the editor, with hopefully more to come, while they have cut back on some of the peripheral products (I know, it sucks for people who had incorporated those peripheral products into their workflow - as a former Google Notebooks and Reader user, I feel your pain!) to help redirect that effort back to the core product. I would take the lack of activity in this thread for several months as a sign that other users are also feeling a bit better about Evernote's direction. Like you, I no longer jump on new EN rel
  5. Are there more Windows Surface users than all the flavors of Linux? I doubt it. Given where Microsoft is going in terms of stomping on user privacy with very few and limited opt outs, I imagine a not insignificant percentage of Windows users are going to pass on Windows 10 when they reach their next hardware upgrade decision. And for those abandoning Windows over privacy concerns, Apple doesn't offer a safe haven, and neither does Chromebook. Linux is very appealing from that perspective. I wonder if Evernote has any way of knowing how many EN users are operating on Linux, whether i
  6. Internal note links is another way to handle this type of situation (in this case, at the very top of the note, you'd have internal note links: "Today", "This Week", "This Month", etc.), and is something that has been requested for years.
  7. One possible solution is offering zero-knowledge encryption for selected notebooks. So one could have 3 potential notebook types: 1. Local - for sensitive data that you don't need to access anywhere except your 'home' computer 2. Synced/Zero-knowledge encrypted - for sensitive data that you need to access away from your 'home' computer 3. Synced - for non-sensitive data That gives users the choice between security and the EN features that require access to unencrypted data. Users already have some choice in this regard via the local notebook option, and this would further user choice, and w
  8. I wouldn't say that. I think it's still pretty early in the game given that such a tiny % of computer users are using any kind of dedicated note taking app, e.g., EN, ON, Keep, etc. Plus, each of the existing apps have a number of shortcomings, so a robust new entry into the space could capture not only new users, but draw away users of competing products.
  9. I use local and synced notebooks. It works fine, but of course you can only search/access the local notebook notes on one computer. It would be nice to have access to all notes from any device, but I find that from a practical perspective, this is rarely necessary, at least in my case. So I have no problem separating the sensitive stuff into a local notebook and everything else goes to synced notebooks. If EN dropped local notebooks, I'd drop EN because it's only a matter of time before that growing treasure trove of data on EN's servers proves very attractive to very capable hackers.
  10. I would expect nothing less from the VP of Marketing. Thankfully, Evernote has the local notebook option. It blows my mind that there are somewhat similar products that do not offer local storage - I think many users are oblivious to the risks. While it's true that Google doesn't offer local storage for just about any product they have, and many millions of people use Google products, Google has a much larger security budget than any personal information mgmt software company.
  11. The recent Ashley Madison hack and threats to publicly post hacked data online serves as a stark reminder that data stored online is not secure. Zero knowledge encryption is long overdue.
  12. Agreed. Ability to access content everywhere + real security would be a boost over local notebooks, particularly if EN support is advising users to avoid local notebooks due to data integrity issues.
  13. And Google will never offer local-only storage. It's tied to their vision of privacy, i.e., you shouldn't expect any. After all, we are talking about the maker of Google Glass. From Google's perspective, that's not creepy at all! I certainly agree that Evernote's pivot to the business market opens up opportunities for existing competitors and new entrants in the PIM space, but Google will never be answer for those who wish to keep at least some of their notes out of the hands of others, including the corporation providing the service, hackers and your government.
  14. I'm using an Android phone and was able to re-enable 2 step verification. Not sure why it didn't work for you. Maybe list each step/prompt from when you first click to re-enable 2 step verification, and someone can spot the issue? Come to think of it, I had to do it twice to get it to work - for some reason, the first attempt at re-enabling didn't succeed (I recall I used a relative's cellphone as a backup phone and got a verification code from this person, and when re-enabling didn't work, I redid it, but without entering a backup phone number). But I did get the QR code on-screen both time
  15. Yes, I just went through this recently. In the EN web app, in security settings, if you disable 2-step verification and re-enable, just follow the steps to set up. At one of the steps, you can tell EN which device type (Android, iOS) you are using Google Authenticator on, and then EN will provide a QR code, which you scan using Google Authenticator on your phone.
  16. Just checked it out. Awful. Like you, I use the desktop client, so this doesn't bother me. I really hope that 'white space' design doesn't make it into the desktop clients.
  17. Apparently I can't send a PM? I'm interested Might be a post count limitation; i.e., you don't have enough posts yet to access the messaging system. I tried sending you a PM and got a message saying you can't use it yet.
  18. I'm in a similar boat. I could switch to ON, but I don't think it's better suited (yet) for my purposes. But the various issues with EN, as well as with management's communication with users, has me concerned and on the lookout for a potential replacement if/when the time comes. Given EN's seeming shift toward business users, I found some of the recent business user posts amusing. Some of the issues they are facing reveal just how difficult it will be for EN to become polished enough to really gain significant traction in that space.
  19. The scalability issues raised by GM, BNF and others have persuaded me to limit the number/size of pictures and document scans I keep in EN. I know many of the guides and books out there recommend putting all that stuff in EN, and I think many users who take that advice are going to eventually regret it. Is there a discussion forum/site for ON that you are using?
  20. As you should know by now, that's very common on this board, since EN does not discuss their roadmap or ETAs. WRT the notebooks, two viable alternatives have already been discussed in other threads on this topic. Either tag the notes with the notebook name or make an enex file for each notebook. If you make an enex file for each notebook, when importing the enex file, are intra-notebook note links preserved?
  21. In OneNote you can convert a table to an excel spreadsheet. After editing, save it & close the spreadsheet. The table then shows the update. So the ON page/note shows the updated spreadsheet table's values. Pretty cool. Do edits go the other way - i.e., edits in ON show up in spreadsheet? Or is it just one way edits from spreadsheet to ON?
  22. From a quick look at ON videos, it seems ON doesn't support any calculations in their tables, which is what I was hoping for (simple calcs). What aspects of tables does ON handle better than EN? Thanks for the detailed breakdown. Yeah, from the videos I've seen, the web clipping is awful. But given how obvious this must be to ON and how important a feature this is for many people using an information mgr app, I would guess we can expect to see improvements here. Almost seems like too much hierarchy now that I've gotten used to tagging in EN. If you have a page in multiple sections, is
  23. No app that is ready for primetime should require its users to do all this. This kind of issue goes directly to what Libin talked about in his January 2014 response to the 'Bug Ridden Elephant' blog post - i.e., fixing/refining the core app. When I first started using EN, I recommended it to a number of people. I can no longer do so, at least not without lots of caveats - without those caveats, I'd be downright embarrassed if they came to me and I had to suggest what BNF outlined above. I now also suggest they try both EN and ON. I think I speak for the vast majority of forum members, even
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