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  1. Very good points all. It makes sense to keep the secure stuff in a local notebook. I can always remote into my local desktop if I have a need to search my local notebooks.
  2. I am a new user slowly getting hooked on to Evernote. I have been reading about the concerns related to storing secured information on Evernote cloud. I guess the general recommendation is that if you consider some information should be secured, just do not store it in Evernote. Now my question is what documents should be considered secure. 1. Storing passwords in evernote or any cloud service is a terrible idea. I get this. 2. Bank statements - some have said that the account no in bank statements is secure information. Can someone explain why this is secure information? what happens when some hacker gets access to it? 3. Tax returns - Can this be kept in evernote? This contains soc sec no etc. What do you all do? What kind of information that you DO NOT keep in evernote? Where do you store such information? (e.g another cloud service that supports encryption on storage)? How do you integrate that cloud service with your Evernote workflow?
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