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  1. I use Evernote for archiving my ideas and running a minimal to do list. I often use the checklist feature in various notes across various projects. One thing that would improve the usefulness of these checklists is the ability to automatically sort notes when a task is completed. For example, checking a box next to a task would push the task below other unfinished items in the checklist. Some additional scenarios: Some folks might just say, "Well, why don't you just delete completed tasks?". The reason is because I like to keep a record of all tasks, whether they have been completed or not. A poor man's solution to this problem is manual task/item sorting. I've seen that mentioned in other threads here. I don't love the idea of having to manually sort tasks in my checklist, but I would take that over not being able to sort at all. Lastly, a more complex, but potentially more polished system would be an archival function. So instead of just moving tasks to the bottom of the checklist when they are checked off, they would be hidden at the bottom of the checklist. Ideally, you would have some sort of button or link that would allow you expand the checklist and see tasks that were previously completed (archived in this scenario). Right now, checklists is the only feature set that feels lacking to me. I really love being able to integrate all of my data and tasks into the same tool. I've tried breaking out my to do list into a separate app like ToDoist or Google Keep, but I always keep coming back to Evernote because I love using one tool versus switching back and forth between a chrome tab and Evernote. I will continue to use and support your product because I feel like there is nothing that comes close in terms of a full all-in-one solution for data and task lists. However, please consider beefing up the checklist functionality as it would greatly improve the ability for users like me to go "all in" with Evernote. Thanks for your time.
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