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  1. Opening a new note in Android places the cursor in the note body field. Can this default be changed to note title? For those using EN for task management, this would be a much better default behavior since often there will only be a note title and no body content.
  2. I had already tried ~ That character sorts relatively high, and it will sort before a letter or number, so !~ will sort before !z I'm looking for a (quick to type on standard keyboard) character that will sort AFTER letters. It looks like the sort order Evernote uses in the tag dropdown field is different from the ASCII table numerical sequence.
  3. The space also sorts before special characters, so this would move ! Recur to the very top of the list of tags starting with !. I'd like to sort as above.
  4. That works for the sort, though unless there is a more convenient shortcut than ALT+234 it's not great for quick entry of a tag. I use the dropdown list as a means of narrowing the tag list, but I typically type characters until the list is winnowed down to one tag. So in this case, I'd have to type the theta character using the above shortcut, which is too slow.
  5. I'm trying to sort all my When tags so that when I enter a tag starting with '!', I get the following sort in the dropdown list: !!Daily !1-Now !2-Next !3-Soon !4-Later !5-Someday !6-Waiting !9-Completed !Recur !z_Annually !z_Monthly !z_Quarterly !z_Weekly You'll see that I used 'z' to get the periodicity tags to the bottom of the sort. Is there a special character that would sort below letters? I.e., a character that I could replace 'z' with and still have my desired sort order?
  6. You also have 9k+ posts on the Evernote forum. I'm pretty confident you are on the extreme fringe as it relates to Evernote use among individual users (not a bad thing, as I've learned a lot from your posts here about how you use EN). @phils point re: business use makes more sense than this feature being designed for individual user use.
  7. Sure, I get that. But even if you have a 128 GB SSD, you'd need a EN database several GB in size for this to be remotely practical, and I'd venture that less than 1% of EN users have, say, a 5GB+ database. If we're building out features for such tiny segments of the userbase, how about full boolean search? I'd bet that even in this thread, there are more users who could make practical use of full boolean search than they could of on demand sync on their desktop. But maybe I'm wrong about the size of average EN user databases and maybe EN attracts hoarders (the type whose homes have narrow pathways between the stacks of clutter and whose plumbing doesn't even work) who feel the need to capture everything they see on the internet into their EN database.
  8. Wondering the same thing. Even a relatively large EN database is tiny by modern disk size standards. On demand sync is useful on a phone or tablet, sure, but scratching my head as to how this would be useful for 99.9% of Windows app users.
  9. Windows; I set this up a long time ago, and forgot that local notebooks are an option for destination notebook. Good to know (or rather, to be reminded of).
  10. Yeah, I abandoned the idea of a dedicated GTD notebook, so now it's just the inbox/default/clearinghouse notebook and 'filing' notebooks. Like you, I use saved reminder and tag searches. Maybe someday Evernote will incorporate full Boolean search and we can use one saved search to filter down to today's tasks. Cool, I didn't know about the ribbon. That definitely saves some screen real estate while still being able to access everything! Especially important as the list of shortcuts grows too large for the toolbar. As a side note, I wasn't aware you could import directly into a local notebook. Does the import completely bypass EN's servers?
  11. Yeah, I read about your use of periodicity tags, and I liked the approach so much that I copied it wholesale! I've got a !!Daily tag nested under the ..When parent tag and the periodicity tags (*Weekly, *Monthly, *Quarterly, *Annually) nested under a .Review parent tag. I didn't nest !!Daily and the periodicity tags under the same parent tag (i.e., ..When) because this reflects how I think of the notes getting these tags. I'm using !!Daily for a personal note of small daily tasks I want to do as well as a work note of everyday work tasks. And then I'm using the periodicity tags the way you are - items (not necessarily tasks) I want to be reminded of at the specified intervals, but without the hassle of a reminder date. And like your setup, only one note from each periodicity grouping has a reminder date, which serves only in an administrative capacity to trigger a review of all the notes at the specified periodicity (which themselves do not have TSW When tags or reminder dates). The .Review parent tag (not applied to any notes) gives me a convenient way to access the periodicity tags.
  12. I didn't use -reminderOrder:* because I don't use undated reminders. I don't see the point of using those if one is using TSW When tags. So I'd want the filter to catch notes that don't have a TSW When tag or a dated reminder, so that I could then apply one of those to the note. I could use a task tag, but it seems like a lot more work to tag every task, as well as a lot more prone to error (forgetting to tag a task note as a task) than having a second Tidy Up Filter. I assume the stack suggestion was in relation to the tidy up filter? If so, that won't work because there are lots of notes in the 'filing' notebooks that don't have and should not have TSW When tags or reminder dates. That's why I'm using the .Recur tag and running a second tidy up filter on notes with the .Recur tag. I appreciate the response - it helps me think through this GTD+EN setup.
  13. So I decided to go with the TSW / @HeyMalc approach of not having separate Inbox (default) and Actions Pending notebooks. Less complexity and less maintenance. Seems the only 'benefit' given up is I won't have the fleeting satisfaction of having an empty Inbox (default notebook). So a ToDo notebook and 'filing' notebooks (I have more than one since I use synced and local notebooks). I'll need two "Tidy Up Filters" to make sure that all tasks have either a TSW When tag or a reminder date. The first filter is one Malc has posted about in this thread, except I'm also adding -reminderTime:day since it sounds like Malc manages tasks with a due date in a separate diary/calendar. TUF1: notebook:ToDo -tag:!!Daily -tag:!1-Now -tag:!2-Next -tag:!3-Soon -tag:!4-Later -tag:!5-Someday -tag:!6-Waiting -reminderTime:day For recurring tasks, which typically have reminder dates, I want to catch any tasks where I forget to apply the next reminder after completing the current instance of the task. TUF1 will catch these tasks only if they are in the ToDo (default) notebook. So a '.Recur' tag and second filter is needed: TUF2: tag:.recur -reminderTime:day If anyone sees a crack in this system through which tasks could slip, let me know. I'm sure I'll tweak as I go along, but just want to make sure I'm not starting with a fatal flaw.
  14. Another kludge that I am forced to employ is multiple saved searches, when one saved search (using full boolean search) would suffice. So instead of getting one list of results, I have to go back and forth between two lists. For 2017, this is ridiculously clunky. Heck, Craigslist, which has all of 40 people, so probably less than a dozen developers, has had this search capability for many years. And of course it's used by many other services, including ebay. Any time users are sifting through lots of information to find something specific, full boolean search can be useful, and if users embrace the EN philosophy of 'external brain', this is essential. Our internal brain performs full boolean searches all the time.
  15. Done. For anyone else who would like to have the ability in Evernote (it exists in MANY places outside EN) to combine AND and OR operations into one search, please upvote here:
  16. Does Todoist act as your digital filing cabinet as well, or do you integrate Todoist with Evernote for that function?
  17. Yeah, that solution would work in a pinch, but it wouldn't work for this application - basically I want to have a saved search to see notes with a TSW When tag and notes with reminder of today. Sounds like I'll have to live with splitting this into 2 saved searches. It's a little odd that an app that is hailed for its information search/retrieval prowess does not have this fairly basic search ability. Even Craigslist has had this ability for a long time, and they have on the order of 40 employees, so probably fewer than a dozen developers. In other words, if EN wanted to get this done, they could get it done. I suppose they think this isn't a common use case, but if you're selling yourself on information retrieval, you can't limit yourself to run-of-the-mill search use cases. I suppose EN will eventually build this in because as the number of users with 1k+ or 10k+ notes increases, the desirability of combining OR and AND operations into a search will increase greatly.
  18. I presume you were attracted to TSW by the idea of keeping task mgmt and info storage/retrieval in the same app. What made you decide to split those functions across separate (but with integrations) apps?
  19. One reason I can think of why I'd need some sort of 'task' tag/indicator is to be able to run Malc's Tidy Up Filter to ensure that all tasks have a reminder date, a TSW When tag or both. Any other reasons to have a 'task' indicator? Any way to bypass the need for a Tidy Up Filter while still ensuring that every task has a reminder date, TSW When tag or both?
  20. @csihilling, I'm just getting started on using EN for task mgmt and I like your GTD setup. While it does have more overhead than @HeyMalc's setup, I like the extra flexibility of using both reminders and TSW When tags, and it comports with real life - not every task has a fixed due date, but some do and you wouldn't want those to fall through the cracks. I also like the !Review tag concept. How do you manage notebooks in the context of GTD? Like you, I have synced and local notebooks. From a GTD perspective, I have Inbox, Actions Pending and then my 'filing cabinet' synced and local notebooks. I like the concept of having a default Inbox that everything that flows into EN (aside from my creating a note at my computer) dumps into, and then processing those Inbox notes by adding tags and moving to appropriate notebook. So I'd process tasks in the Inbox by applying a TSW When tag and/or a reminder date, and then move to Actions Pending notebook. But notes in other notebooks may become a source of a task (via a TSW When tag or a reminder date), so I'm not sure an Actions Pending notebook serves any purpose, since not all tasks are in this notebook. Maybe it would reduce overhead if I remove the Actions Pending notebook, and process tasks out of Inbox and into my 'filing cabinet' synced or local notebook? And then just use saved searches as a way of filtering down to tasks I need to work on today. Pity that EN search does not allow the use of AND and OR operations in one search. If it did, one saved search would pull in both !1-Now tasks and tasks with reminderTime of today. Also, what do you use for calendar integration?
  21. Right, which is why I wrote: So how do I achieve the result I'm looking for?
  22. Thanks, I didn't catch that explanation in the video or on the written manifesto on the website, but when I saw your post, I looked again and saw the pdf link, which I downloaded, and there it was. OK, so I'm also considering using it "low brow" like you are. Do you have one note tagged !Daily with a list of daily tasks, or do you have multiple notes tagged !Daily, each of which represents a single task? Do you use checkboxes to mark these daily tasks completed, then uncomplete the checkboxes at the end of the day (or in the morning the next day), or do you not edit these tasks in any way to indicate completion (in other words, you just look at your daily tasks and in your own mind, you have an accounting of which ones you have done and which remain to be done)?
  23. I wish to run a search query to find notes tagged !!Daily OR !1-Now OR is due today (i.e., reminderTime = today). If I search: any: tag:!!-Daily tag:!1-Now reminderTime:day I get what I expected, namely any notes tagged with !!-Daily or !1-Now or due today or due after today. To narrow the search results down to exclude notes due after today, I tried: any: tag:!!-Daily tag:!1-Now reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1 But this returns all the notes in my database, so I assume the any: operator is working on -reminderTime:day+1, which in conjunction with the other search terms, covers every note in my database. How do I modify the search to exclude notes due after today?
  24. Yes, I understand there is lots of flexibility in using EN. My question is what did TSW have in mind by creating both !Daily and 1-Now tags? Surely there was some intent there, not just "let's create a bunch of tags and users can use them however they want".
  25. Is the idea to tag daily recurring tasks with !Daily to distinguish them from non-recurring tasks you want to do today, which are tagged 1-Now?
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