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  1. That would do the job, but I have a lot of notebooks. It would be a huge challenge to import all of them separately. Plus I have no idea how to set up PowerShell. I'm sure I could figure it out given enough time, but honestly after all these years, why hasn't Evernote simply included the Note book in the enex file? That said, thank you for sending this. Saroj
  2. Thanks. Progress so far: DB is downloaded from servers. unsync'd notes have been imported and now sync'd (just finished). The unsync'd notes all lost their Notebook designation. I had hoped Evernote would have changed that quirk. I recall this from years ago. I guess the only way around this is to create a special tag for each Notebook that shows what Notebook it is associated with. What a PITA. That's 301 notes that I have to reassign now. Saroj
  3. @PinkElephant - again, thanks for your help. The db download is now at 17,227 and still cranking. I don't own any Apple products... I have had too many apps that would only run on Windows-based computers (not that I'm any big fan of Microsoft, mind you) and iPhones cost too much for my budget. sadly the G.S. passed on Friday... totally unexpectedly... no known illness...The White dog in the pic (also a Chi-mix - Jack Russell) died earlier this year after having dementia for 3 years. Now we're dogless.
  4. Meanwhile, I just got a notification of a new version of Evernote... 6.20.2 - If I'm successful in importing my unsync'd notes, I'll trying upgrading before reverting to the older version. Major major, thanks for your kind thoughts.
  5. so it looks like the root of my problem is that my database was messed up. I had 301 un-sync'd notes going back to 2014. I was given instructions on how to rebuild the database from Evernote servers and then import my 301 un-sync'd notes into the new db (which I previously saved and set aside). It has been downloading my notes for well over an hour now... it is up to 13,006... I didn't think to note the total prior to removing the corrupt db, but I'm guessing I had close to 20,000. I'll let y'all know the outcome.
  6. sorry... that one does NOT show up on my support window.
  7. Thanks for your help, PinkElephant. I apologize for being so crabby... I've been on chat with Evernote support for well over an hour trying to resolve issues... just very frustrated and have a lot still to do today... plus really stressed out due to another of our family dogs passing unexpectedly on Friday... a gorgeous G.S. imported from Germany... the absolutely best dog one could ever hope for... beautiful, very very smart and had a absolutely wonderful disposition..His best doggy friend, my Chi-mix, passed away a month ago. so sad... again, thanks for your help.
  8. ok... I'm on chat with support... I JUST found out that the way one creates a ticket is to send an email. I've been a customer (premier) for over 5 years. I'm pretty sure there used to be a "submit ticket" hot spot. I use a lot of apps... I've never not seen something like that for my other ones.
  9. jeesh... does EVERYONE who is anyone have an ipad? Sorry, I don't.
  10. Thanks... I'll see about reverting to that version. This one is a royal PITA.
  11. not yet... I'm about to... it takes me forever to find where to do that on the Evernote site. They purposely make it difficult to find IMHO.
  12. HDD... but the problems I posted about didn't occur until 2 or 3 versions ago. I've been using Evernote for quite a few years and never experienced these issues earlier.
  13. I'm getting more freeze-ups with this version (Windows 10) but for the past 8 months or so Evernote is in nearly a constant state of syncing AND Evernote goes into a state of unavailable for 2-3 minutes at a time. It is getting very difficult to use.
  14. A few days ago I updated to 6.17.5 Yesterday (MLK day) I couldn't open Evernote after rebooting. I submitted a ticket. Today I got a response that made no sense. First I was asked if I could update by going to Help > Check for Updates. How could I do this if I couldn't open Evernote? Then I was asked to download the update using this link: https://evernote.com/download/ "Denny" never said to execute the downloaded exe file... just download it. Don't they know that just downloading a file will NOT actually accomplish anything? Then "Denny" wanted me to do "Windows + R"; then type "Control Panel" ; Select Uninstall a Program which isn't shown. I went to this a different way and it shows the same version as the Download operation sent. I responded pointing out all that and never got a response. Then I opened a chat window and Tiana "helped" me... First it took her 10 minutes to find the ticket... not a typo... TEN minutes... when I asked why it is taking so long, she said it is because she didn't have the ticket number... Why didn't she ask me for it which I had from Denny's email? Why is their search operation so bad? Then she sent me a link for an older version... when I asked why, she said, "I clicked on the '5'. I don't know why it is downloading '4'. It should have been 6.17.5. One second. I don't know why it's sending the old one. AND THEN: I don't know if the technical team who created this direct link made a glitch, however; since you're missing the msi file we will need you to directly download Evernote using the link I provided. This should allow the confusion and the issue to be resolved. She also asked if I could open Evernote after downloading the file. DON'T THEY REALIZE THAT SIMPLY DOWNLOADING A FILE DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING? I THOUGHT ANYONE WHO USES A WINDOWS COMPUTER KNEW THAT. *** How can I trust a tech company who has such abysmal "tech" support? *** ++++ I depend on Evernote... BIG MISTAKE! ++++ ++++ I pay for premium Evernote... BIG MISTAKE! ++++ Gonna have another look at One Note as much as I dislike Microsoft software... Anyone know of a conversion program?
  15. Formatting is the bete noire of Evernote. It is terrlible at it. I've just given up on it and appreciate it for its other attributes, but I'm getting close to giving a serious look at MS One Note
  16. makes me wonder if it initiated a sync after you left which sorted it out.
  17. Thanks so much... funnily enough I was on chat with an EN tech guy today and was told it had been removed. Maybe he meant as the default setup...
  18. I just upgraded to; now trying to get used to the new GUI. No more back button shows. Is this a setting I have to make somewhere?
  19. - which may indicate that the UNflattened file isn't totally compatible with Evernote's OCR - one of the rules for scanning files is (not unreasonably) - if you can't read the file, don't scan it...Have you tried the same trick with PDF software that is not PDF Expert? What is a "flattened" or "unflattened" file or document?
  20. I'm confused about this and having problems with some scanned notes being OCR'd and some not... how do I "let" Acrobat do this? and where does abbyy fine reader enter in? Also when you san have OCR set in ScanSnap, are you referring to the screen where there is a check box for "Convert to Searchable PDF"?
  21. I got my ScanSnap ix500 last December when I opened a Premium account, got it all set up and scanned a bunch of stuff... all seemed to be working great. Then my computer had to be rebuilt and I just finished setting it all up again. It seems that some of my scans are not being OCR'd and I can't figure out why. I'm counting on being able to find stuff all throughout the docs I'm scanning. Is there a setting in Evernote or the ScanSnap that might not be set correctly? I've gone through all the settings I can find with no luck. I'm not sure if I have ABBYY set up correctly. Is this required? I honestly thought the OCR function happened on the Evernote side, but I can't find anything there either. Is there any way to force OCR in an EN note after the fact? Thanks a bunch.
  22. Any idea whether or not the NSA has a back door to the algorithm?
  23. Hi. Your devices (mobile, computer, etc.) all sync with Evernote servers in order to have the same information everywhere. Everything goes through the Evernote servers so if you make a change there it will populate to every other computer. If you make a change on your local computer you'll have to process it there first before it goes up to the Evernote server, and then it will populate to everything else. Sometimes, for a tag name change, a notebook change, or something else like that it can take many hours to process it on my computer (I have a bunch of notes). This makes it difficult (sometimes impossible) to keep working (besides draining my laptop battery). Of course, this also helps explain why I don't use as many tags or notebooks. It just depends on what your situation is. I assume that Evernote's servers have more processing power than my laptop and that is why I do big changes there. Am I correct in doing this? Maybe not. But, it has worked for me pretty well so far. makes sense... I don't put anything in a shared notebook that I wouldn't want the NSA or my next door neighbor or some spammer in Pakistan to see cause I don't trust the security of EN servers or any other servers that I can't secure myself. Also I am not trying to access the EN data from another device so I'm pretty focused on what I do at my desk... trying to get rid of as much paper as possible. I see where you are coming from however. All this concern about scalability and performance and storage space (and security, of course) HAS to be addressed appropriately by the EN development team to stay viable in the market place.
  24. @GrumpyMonkey... you wrote: "Hi. Sorry, but I'm working with a Mac, so not very useful at this level of detail. Usually what I do is delete everything on the Web. I prefer to take care of it at the source." Why do you consider the Web as "the source"? I rarely even look at EN web location as I am not currently using it for access from away from my computer... I use EN to store info from internet sites, but then immediately force a sync and use it from my desktop (Windows). BTW, is there a way to reinsert the Quote markers? (i.e. get to the HTML code)? I didn't want to quote the enter post including the stuff you quoted, but when I deleted the previous quote they went away.
  25. I posted to Libin's blog but apparently it didn't make it past the monitor so I'll post it here: I really appreciate hearing this commitment from the top honcho himself. Bugs and security issues have and continue to be my main concern about Evernote. Those and the "all hat, no cattle" approach to the EN Scansnap scanner led to my decision to buy the generic iX500 Fujitsu recently rather than the EESS version. I do want to make a point to Phil Libin and the EN support and development staff however which is this: Your users are not stupid or ignorant. Listen to them. It shouldn't take the kind of negative publicity of a well-read blogger to wake you up to issues with EN. They are posted every day in the forums. You have the best market research right there without having to spend a single dime. I'm a new user, but already have 3 or 4 posts begging EN to implement a sound SDLC and a supported Beta testing approach with nary a comment from EN staff. I see many talented IT folks posting detailed information. Please consider it all seriously, and most of all, ACT ON IT.
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