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  1. Wanderling Reborn

    EN Going Out of Business?

    It has often been said that the best solution to Evernote’s financial woes would be to get bought by Google, who are still missing a decent user data management app. MS has OneNote, Apple has Notes (not half bad but only make sense if you are using Apple across the board), Google has Keep... which just doesn’t cut it.
  2. Wanderling Reborn

    EN Going Out of Business?

    If anything, it's the simultaneous departure of four top executives that looks like a cause for concern. Whether they didn't see any future for themselves at the company, or there's a shakeup because things didn't go according to strategy, I don't know and won't speculate. However, at it's current price structure, and given the number of deeply entrenched long time paid users who have nowhere else to go, I'd think the service should be able to survive for a long time. Unless they overspend or have financial obligations they can't meet. Again, I won't speculate since I don't know. Evernote is easy to get info out of in somewhat usable format, so I wouldn't be super worried either way.
  3. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    It was an ON comment but this probably applies to Evernote as well... it’s been a while since I used the Tables in EN, so I am not sure what features it supports. Here’s an example... it’s a template I made for engineering proposal layout review meetings. The meeting notes are on the left, the drawing files and comments are saved in the table on the right. It’s positioned in such a way that when I print it to a PDF, the notes are on one page and the table on another, so I can send just the meeting notes out without the proposal comments that I may want to keep to myself. The todo and follow up items are tagged with built-in tags (although I may use plaintext tags for that when I feel like it). I may have more than one table, sometimes I use a project-wide ToDo list table that can be sorted by Start date / Due date / Priority / assignee ... it all depends on scope of a particular project, and just how involved and organized I want this to be. Tables are one of my favorite features for organizing data. They make it so much easier to work with records.
  4. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    The biggest advantage of the way it handles PDFs - from my perspective - is the ability to neatly place related PDFs inside a table. Really helps to visually organize project data while keeping it somewhat compact. But, it's web clipper isn't nearly as good as Evernote's. In the end, it's all about what makes sense to you... both are great tools.
  5. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    You see, everyone's tastes are different I think that for storing documents (attachments), Onenote is actually better than most other similar apps. They can be placed anywhere, accompanied with notes, etc. You're not being forced into a particular layout. And I use plaintext in-line tags, so finding them works the same in any system (I generally dislike having to assign pre-canned tags from a menu). What irritates me about Onenote are other things, slow sync (although it's been improving lately), no built-in alerts (I am not going to create an Outlook tasks for every reminder, besides I can't do it on iOS anyway), the whole concept of "Printouts", the fact that if I annotate a screenshot or a PDF printout inside Onenote the ink isn't grouped with underlying image so I better not move it accidentally, and many other small annoyances. But as I said.. I am no longer looking at it as the ultimate single tool, but something that supports my overall workflow. If I was using Google ecosystem on a daily basis at work, I'd use it for personal stuff as well and make it work. Makes things significantly easier.
  6. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    And that’s the key... Office and Exchange are very deeply entrenched in the business world, and Onenote is very deeply integrated into MS ecosystem. I can join a meeting on Skype via Outlook and with a single click start a new note with entire meeting information (and attachments) already embedded into it and linked to the meeting in Calendar. That is very convenient. Six months ago, very few people at my company even knew of Onenote. It was installed with Office and never used. Now, pretty much everyone’s on it - and starting to use it for their personal stuff (I had to explain to four co-workers over two days how MS HUP program works). The deep integration into the key components of the business process and accessibility from everywhere is the key. Evernote can certainly get there, too. They have a great framework already. The issue is with getting their foot at the door in the business world, and enticing employees into getting a personal account via some kind of a discount program of their own.
  7. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    I actually went back to Onenote. Just after I made my original comment, our company finally implemented the ability to access Onenote project notebooks from mobile devices, and this was a game changer. Onenote’s tight integration with Exchange, Skype, Teams, Outlook Tasks etc. just makes it too valuable of a project tool. Now that we can finally access our data from our phones and tablets, we’ve fully embraced Onenote at work and have developed a project workflow around it. Using it for hours daily for the past two months and having it on my phone and tablet forced me to go back to using it for my personal data as well, the advantages of applying the same habits, workflow and software tools for both work and personal stuff far outweigh the issues I had with it. I also made some key changes to the way I organize the data, basically simplifying the entire process as much as I can. I have the full version of Office 2016 through HUP program, so I should be all set for the next several years, hopefully by then MS will migrate enough features over to UWP. Could I use Evernote instead to achieve the same end result ? Very possibly. In the end, if I learned anything, it’s that the tool is not as important as the methods and workflow, as long as that tool is “good enough”.
  8. I was not talking about the cost, but long term survivability of product / service. HTML is not going to be dead anytime soon.
  9. Any “lifetime” membership can and will be terminated at some point. Service companies that offer lifetime memberships are typically in dire need of funding. Otherwise, it simply never makes sense from business perspective. Your proposal is basically “Pay full price for 4 years upfront, then less than third of the price for as long as the user wants”. Worded this way, does this seem like a good deal for the company ? Anyone worrying about long term storage of their data that has personal historic or sentimental value but is no longer acitvely updated should just export it to html. This format is never going obsolete - not in our lifetimes. And it can easily be searched.
  10. Wanderling Reborn

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    I've been using this solution for a year or so. It works excellent if you primarily use desktops. Where it is starting to run into issues is mobile. There's no quick way to take notes complete with images and links without getting into some proprietary software. Not a single Office suite app on iOS is optimized for quick on-the-fly notetaking. Not to say that it can't be done, it's just not superfast as they all ask you if you want to save the previously used file. So I am using Apple Notes or Notability for quick notes & exporting them later.
  11. Wanderling Reborn

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    Onenote is a great tool in it's own way. Just like Evernote, it has it's drawbacks. Advantages: - Free, up to the limits of Onedrive free storage. Not sure what it's stands at now, I think 5 GB ? - Excellent attachment handling. You pretty much can position any attachment anywhere, which makes it great for keeping project notes. - Excellent table function - Full section encryption. - Fantastic editor. Disadvantages: - Once you run out of 5GB free space in your Onedrive, you can't upload any more notes unless you buy more space. For the record, all of my notes collected over many years were at about 4 GB (I had 30 GB Onedrive space total, due to several "free space' deals). So for many users, this is going to suffice for a while - It's sync engine is slooow and clunky. While I never lost any data, I periodically ran into sync conflicts. MS way to make sure no data is lost during sync conflicts is to keep a copy of both versions. It's probably a good approach, but does require a bit of extra maintenance. - MS is doing away with Desktop version, and concentrating on Metro app version of Onenote. This means, no more ability to store your database locally, you're being forced to keep it in Onedrive. AFAIK no way to backup Onenote data locally either, you have to back it up from Onedrive. In the end, I stopped using Onenote, and only use Evernote for my wife's recipies (she doesn't want to learn any new apps).
  12. Wanderling Reborn

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    Sorry, there was a misunderstanding. My original message was about getting data out of Apple Notes if one doesn't have access to a Mac and wants to retain images and attachments. Which seems pretty difficult to do and requires buying an expensive converter program that may or may not work as expected. I was replying to this " There is a a way to migrate from Evernote to Apple Notes. From there it should be easy to share or export notes to whatever platform you want." I don't think it's easy, and may not even be possible without losing some data. That's why I am not using Apple Notes for anything other than quick notes I don't intend to keep. Evernote export tools are solid, no question about that.
  13. Wanderling Reborn

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    How do I export to HTML if I don’t have a Mac ? Or are you talking about Evernote ? I was referring to Apple Notes. There’s a couple of $40 or so utilities that claim they can export Apple Notes, but otherwise there’s no way that I know of to use Apple Notes with PC without major loss of functionality.
  14. Wanderling Reborn

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    Perhaps if you are on a Mac. But it's practically impossible on Windows unless you want to export them one by one.
  15. @DTLowThe Windows automatic text freeware that i use is called Texter.