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  1. >A word of warning about OneNote. Notes created in the desktop client cannot be read in the web client. Thanks - I don't use the web client, just Windows + Android.
  2. I have decided to move to Microsoft OneNote. Goodbye Evernote, I had really nice +10 years with you, but it is time to move on. https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote
  3. I think AutoHotkey can be a nice addition to any note system to do web clipping.
  4. Everyday, dozens of time per day, I paste my clipboard to Evernote, I select text on a web page to write it down, and I capture a bit of my screen to remember it. All these with a keyboard key combination. That's what a note software is done for: to capture thoughts and facts. Why are all these Windows shortcuts gone? Are you nuts?
  5. Thank you, just installed. I can't add my notebooks or saved searches anymore to the toolbar. Any idea why?
  6. I made the mistake to "upgrade" - can I go back to the previous working one?
  7. HELP Where are my shortcuts? Win+Shift+A Where is my toolbar??? I want my Evernote BACK!
  8. I indeed have dual monitors. So that might be the reason. I just dream to be more efficient/productive with my note taking.
  9. It works for me the second time. If I haven't used EN "for a while" then the new note is in the task bar. 2nd time it is right at its place, in the center of my scren.
  10. Very often, I wonder if Product Managers are using intensively their own product. I do. And I am a PM.
  11. I am not looking for a workaround here, I am wondering why this is not the normal behaviour. You create a note with a shortkey, you expect to be able to type in it...
  12. Thanks - as always, when you do something everyday, you wonder why it's not a core obvious feature of the product: - Evernote is used to create notes, why is there not a way to easily see the note you just created? On Windows (10) there is another major annoyance, 80% of the time, when I press Ctrl+Alt+N to create a new note, the bloody window from EN is in my task bar instead of beeing in the middle of my screen with the focus so I can directly type my note in, instead I have to grab my mouse (so I must take my hands of the keyboard) and click on the new window to bring it on top an
  13. Hello, I am using both Windows and Android versions of Evernote. However, the one I use the most intensively is the Windows one to capture notes and links for both work and personal use. One feature that I am terribly missing, and it's maybe because I don't know where to find it, is a quick way to jump to the latest note I have created. Use case: I am looking at a random note in one of my notebooks; on a web page I capture a section in Evernote (I love this "§" shortcut for this), then in Evernote I need a way, a single button to click or a keyboard shortcut, that will always di
  14. Best workaround is to capture your image with Keep, "grab the text" and share the note with Evernote. Et voilà. OK, one additional step. +1 for this enhancement request. I don't see what the technical details have to do with OP proposal.
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