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  1. I did write an email to the support. And I disagree that popups are tolerable for a working tool. There is already an ad in the product:
  2. Yes, I tried that too. Side note: how do you manage to be on these forums that often? If I am not mistaken, you are not an EN employee, are you?
  3. Hello I already have a personal subscription (more than 10 years paying customer) 1) why do I get commercial popups in a product I am paying for? I am working with Evernote, I do NOT want ads when I am working. 2) why suggesting to upgrade to plan I already pay for? Screenshot: Christophe
  4. Thanks - that works for Windows (and I am using AutoHotkey indeed) but it does not work on Android.
  5. One thing I constantly do in my notes is entering the date, or the date and the time: 11.08.2021 11.08.2021 21:24 Is there a way to automate that or have a shortcut?
  6. Thank sir. I don't like it. It's annoying. An F5 looks like it made it disappear. Food for the defects backlog.
  7. Please look at the screen capture and let me know if this is a defect or a feature. The "Insert" popup always appears when I click in any note for the first time
  8. I don't understand, in-note search works for me in 10 with Ctrl-F
  9. Windows version 10 To display the "Keyboard Shortcuts" you are supposed to be able to press "Ctrl+/" For some reason, on my Swiss QWERTZ keyboard it does not work - I tried the usual variants for "/" but no luck. Any idea what could be the keys combination that works?
  10. As a Product Manager, I don't understand when a company remove a feature completely instead of replacing it by an option.
  11. Windows version 10 In the legacy version, in the toolbar, I had a "Delete" button which was very handy for me to quickly get rid of a note. In version 10 the toolbar is gone, most of the features can be accessed somewhere else. But how can I delete the currently selected note with ONE mouse click? Thank you.
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