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  1. Yes, I am shouting. I wrote about this back in November 2020. Sync conflicts continue and my patience with EN is running out. I'm currently looking at three versions of the same note, despite my best efforts to avoid this. I don't know why I am even posting this here because it is evident that the EN technical team never look at these forums. I continue to get sync conflicts all the time. I'll be working on my iPad and will force a sync before closing the app. When I open up the app in my MacBook I immediately get a sync conflict. I'm tired of going through and figuring out which is new, which is old and how much data is split between the two (sometimes three) versions. I've had some empathy for EN as they were trying to streamline their product across all the various platforms but they've had enough time now. They f**ked up when they eliminated the manual sync button from the macOS platform. They say it continuously syncs, but it obviously does a ***** job of it. I'm fed up with this. Maybe bring back the sync button on macOS until you can get this resolved. Or just leave it on there. It wasn't hurting anyone, was it?
  2. This new update is, in my humble opinion, an unmitigated disaster. I have never had as many duplicated notes and note conflicts as I have had in the past few days. You can say that EN is automatically syncing but that is simply not the case. I've now made it SOP to close and reopen the app from time to time and I still get conflicts and duplicates, and that is without crossing over between macOS and iOS devices. Previously I just made sure to manually sync EN after adding a lot of data and also to do that just before closing the app. Now that corporate has removed the sync button (Why? Do share your logic.) there appears no way to force a sync. I am looking for alternatives. A file folder filled with Pages or Word documents would be less stressful at this point. I don't subscribe to software so that the developers can make changes to a product that already worked, just so I can spend several hours searching for solutions to problems their "improvements" have created. Yes, I realize that people are resistant to change. This is not the case here, the product is broken. I am actively considering cancelling my subscription.
  3. iOS is 10.3.1 and OS X is El Capitan 10.11.6 Good advice. I had a keyboard shortcut that was usd = USD. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with that but I deleted it and the probelm went away. I then went back in and recreated the shortcut usd = USD. The problem did not reappear. It was either a glitch or more likely there was a hidden space or tab function in the existing shortcut. Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Recently Evernote has been automatically formatting any text following the letters USD. Let me explain. If I enter EUR 1,000 - that is what gets entered. GBP 1,000 - same thing. Enter USD and Evernote automatically adds spaces (or a tab perhaps) so instead of "USD 1,000" the text becomes "USD 1,000". This is very annoying and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, nor can I figure out how to shut this off. (This happens only with the text "USD". It doesn't happen when using the dollar symbol "$".
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