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  1. I'm not sure how this can relate to the Processor, RAM or internet speed. I'm using the same machine and same internet to compare V10 and legacy. (Ive got a good machine. Internet is average at best) Ive been working with V10 some more this morning and its only confirming my initial reactions. Slow, clunky and missing a lot of features that I have previously relied on. To be fair the actual note taking function seems much improved and the rendering of web page notes and pdfs seems better. Overall its not an improvement for me though. I'm sure different users will be impacted differently as there are so many use case scenarios for Evernote. For now I have reinstalled the legacy app and am running it alongside V10. I'm remaining hopeful that Evernote will improve with coming updates (I really don't want to change app) but I'm also now keeping my eye open for alternatives. Found this earlier.
  2. I have to say that I was expressing facts relating to clear and measurable differences in the speed and ease of use of Evernote comparing before and after the update to V10. It is a concern as Evernote has been a core productivity tool for me for the last 5 or so years. It would be a big step to move away from it a find another solution. For now I'm happy to be patient and hope that future updates address the issues I'm experiencing. I have put this out to the forum in case there is any helpful or informative feedback (thanks to all so far). I originally was planning to contact support but it seems that there are currently delays in receiving a response.
  3. I guess the thing is I have always mostly used Evernote for filing documents and webclips. With good tagging its been a very efficient tool for information storage and retrieval. Now it seems hopeless. For example I just dragged a PDF into a filtered selection of files (filtered on a tag). It took at least 20 seconds to load up and it was not even apparent when it was done as the new file did not inherit the tag as it was copied over. Previously this would have been done in less than a second. Also this morning I have been searching for invoices and payments listed under the same tag. Firstly there was a delay to view the filtered selection, then it was taking up to 30 seconds to open each file. With the previous version this would have been a process that would have taken seconds not minutes. I'm sure if I mainly used evernote for just note taking then I would be super happy, but this update seems to have killed the value of Evernote for me. I hope these are issues that are already on the developers radar and that they are addressable?
  4. Thanks for this. I will have a closer look in the forum to learn more. However, My first impressions of this new version of Evernote are that it is not an upgrade at all, at least for the way I use it. I guess I need to be patient for a bit but for sure I'm now looking out for an alternative platform
  5. Just updated to the latest version of Evernote. Why is it so slow! Prior to this update pages opened instantly. Now its a wait so long that that is not helpful at all. I hope this is just a temporary issue - maybe the data is loading up in a new location on my HDD? If not then Evernotes usefulness to me has been significantly diminished. Also - previously I seem to remember being able to change the location of the local storage. I don't see that option anymore. Any reason for this. Evernote has for several years been a central part of my work organization and productivity - these new changes are concerning.. Any intel would be well appreciated
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