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  1. Please don't tell other people what to bump and what not to bump. And please don't make generalized assumptions about what issues or features other people care about. There are numerous issues that many of us continue to care deeply about. But since the Evernote team ignores the majority of our requests and bug reports, some of us have simply grown tired of posting about them since our posts appear to fall upon deaf ears. Rest assured: Presentation mode remains a MAJOR annoyance.
  2. It seems you each missed this part of my post: "Furthermore, since as a last resort I literally copied the full contents of the note, pasted them into an email, and sent the email to each recipient with no problems, this proves that there's nothing inherent about the note's content that prevents it from being emailed." If Mail.app can email the contents of that note—and the recipients' servers did NOT complain—why can't Evernote?
  3. Thanks. Please see the update I just posted.
  4. UPDATE: The note I was attempting to email (that resulted in the error messages) contained a combination of text and ~65 images, totaling ~25MB. I've since determined that smaller notes do in fact email successfully, so there's something about emailing this larger message that is causing the errors. I have not determined a particular threshold at which the emailing of notes begins to fail, but clearly the wording of the error message that we're sent—particularly the suggestion that email addresses may be incorrect—is problematic. Furthermore, since as a last resort I literally copied the full contents of the note, pasted them into an email, and sent the email to each recipient with no problems, this proves that there's nothing inherent about the note's content that prevents it from being emailed. This suggests a bug in Evernote's emailing protocol.
  5. The "Email a Copy…" feature is broken. (UPDATE: I've posted a clarifying update in the original thread. In short, the email bug appears to be related either to the sending of larger notes or sending notes with multiple images.) Since this was originally posted one level up in the forum hierarchy, and since certain members are keen to admonish other users about forum protocols, I'm simply including here a link to the original thread, lest I then be accused of "double-posting." 🙄
  6. I received the attached error message after three failed attempts to email a note to three, different recipients. In each case the referenced email address was correct. I stand by my bug report.
  7. I'm in 7.14 Beta 2, and every time I use the "Email a Copy" feature, I get an email stating that the email (the shared note) was returned (to Evernote) as undeliverable and that I should check for typos and such. Ironically, the email address that ostensibly failed is listed at the bottom of that notice—and the addresses listed are correct every time. I'm not typing the addresses; they're auto-completed in Evernote from my contacts. I've now tried sending this note to three different addresses, and I get the same results each time: The "undeliverable" notice with the correctly spelled address listed at the bottom. Incidentally, in lieu of this broken feature, I tried using "Share Note…" instead. I happened to be on the phone with the recipient, so I could hear his reactions in real time. He's very tech savvy, but doesn't have an Evernote account. He was immediately put off by the invitation to create an account, so he opted to sign in with Google. After that, he was still invited to download the Evernote app, which he did not want to do. (I wasn't taking notes, so I may not have the exact sequence of events exactly correct.) Finally he was attempting to load the note in his browser, and he said he saw a green progress bar making its way slowly across the top of the screen. But ultimately he became exasperated with the entire process and gave up. In the end (5 or more minutes later), I just copied the note's contents and emailed it to him. I think this is useful feedback. Sharing a note (for read-only, not for editing) should NOT be so cumbersome for the recipient. Based upon this experience, I'm far, far less likely to attempt to "share" a note in the future, not wanting to make anyone jump through such hoops. But if "Email a Copy" had worked as expected, I wouldn't have had to bother with sharing at all.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Helpful. Not helpful. Is it "easy" when you have to do it over 100 times in a session? No. If it were that "easy" I wouldn't have needed to post the question. Your factual information is helpful and appreciated. Your opinions are not. Once again Evernote fails at the basics. Every other app I have that includes a built-in browser also offers a way to bypass it. I have several of them. But Evernote? No. Of course not.
  9. How do I make links within notes always open in mobile Safari (instead of the embedded browser)?
  10. Since Evernote for iOS is crashing in iOS 13 beta (not a complaint; just a fact), tonight I attempted to access the Evernote web client from my iPad (in mobile Safari)—and what I saw there rendered me nearly speechless. After creating a new note and typing a title, I kept tapping in the note-body area, but the keyboard wouldn't appear. Eventually (by accident), I realized the "tappable" area was at the far left and is literally one character wide. What do I mean by that? Well, after the keyboard appeared, I simply typed the word "Aurora"—but I was truly unprepared for what the web client did with my typed text. In this case, a couple of screenshots truly are worth a thousand words. Below is a screenshot of what the web client did with the word "Aurora." (The red arrow is pointing to the first letter.) Even more bizarre: The note synced and displayed in the exact same manner in the Mac client (2nd screenshot). This one's a doozy…
  11. It's been seven months since I first reported this issue. Still no fix.
  12. Of course not. The Evernote team doesn't appear to care about fixing bugs.
  13. My Evernote notes no longer show up in Spotlight searches. Over the last 3 days, I've reindexed Spotlight twice, as well as rebuilding both indices via Evernote's hidden Troubleshooting menu (option-clicking the Help menu). So far, the evidence seems to be pointing to v7.5 Beta 2 as having broken Spotlight-search support.
  14. Whenever I open a note via Spotlight search, this build opens that note in a new window, despite the fact that I have the preference "Open note links from other applications in a new window" unticked. I've toggled the preference to no avail. Everything opens in a new window. Even more perplexing is the fact that each time those notes open in a new window, they open with an old text search (that I executed, months ago), as if I had newly performed that search. To be clear: Every note, regardless of content, opens in a new window with an old text search already executed inside that note. This is truly, truly bizarre. (EDIT: Later on the same day that I posted this, my Evernote notes stopped appearing in Spotlight searches all together. Since that's a separate issue, I've described it in a separate post.)
  15. Did you investigate this before replying? Notes opened in fullscreen still have the bright, green Share button. (Regardless, we shouldn't be forced to open notes in fullscreen, even in theory, just to remove gratuitous distractions. Apps should always stay out of the user's way.)
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