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  1. I just tried filename:*.doc and it appears to work now. JSmall
  2. Just upgraded to 10.2.4. I OFTEN scan with a Fujjitsu scansnap. It used to put the scan as a PDF right into whatever notebook was active. NOW it makes an Import 11/1/20 notebook. But even worse, it doesn't reuse the notebook! Now it makes a NEW notebook every time! So I got import 11/1/20 (1), (2), etc. Increased my work time significantly since I have to drag file to the correct notebook, then delete the notebook, then confirm the deletion.. I cannot find any preferences or settings areas on this new build. If it would just reuse the 11/1/20 notebook that would really be OK but making a NEW NOTEBOOK for every scan? Help me, is there a setting I've not found?
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