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  1. Greetings, I need to remove an expired credit card from my Evernote account and I do not want to load a new card. I'd like to have no card saved in my account. Please advise how to acheive this. I've been an evernote user for about 15 years, so I would appreciate an actual answer. Amy
  2. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the input and the care for security.
  3. Thanks @agsteele. As long as the app opens reliably and I can use it without losing notes, I can handle the work around, although it is inconvenient. (I don't want to change the pw mgmt app for various reasons)
  4. I have a solution from Support chat. Apparently the fact that I use a password manager for my unique/long/complicated passwords is the problem. i have to manually type in (not use the app, not use copy/paste) ever time I need to login to my app on my phone. That is inconvenient. But, I need to be secure. Sigh. Another mark against Evernote.
  5. Greetings, I am a very long time - 14 years - paid evernote user, I've paid for years and years (was a professional account, now personal). I am on Android 12 (Pixel 6Pro) and Evernote app version 10.28. For multiple weeks, I am unable to get the Evernote app to open at all on my phone. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to take my username and password, and the same username and password works fine on a computer website. I have tried clearing the cache and storage, removing and reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone and I've tried those in different combinations. I need access to my notes on the device. It is unacceptable that it does not allow login and using the app on a mobile device. Please respond. Thanks, Amy
  6. Any word on this, Evernote? No updates after months from French's report and nearly a month after my report? Update: I was able to install 10.10 and am so far able to open EN.
  7. I am still having issues during this last week of March. There is no resolution to: 4) every time I start the mobile app I get the message that my new app is building 5) search is extremely slow and never produces the result which I know is present (and can be seen on a computer) and every time I add tags, every previous tag I've used is added in, there is no way to remove them other than to upload the note with all of the wrong tags and then go in and remove them. It would be helpful to have a reply from Evernote. I am a premium user and have been paying for over 10 years! Thanks, Amy
  8. I am getting the message "Sorry we're having trouble loading Evernote" on Mac OS 11.2.1 with Evernote 10.8.4. I am unable to use the app at all. Please advise.
  9. I am getting the same thing. Evernote 10.8.4 with Mac OS 11.2.1 Been getting this for quite a while.
  10. Update: I found a suggestion from @Coffee First Thing that they got from Peter and Evernote and that resolved the Notebook and Tag issue. Thanks again!
  11. @Coffee First Thing Thank you for posting Peter/Evernote Staff solution worked to allow me to save! I appreciate you!!
  12. Thanks tm87, that is helpful. Hopefully being able to save a note with notebook and tags also is fixed soon.
  13. I'm another long time premium user (since 2008) and I too can't save any notes in Mobile. I also can't search for existing notes.
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