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  1. Mike, thanks. The list of Saved Searches did come up, but only about 10. I have many more than that. Maybe it is an Evernote function that still needs to be applied to version 10+.
  2. How can I show a list of my Saved Searches on my Mac?
  3. gazumped - Thanks for sharing your experience and what worked / didn't work. I'm thinking the filter options available in Evernote MacOS 10 and iOS 10 should help avoid getting long lists of search results. However, the little testing I have done suggests it is a 2-step search. - - - More testing needed. In regard to the term "focus point", the term I used for Notebook is "Topics". The term I use for Tags is "Attributes" (of Notes). After 8 years using Evernote, those terms have held up pretty well.
  4. gazumped - That for replying. Acknowledged. - - - Good ideas. There have been multiple times I've thought about creating a Tag Group named "Pseudo-Notebooks" and add a Tag in the Group for each of my Notebooks. Then, move most my Notes into 1 Notebook.
  5. I have several to many cases in which I have 2 Notes with the same title, but are in 2 different Notebooks. This is not a big deal with Evernote on MacOS. However, on iOS when I show a list of Notes and those 2 Notes show up, I can't easily tell which is which. I'd like to see the Notebook name on the Notes list in iOS, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Can anyone suggest a work-around?
  6. It seems it's been 2-3 months since we last heard anything from the Evernote leadership. I realize they are all working from home, but the same is true at many other companies. I sense the betas are moving along, but it seems at a slow pace. Do you have any insight into what is / is not going on? It was a year and a half ago that Ian Small announced his "rebuild the foundation" plan. - - - Candidly, I wouldn't be surprised at this point to hear that Evernote was sold to another company. Google is a likely candidate.
  7. I'm running the current Plus version of Evernote on a Mac. How do I print a Note without the title (or any of the other Note meta data)?
  8. @CalS - That got it. I found the offending Note and modified it. Thanks a bunch.
  9. The syncing process is working fine. In options, I've got both "on demand" and "every 15 minutes" turned on. However, every time it syncs, I get the sync error icon (white exclamation mark on a red dot). Any suggestions?
  10. My wife has the Plus version of Evenote running on a Mac. I have the Premium version running on Windows. She shares a Notebook with me. I am now able to modify Notes in her Notebook, add, and delete Notes. However, I try to add a Tag to one of her Notes and I can't. Is that the way Evernote is designed or does she or I have an install or set-up incompatibility issue that she or I needs to deal with? And if so, what would you suggest? If that is the way Evernote is designed to operate, why? What problem did the designers envision that would occur if 2 users could share a Notebook and both add Tags to Notes?
  11. I use Apple's Reminder app on my iPhone. It handles recurring tasks / events. Works great.
  12. I running the current version of EN on WIndows and the current version of MS Outlook. When I clip an email in Outlook, it get added to EN just fine, except that if there is a bulleted list in the email, it ends up with borders on each of the items in the list. Is there a way I can stop that from happening? Or is it an Outlook setting?
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