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Notebook Name on iOs List

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I have several to many cases in which I have 2 Notes with the same title, but are in 2 different Notebooks. This is not a big deal with Evernote on MacOS. However, on iOS when I show a list of Notes and those 2 Notes show up, I can't easily tell which is which.

I'd like to see the Notebook name on the Notes list in iOS, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Can anyone suggest a work-around? 

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Hi.  As and when you find these notes,  just tag them with the name of the notebook they're in?  Or change the title to be "<notewiththesametitle-work>" and "<notewiththesametitle-home>"  ??

I'm sure there must be a scriptable way to find all notes with duplicate titles somewhere... 😏

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gazumped - That for replying.

Acknowledged. - - - Good ideas.

There have been multiple times I've thought about creating a Tag Group named "Pseudo-Notebooks" and add a Tag in the Group for each of my Notebooks. Then, move most my Notes into 1 Notebook.

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1 minute ago, Analyst444 said:

I've thought about creating a Tag Group named "Pseudo-Notebooks" and add a Tag in the Group for each of my Notebooks.

I kind've did that for my first 40,000 or so notes,  but after a while I would get such long lists in response to searches that I went the other way and I now have 300+ notebooks for each one of my 'focus points' (must find a better term for that...)  Basically,  everything related to Amazon is in my Amazon folder, each supplier or customer I have has their own named notebook, and current projects get their own notebooks too. I'm also one of those users that prefaces all note titles with a date,  so a quick search (with a saved setting) shows me the latest entry.

If I want to find out what's coming from Amazon this week I open that notebook and the top 10 notes show me the recent past. Likewise when Elon 'phones I can open his notebook and check what we talked about last... 🙂 

When things overlap,  like three people on the same project,  I'll consider the project to be our 'focus' - so it gets the notebook.  Everyone else gets tags!

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gazumped - Thanks for sharing your experience and what worked / didn't work.

I'm thinking the filter options available in Evernote MacOS 10 and iOS 10 should help avoid getting long lists of search results. However, the little testing I have done suggests it is a 2-step search. - - - More testing needed.

In regard to the term "focus point", the term I used for Notebook is "Topics". The term I use for Tags is "Attributes" (of Notes). After 8 years using Evernote, those terms have held up pretty well.


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