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  1. gazumped - Thanks for sharing your experience and what worked / didn't work. I'm thinking the filter options available in Evernote MacOS 10 and iOS 10 should help avoid getting long lists of search results. However, the little testing I have done suggests it is a 2-step search. - - - More testing needed. In regard to the term "focus point", the term I used for Notebook is "Topics". The term I use for Tags is "Attributes" (of Notes). After 8 years using Evernote, those terms have held up pretty well.
  2. gazumped - That for replying. Acknowledged. - - - Good ideas. There have been multiple times I've thought about creating a Tag Group named "Pseudo-Notebooks" and add a Tag in the Group for each of my Notebooks. Then, move most my Notes into 1 Notebook.
  3. I have several to many cases in which I have 2 Notes with the same title, but are in 2 different Notebooks. This is not a big deal with Evernote on MacOS. However, on iOS when I show a list of Notes and those 2 Notes show up, I can't easily tell which is which. I'd like to see the Notebook name on the Notes list in iOS, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Can anyone suggest a work-around?
  4. It seems it's been 2-3 months since we last heard anything from the Evernote leadership. I realize they are all working from home, but the same is true at many other companies. I sense the betas are moving along, but it seems at a slow pace. Do you have any insight into what is / is not going on? It was a year and a half ago that Ian Small announced his "rebuild the foundation" plan. - - - Candidly, I wouldn't be surprised at this point to hear that Evernote was sold to another company. Google is a likely candidate.
  5. I'm running the current Plus version of Evernote on a Mac. How do I print a Note without the title (or any of the other Note meta data)?
  6. @CalS - That got it. I found the offending Note and modified it. Thanks a bunch.
  7. The syncing process is working fine. In options, I've got both "on demand" and "every 15 minutes" turned on. However, every time it syncs, I get the sync error icon (white exclamation mark on a red dot). Any suggestions?
  8. My wife has the Plus version of Evenote running on a Mac. I have the Premium version running on Windows. She shares a Notebook with me. I am now able to modify Notes in her Notebook, add, and delete Notes. However, I try to add a Tag to one of her Notes and I can't. Is that the way Evernote is designed or does she or I have an install or set-up incompatibility issue that she or I needs to deal with? And if so, what would you suggest? If that is the way Evernote is designed to operate, why? What problem did the designers envision that would occur if 2 users could share a Notebook and both add Tags to Notes?
  9. I use Apple's Reminder app on my iPhone. It handles recurring tasks / events. Works great.
  10. I running the current version of EN on WIndows and the current version of MS Outlook. When I clip an email in Outlook, it get added to EN just fine, except that if there is a bulleted list in the email, it ends up with borders on each of the items in the list. Is there a way I can stop that from happening? Or is it an Outlook setting?
  11. @go4java - Suppose there was an automated procedure. How would it know what Tags to assign to the email? And then the next email? And the one after that? If it is always the same set of Tags, then type them in somewhere where you can find them fast and paste them into the Subject line of the email as you save it to Evernote, as DTLow indicated above. But, if each email gets the same set of Tags, then why not concatenate them into 1 Tag and manually add it after the email is in Evernote? (rhetorical)
  12. Yeh, each person gets his/her own Tag. On each Note, assign 1 or more people Tabs, as is appropriate. When you want to see all your interactions with a person, click on his/her Tag in the Tag list.
  13. @estevancarlos - Let me offer you another approach about structuring your information in Evernote. I'll use the example you gave about the fundamentals of color and visual concepts and your use this information in your painting course, your programming course, and in your research on color theory. Create 4 notes in Evernote: "Fundamentals of Color and Visual Concepts", "Painting Course", "Programming Course" and "Color Theory Research". Copy the "Note Link" (an Evernote function in the Windows and Mac versions) of the "Fundamentals of Color and Visual Concepts" note. Then, paste the link into each of the other 3 Notes. That way, when you are working on painting, programming, or doing research, you can easily find / refer to your fundamentals of color and visual concepts by merely clicking on the link. This approach is tag-less and I think any Notebook structure would be OK. Think this approach through, give it a test drive, and see if that helps you.
  14. I'm running Windows 10 and the current version of Evernote. I receive an email with a bulleted list. I click on "Save to Evernote". It does save the email in Evenote, but there is a rectangle around each bullet and there is another rectangle around the entire set of bullets. Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening in the future?
  15. I am not a marketing person, but I can appreciate the importance and value of good branding. I read the entire piece in Medium. It was quite well written, but struck me as over-kill. An article covering the same topics, but about 25% as long, would have sufficed. But, yes, as other people in this thread indicated, this is all about changing the packaging while the product stays the same. - - - And yes, in the past year, there have been a variety of enhancements implemented in the new releases. However, it seems to me that the major challenge for Evernote management is how to make a significant enhancement to the product without making the product materially more complicated. I also observe that most (maybe all) of the people commenting in this thread are very experienced and very sophisticated Evernote users. Those types of customers are harder to satisfy in any business, particularly when the supplier can't charge them a higher price. - - - Suppliers of products must ensure that their product capabilities match the needs of the masses real well - - - and, if I give Evernote management the benefit of the doubt, they decided now was the time to appeal to the masses by enhancing the brand.
  16. I'm thinking it might be helpful to @Aurora A. if people replying to her initiating post to this thread indicated how many Notebooks and how many Stacks they have in their EN database. I have 48 Notebooks, 6 Stacks, and 19 of the Notebooks are not in a Stack.
  17. I'm running the current version of EN on Windows 10. I click on a Tag I created and the correct set of 8 Notes with the Tag pop up on my Note List. I click in any one of the Notes, select some text with the intent of copying it, hold down the CTRL button, and the selected text loses the focus (that it, it is no longer selected / highlighted). I select the text again and then I can copy it. The problem happens every time I click in any of the 8 Notes that have the Tag. - - - It doesn't happen with any other Tags / Notes. Any ideas what can be done to stop this?
  18. I have a variety of Notes in which I create a list of events. I start each item on the list with the date/time. With EN iOS, I have to type it in manually. I don't want to create a Note for each event, as I include other related information in the Note. I want to take the whole information picture into account at one time. It's been 2-3 years since I submitted an official enhancement request for a button on the Note screen that will enter the current system date/time at the insert point. It hasn't happened, yet. Should I give up hope?
  19. @DTLow - Thanks. I upgraded to 8.13.1. Problem gone. - - - I somehow missed that upgrade to EN.
  20. The EN app quits on its own each time I try a search without a WiFi connection. - - - Search works fine, if I have a WiFi connection. Any Ideas? Suggestions what I could do? - - - I would like to avoid uninstalling / reinstalling EN as I have downloaded about 1 GB of Notes to my iPhone. I using an iPhone 7Plus, running iOS 11.4 (the most recent), and EN 8.13.364022.
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