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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having problems with clipper 6.8.1 on Safari 9.1.1 on OS X 10.11.5. I like to run my browser without any buttons in the toolbar. As such, Evernote isn't there. I use a keyboard shortcut, and for years, it has worked fine. Now, I have to keep the icon on my toolbar for it to work whenever I reopen my browser window. Once I've opened Safari, I can then remove the button from my toolbar, once I've tested that it works. Has anyone else had this problem? Scott
  2. Adding another bug: In 6.5, whenever I save a search, the number "1" gets added to the end of the saved search name. Very frustrating!
  3. Thanks for the new release - it's appreciated! Notifying you of an error. In 6.5, if I delete a note or edit a note's tags while in a saved search, the note is not removed from the search until I go to all notes, and then back to the search.
  4. Thanks DTLow - appreciate you echoing Gazumped's thoughts :-)
  5. Thanks gazumped for your very thoughtful reply - I appreciate that. I have everything in my life on Evernote, but reading that stuff gets me a bit nervous as I love the product so. Have you personally got a backup plan?
  6. Hi Folks I've read some concerning things about Evernote recently on the various tech sites. Is Evernote's future secure?
  7. Hi There A bug from the new update: When I copy text into Apple Mail, to email it, it pastes as a small serif font, not as Helvetica Neue. I've done a clean install to see if that fixes it, and it doesn't. If within the note I change the font from "Default" specifically to Helvetica, the above problem does not happen. But left on "Default" (which is set in the preferences to be Helvetica), it becomes a serif font when pasted into mail. I'm hoping this can be address soon Thanks, Scott
  8. Hi Evernote, Great product- being a pro user for years and love it. I have discovered a peculiar bug with regards to word spacing / line breaks and printing to PDF. I have a note that I have written - the first screen shot - and you see I have two normal paragraphs. However when I print to PDF, some words don't go to the end of the line. The second screen shot is the same evernote document, but printed as a PDF. Notice for instance the second paragraph: the second line that beings with "the opportunity" should still be on the first line. This happens a lot - sometimes to the extent where a sentence only goes half way along the document, and then breaks. Would love to get a fix on this, as currently I have to retype every sentence that has this issue.
  9. I don't like the new blue highlight of Notes / Notebooks / Tags in the sidebar - can we get that to look more sublime please!!! Nice design please Evernote, not nasty :-)
  10. Hi Marcus Thanks for the quick update - this is much appreciated! However! Whereas formally I could not get "Upgrade your team" to go away, now the menu item under View> Sidebar Options > Upgrade your Team is just greyed out all together!
  11. Hi evernote! I liked the premium background on iOS. Why did you get rid of it in the latest update?
  12. Another one for the issue of checking the "advanced notebook view" and being unable to uncheck it, despite restarts. Also, I am unable to get the "Upgrade your team" item off my sidebar. I remove it via View > Sidebar > Upgrade your team, but when I restart, it is right back there. Also, every time I restart, my tags in my sidebar are all opened up (the branches and sub tags are all visible), rather than my default which is closed.
  13. Hi All The latest version of Evernote for Mac, 6.0.8, now prints titles automatically - however I want to print notes WITHOUT the title, which was the default before hand. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop printing titles? Thanks, Scott
  14. Thanks Scott - I know it can do it, but I'm really wanting it as a visual feature hence requesting it :-)
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