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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having problems with clipper 6.8.1 on Safari 9.1.1 on OS X 10.11.5. I like to run my browser without any buttons in the toolbar. As such, Evernote isn't there. I use a keyboard shortcut, and for years, it has worked fine. Now, I have to keep the icon on my toolbar for it to work whenever I reopen my browser window. Once I've opened Safari, I can then remove the button from my toolbar, once I've tested that it works. Has anyone else had this problem? Scott
  2. Adding another bug: In 6.5, whenever I save a search, the number "1" gets added to the end of the saved search name. Very frustrating!
  3. Thanks for the new release - it's appreciated! Notifying you of an error. In 6.5, if I delete a note or edit a note's tags while in a saved search, the note is not removed from the search until I go to all notes, and then back to the search.
  4. Hi All The latest version of Evernote for Mac, 6.0.8, now prints titles automatically - however I want to print notes WITHOUT the title, which was the default before hand. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop printing titles? Thanks, Scott
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