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  1. Thanks that works so far. No crashing anymore. Highly appreciated. Just installed on top of the current Evernote 7.2, so no reinstall ~ Uwe
  2. Seems 7.3 Beta 1 is out. Could somebody please post the direct download links
  3. I hope also somebody can then share the direct download links. Please
  4. me too.. we may crash the side doing that simultaneously ?
  5. Hoping to see that release soon downloading to my mac.
  6. Wow, that would be awesome... hoping soon is really soon. ?
  7. Still crashing for me on Beta 2
  8. For me it is a problem with Evernote which Evernote would have to fix. Seems the Development team is gone quiet, despite their attendance at WWDC. Doesn't leave me with a good feeling that we get an updated version soon, but still hoping. ~ Uwe
  9. any new thoughts on the topic of Evernote with Mojave crashing ?
  10. Thank you Mark, that would be highly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, yes I do.
  12. Installed, experienced crash, deinstalled, re-installed still experience a crash. Any thoughts on giving us a beta of Evernote for Mojave?
  13. Many Thanks @DTLow that worked somewhat, it still came up with the error message that my local data is managed by an higher of Evernote. I went then bravely in under application support and com...evernote and deleted the version information. It works now.
  14. I took the bait and now get a error message that my data is using a newer version (7.1 beta 1) hence can't access. Please help!
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