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  1. I see the same behavior. Do you use tabbed windows? I think those tabs never get cleared out of memory even when closed.
  2. I really like the tabbed window feature on the macOS Evernote client. However the memory management seems to be really weird such that closing a tab still seems to keep it in memory. Seemingly as a result, when I open a new tab, rather than generating a blank tab (presumably should be fast?), there is like a 3-10 second delay on populating some old note that I had looked at in the past. I'm on a maxed out i7 2018 iMac with 32 GB of RAM and this still feels slow. Possibly also related, the longer I have Evernote open the more RAM it consumes and never seems to give it back. As a result I have to quit the application at regular intervals it seems. Is there any way to fix this so that a blank tabbed window is opened and then I can select what I want to view?
  3. I’m seeing sync reports during sleep recorded in the log. However when I first change focus to the Evernote window I see a new sync occur and only then are prior changes propagated to the app. This is the same behavior I’ve seen on 3 different Macs. Basically even if I’ve been on the computer for an hour no true syncing occurs until I change focus to the Evernote window.
  4. Is Evernote supposed to sync in the background in macOS? Whenever I open my machine I find that Evernote has not synced. Even if the machine is awake and I've been using it for a while, syncing isn't triggered until I change the focus to an active Evernote window. Then after some time syncing is triggered. This has led to note change conflicts in the past.
  5. I reported this problem to support in 2016 and was told a fix was on its way. I’m still waiting. The issue is related to using the split keyboard. If you use the standard keyboard it will work. They just can’t find the time to fix it.
  6. I’m sticking with Evernote. However I have no confidence they will ever get bullets to function correctly after years of problems. They just introduce new bugs every now and then to keep me on my toes. The current bug includes hitting return and it generating a new line with a bullet (but no checkbox if present in the prior line). However this new line can’t be accessed and arrowing around skips over it. Also there is no way to type on it. You have to backwards delete it and try again.
  7. I’m getting the ads for premium nearly every time I open a note with a PDF. I have to dismiss the PDF annotation option ad for premium users it’s really annoying. I’m a premium subscriber.
  8. It does seem to be the syncing behavior that slows things. The typing works fine on large notes for about 3 seconds then the continuous syncing kicks in and there is a 1-2 second delay between adding each additional character.
  9. Fair enough. I suppose it's a situation of me adapting to the application as opposed to the application being able to conform to my work flow.
  10. I was just about to post a similar request. A common use case for me is looking at a particular place in a long note somewhere near the middle. I want to look at another note and so I double click the current note to open it into a stand-alone window. However it then jumps to the top and I lose my place. I think the default behavior should be to open to where you are currently focused in a note, at least for a note that is current being viewed in the main window of the application.
  11. I do see an error of not being able to save to local caches. I cleared the cache but still there’s no improvement. My experience with the iOS client for Evernote continues to worsen to the point where I only mainly use it as a read only system. Ever since 8.0, I have been affected by nearly every bug including data loss, slow launch, multiple crashes, and now I’m seeing typing delayed for several seconds after adding it making it essentially impossible to type anything. Maybe I need to uninstall the application restart my phone a few times I’m still having a generally positive experience with the macOS client, and that’s why I continue to use the service. Update: I reinstalled and now at least new notes are fast. There are still a few older ones that still have serious delays with text and continuous syncing activity.
  12. Just adding new letters of text slows down every 3 seconds where I get a 1-2 second delay on seeing new text appear. My guess is that there may be some background saving process occurring but who knows.
  13. I'm getting the continuous syncing problem after updating to 6.12.3. Interestingly I didn't having this problem on the last version. This makes the typing experience very unpleasant. Once I start typing the sync icon starts spinning and I get a half second typing delay every 2 seconds that can result in words being chopped in half. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  14. Running most current version of Evernote for macOS. When making a bulleted list, if I paste or drag/drop an attachment into a line with an empty bullet, the bullet is removed. This is new since 6.10 I think. This has not been fixed for me as of the most recent version (6.11.1).
  15. I'm still getting massive response delays on the order of minutes were the entire application locks up and then eventually responds on an iPad Air 2. The dark left sided functions bar still takes up way too much screen real estate. Even when the app is responding, I am getting several second delays between typing in seeing the text appear in spurts. I guess the A8x chip doesn't have enough horsepower to keep up with the application? So far it's running smoothly on my iPhone 7.
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