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  1. Thank you both. For unclear reasons the issue resolved itself today with no reboots or other changes. I'm still on Evernote 7.14. Now typing is very fast without the constantly spinning sync wheel while typing. I'll keep monitoring and see if if comes back or is associated with any clear precipitants.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried without WIFi on and although the application isn't syncing, text still freezes about every 3 seconds or so for about 1 second leading to a block of text that suddenly appears after a delay. Activity monitor only shows high CPU use of the Evernote process > 150% and no other processes above 5%. Previously AppleSpell would be high as well, but not this time. I don't have a database check option when option clicking. It gives me re-indexing options or "Troubleshoot note list", which only opens the activity log. Shift Option Sync fixes the issue only while other syncing is happening. Typing returns to fast while the wheel is spinning and then goes back to freeing up when the wheel stops. My current guess is that if I make the app busy syncing notes other than the one in which I'm writing, it doesn't try to sync the note in focus and text input can be smooth. I can reproduce this with a new note, so it doesn't appear to be related to any particular corrupted note. I explained this to support last year and they told me to "reboot my phone"
  3. OK so whatever the bug is, it has happened again. So seems like I have to do a fresh download of the database every two weeks. I'm able to get the CPU up to 90C by just typing into Evernote and can't type more than three word without a lock up and sync event. No errors in the log that I can see. Very sad. At least my other machine is still usable. I may have to start using the web version (shudder).
  4. That makes sense. This note had maybe 500 words, no links, just lots of indented bullet points. The note is fine on other machines like a super slow 12" MacBook from 2015. I think something is happening that corrupts the notes leading to some sync error that eats up cpu time, but I don't know. I'll see if re-downloading the data from the server fixes this hopefully for longer than a week. Update: it seems to have resolved with a new download from the server and typing is fast now even though my CPU is working hard to download all the other notes. I think this points to some corruption process occurring. I just wish I figure out how to keep if from happening. It would be great if there was an option to re-sync problematic notes rather than re-sync the entire database.
  5. I've got this problem again. Now on a fresh install i9 2019 16" MacBook. This was a totally fresh disk image, not restored from any backup. Evernote had never been on the machine before. It worked well for a few days. Now, after typing 1-2 words the sync button spools up and text entry crashes to a halt and note freezes up. CPU use goes to > 80% and AppleSpell process goes > 40%. Temps > 80c if typing for any duration of time. I'm going to have to wipe the Evernote installation and hope de-corrupts itself. Not sure this means my database is corrupted on the server side, but its weird as it only affects one machine at a time and has improved in the past with reinstalling the database. The slow down in typing definitely seems related to the sync process as though the sync event is too resource intensive for the machine. I have many other software programs with continuous save functions that don't do this and it seems a new i9 MacBook should be able to handle Evernote.
  6. Crossing my fingers... A clean reinstall of Evernote and downloading all notes from the server seems to have fixed the problem. I'm still getting ~40% CPU with typing fast, but I also see this occur with other apps at times and it's not heating up the machine anymore or causing delayed typing. Also the AppleSpell process isn't spooling up anymore.
  7. Thanks Gazumped. Ticket is 2850717 I don't mean to cross/double post. I added to another user's post about high cpu use and lag with typing. I once had this issue back in v6 or early v7. But basically I get a 1-2 second pause in entering text every few seconds that corresponds to the blue note sync icon. I'm also getting Evernote.app CPU use > 60% and my Mac heating up with greater than average battery drain. No other problems with this machine or any other apps. My iMac doesn't have the lag problem using the same Evernote database. I don't have access to high speed internet right now so I've held off on re-downloading the entire database from the server, but that likely will be my next step.
  8. I'm not even sure humans are available in support at this point. I'm getting randomly copied portions of my emails copied into generic sentences like "I appears you're having problems with "insert text". I submitted a ticked about my Mac and included a screenshot and activity log. Support asked me to restart my phone and clear my cache. When I informed them that a Mac is not a phone they asked me to "clear my cache". When I asked them what they meant by clearing my cache a new agent replied and asked me if I had notes synced locally to my device and recommended to sort my notes by sync status to see if they were unsynced (which I don't see as an option in the macOS client). Is this for real? Is this some AI experiment?
  9. Evernote support suggested I fix this problem by “rebooting my phone” I sent a log and screenshot. I don’t think they are even reading the emails anymore. 🤦‍♂️
  10. Unfortunately no luck. I force re-synced using shift + option + sync and also Recreate Full Text Search Index and Recreate Spotlight Search Index and I'm still getting a typing delay. I get about 1 - 2 words written followed by the blue upper right hand side indicator for the note needing to sync illuminating. At the same time the Evernote CPU process jumps to > 60%, as does AppleSpell. Then the fans kick on. Eventually the note syncs and the process repeats. This is only happening on a MacBook Pro. My 2018 iMac is fine, so it suggests some local issue to that machine maybe.
  11. I'll try rebuilding the indexes, thanks for the tip. I'm using the direct Evernote website download version (always have). I wonder if there's some problem with either syncing (or attempt to sync even if wifi is off), or with spell check as the apple spell process seems to go up in CPU use at the same time.
  12. I'm glad it's working for you. It was working for me until the most recent update so maybe that corrupted my database. It's affected every note I've tested so far including a blank new note. I do have File Vault active and I'm on High Sierra, but I haven't had this problem since early version 7. I'm currently on Evernote 7.10. I filed a ticket, but based on my recent experience with Evernote support that is unlikely to be revealing. The support experiences I've had thus far have been tantamount to "can't reproduce said issue / can't be happening / etc". I'll have to nuke my database and download from the server when I have access to a faster connection speed.
  13. I have the same problem now on a 2016 maxed out 13" MacBook Pro. I'm getting > 60% CPU utilization from Evernote and also Apple spell processes. I tried clearing the keyboard and spelling caches in macOS with no improvement. I can type for about 3-4 words followed by a 2s delay, CPU spike, and return of normal typing speed for a few seconds. Then the process repeats. I'm not having slow downs anywhere else. I tried to give up and use the web interface, but it destroys the formatting of my notes (fun). It doesn't appear to be related to syncing, as turning off wifi doesn't fix the problem like it did when I had this behavior in version 6.
  14. I see the same behavior. Do you use tabbed windows? I think those tabs never get cleared out of memory even when closed.
  15. I really like the tabbed window feature on the macOS Evernote client. However the memory management seems to be really weird such that closing a tab still seems to keep it in memory. Seemingly as a result, when I open a new tab, rather than generating a blank tab (presumably should be fast?), there is like a 3-10 second delay on populating some old note that I had looked at in the past. I'm on a maxed out i7 2018 iMac with 32 GB of RAM and this still feels slow. Possibly also related, the longer I have Evernote open the more RAM it consumes and never seems to give it back. As a result I have to quit the application at regular intervals it seems. Is there any way to fix this so that a blank tabbed window is opened and then I can select what I want to view?
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