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  1. If directed at me then yes I’ve forced restarted. There must be something very wrong with the installation on one of my iPads as the app auto crashes with every update, logs me out, erases all settings, and requires me to delete the app and reinstall to get it to log back in. I have not explanation for this and support ghosted me a long time ago.
  2. Ok it seems you have to unselect in between the change. This just worked for me - select list, click the checkbox button, unselect list (click somewhere else), reselect list and click the checkbox button.
  3. Hi I know they removed the uncheck all option years ago, but until recently I could uncheck all by highlighting a list and changing from checkboxes to unformatted or bullet list and the checkbox state would revert to unchecked. It now seems on macOS to preserve the checkbox state after doing this. Has anyone found a work around?
  4. Same here and no improvement with remaking the database from cloud. It seems to be related to Intel as my M1 MacBook is ok. I've had general UI slowdown for several versions but with addition of the new collapsing bullets Evernote is nearly unusable on my i9 MBP.
  5. I actually recently reinstalled after removing the entire installation using an app cleaner as well. I've seen no improvements. The application is running so slowly now that I don't even have the note text rendered for several seconds after scrolling - I have completely blank space until the app can catch up. This may be limited to my Intel chip mac i9 2019. My M1 Air was fine when I used it a few days ago, but it may not have had the update yet.
  6. A work around is to open the searched note in its own window and then the link seems to work (on macOS at least). For me the bug is limited to a search result or filtered note, but opening the note in its own window seems to fix it.
  7. Same here. For example a text-only note (58 KB - 6,177 words - 31,490 characters) with extensive bullet points is getting close to unusable for typing. Maybe 1 second delay for each new letter of text. I broke this up from a prior larger note with even longer delays. The same note on my iPad has zero delay so in principle it's possible to have a note of this complexity respond quickly in some contexts.
  8. I suspect, but have no proof, that some Evernote related files can be stored somewhere on the device that can’t be erased by the user, yet are restored when reinstalling. I still have an issue on a single iPad Pro 2023 where Evernote refreshes the entire UI (losing note content) any time I task switch (but not if Stage Manager is on) and no matter how many variations of reinstall it won’t go away yet no other of my iOS devices have this problem. Have you tried setting up a device as new without restoring from an iCloud backup?
  9. Yeah I the old days the context was the location where the note lived when not filtered on a particular notebook, or if in a notebook what other notes had been recently updated in the vicinity of searched note. It provided a bit of a reminder of what you had been working on before and reduced mental burden of having to find the notes by recall. V10 has the recent horizontal slider which is kind of a surrogate for that, but not the same. I guess I just really miss the circa 2010 Legacy version.
  10. Yeah I should have used underscore when making the tags a long time ago. It's just the in older versions of Legacy the search for tags worked in the main search field if I recall correctly so I wasn't thinking about writing the full paths.
  11. Thanks to you both. I was trying to use the search drop down below the search field and it wasn't finding the tags. The add filters works. Also for syntax based something like tag:"tag_name" seems to work in the search field.
  12. I'm certain many of my notes have two tags, but after searching the first tag I'm unable to search for the second to further filter results. Is there a search syntax I can use to force inclusion of a tag in search still?
  13. I think it has been this way for a while that when you search for a note it removes the list of other notes and doesn't show any note location context. Is there any way to keep in the snippet view? With the new UI this results in 50% of the width of the app with blank space and disconnects the note from its context.
  14. I’d be happy if they’d just swap the notes list to black and the note background to dark gray like is currently on the iPadOS version. That UI still looks great.
  15. Apparently white text on pure black background drives more eyestrain. I'd like to have a grayer background option in dark mode. The new very dark black background on dark mode has been causing me a lot of eye strain. The macOS Reeder app has a whole palette of options of different color modes that I wish Evernote could implement.
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