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  1. Interesting. I can’t get anything other than an arrow to show up. Oddly the pen tool also doesn’t work with touch input either.
  2. Is this a known issue? I'm trying to annotate a .PNG on my iPad and all it will let me do is make an arrow. All the other annotation options result in no changes to the image. Also if I accidentally hit add text there is no way to get out of the interface without force closing the app. Several times the app just stopped responding entirely. This is an M1 iPad Pro so should be fast and have enough RAM to handle this task.
  3. Interesting. Chrome goes to a page saying Evernote is not “supported on iPhone browsers”. Still getting instant crashes on Safari even after reboot. I think I’ll stick to macOS. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Thanks I gave up on Evernote support years ago, unfortunately. Most times the support person starts offering suggestions for different platforms and is only half paying attention (e.g. giving recommendations for macOS when I’m using iOS). The only hope is if someone here can tell me if some feature should work or not.
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention it also happened on iPadOS 14.8 too. Good idea about the classic editor. I'll try Chrome too, but that doesn't have text resizing options like Safari if I recall correctly.
  6. I can’t read the very small text in the iOS Evernote app and there is no way to change the text size other than manually zooming the page each time, which is cumbersome. Also the zoom doesn’t reflow the text so it’s like trying to read on an iPhone before text reflow was implemented. I’m able to log in to Evernote web on Safari in iPadOS 15 using my iPad Pro 2021. Browsing works but any attempt to edit text crashes Safari fully 100% of the time (crash to desktop and takes the whole application down). Is Evernote still not viable on iOS Safari (supposed to work like a desktop version I thought?). Really the native client should have default text size options.
  7. Yikes. This is my primary use case for Evernote as well, annotating scientific articles and writing about them in the body of the note. I haven't moved over the Evernote 10 yet due to loss of features. I'm amazed that they would mess this up too. What a nightmare.
  8. Thanks. Maybe I’ll try another round of sign out and uninstall. Maybe there’s a correct order I need to try.
  9. No luck. I tried all the steps you suggested and shortcuts page is still blank. I guess I just have to wait to see if a new update resolves this.
  10. I’m getting a blank screen when tapping on shortcuts on both iPad and iPhone.
  11. Ok thanks. I watched a YouTube video showing that search required a constant internet connection and that notes partially disappear while offline.
  12. Ok thanks. I couldn’t find a way to double tag search on the iOS app.
  13. Are offline search and compete local database sync not supported by Evernote 10? If the new app is just a slow version of the website version why even have an app? I’m confused.
  14. So can Evernote 10 not search by two tags to form AND search like the legacy version can? Are they getting rid of tags altogether?
  15. Thank you both. For unclear reasons the issue resolved itself today with no reboots or other changes. I'm still on Evernote 7.14. Now typing is very fast without the constantly spinning sync wheel while typing. I'll keep monitoring and see if if comes back or is associated with any clear precipitants.
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