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  1. Thanks. Maybe I’ll try another round of sign out and uninstall. Maybe there’s a correct order I need to try.
  2. No luck. I tried all the steps you suggested and shortcuts page is still blank. I guess I just have to wait to see if a new update resolves this.
  3. I’m getting a blank screen when tapping on shortcuts on both iPad and iPhone.
  4. Ok thanks. I watched a YouTube video showing that search required a constant internet connection and that notes partially disappear while offline.
  5. Ok thanks. I couldn’t find a way to double tag search on the iOS app.
  6. Are offline search and compete local database sync not supported by Evernote 10? If the new app is just a slow version of the website version why even have an app? I’m confused.
  7. So can Evernote 10 not search by two tags to form AND search like the legacy version can? Are they getting rid of tags altogether?
  8. Thank you both. For unclear reasons the issue resolved itself today with no reboots or other changes. I'm still on Evernote 7.14. Now typing is very fast without the constantly spinning sync wheel while typing. I'll keep monitoring and see if if comes back or is associated with any clear precipitants.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried without WIFi on and although the application isn't syncing, text still freezes about every 3 seconds or so for about 1 second leading to a block of text that suddenly appears after a delay. Activity monitor only shows high CPU use of the Evernote process > 150% and no other processes above 5%. Previously AppleSpell would be high as well, but not this time. I don't have a database check option when option clicking. It gives me re-indexing options or "Troubleshoot note list", which only opens the activity log. Shift Option Sync fixes the iss
  10. OK so whatever the bug is, it has happened again. So seems like I have to do a fresh download of the database every two weeks. I'm able to get the CPU up to 90C by just typing into Evernote and can't type more than three word without a lock up and sync event. No errors in the log that I can see. Very sad. At least my other machine is still usable. I may have to start using the web version (shudder).
  11. That makes sense. This note had maybe 500 words, no links, just lots of indented bullet points. The note is fine on other machines like a super slow 12" MacBook from 2015. I think something is happening that corrupts the notes leading to some sync error that eats up cpu time, but I don't know. I'll see if re-downloading the data from the server fixes this hopefully for longer than a week. Update: it seems to have resolved with a new download from the server and typing is fast now even though my CPU is working hard to download all the other notes. I think this points to some corrup
  12. I've got this problem again. Now on a fresh install i9 2019 16" MacBook. This was a totally fresh disk image, not restored from any backup. Evernote had never been on the machine before. It worked well for a few days. Now, after typing 1-2 words the sync button spools up and text entry crashes to a halt and note freezes up. CPU use goes to > 80% and AppleSpell process goes > 40%. Temps > 80c if typing for any duration of time. I'm going to have to wipe the Evernote installation and hope de-corrupts itself. Not sure this means my database is corrupted on the s
  13. Crossing my fingers... A clean reinstall of Evernote and downloading all notes from the server seems to have fixed the problem. I'm still getting ~40% CPU with typing fast, but I also see this occur with other apps at times and it's not heating up the machine anymore or causing delayed typing. Also the AppleSpell process isn't spooling up anymore.
  14. Thanks Gazumped. Ticket is 2850717 I don't mean to cross/double post. I added to another user's post about high cpu use and lag with typing. I once had this issue back in v6 or early v7. But basically I get a 1-2 second pause in entering text every few seconds that corresponds to the blue note sync icon. I'm also getting Evernote.app CPU use > 60% and my Mac heating up with greater than average battery drain. No other problems with this machine or any other apps. My iMac doesn't have the lag problem using the same Evernote database. I don't
  15. I'm not even sure humans are available in support at this point. I'm getting randomly copied portions of my emails copied into generic sentences like "I appears you're having problems with "insert text". I submitted a ticked about my Mac and included a screenshot and activity log. Support asked me to restart my phone and clear my cache. When I informed them that a Mac is not a phone they asked me to "clear my cache". When I asked them what they meant by clearing my cache a new agent replied and asked me if I had notes synced locally to my device and recomme
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