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  1. Same problem here. Actually some of the links seem to work as shareable links that opens in the browser, while other work like internal links, even if all links in question were creating using the 'create internal link' option. This seems really odd, and it really breaks the workflow for me as I use internal link all the time to navigate back and forth between notes.
  2. Wow, I can see how that can speed things up! And it looks very clean too
  3. Like I said, people are different. However, I never said anything about pleasing everyone. I thought it would be sensible to take a moment to consider how different people think and work and look at what the possibilities are before dismissing suggestions based on one's own preferences. I don't need an integrated drawing app. EN has had different plugins in the past, and I appreciate the simplicity of the UI. But perhaps there are other ways to provide some visual customization in EN that doesn't require a complete redesign. For instance, I think a lot could be solved by providing more va
  4. I thought quoting was fine as long as it was contextual and not a 'copy and paste' of an entire post? Very well, I'll remember that one next time
  5. As I've said before elsewhere, I tend to think and work visually, and creating an illusion of boundary here and there makes me more productive. I con't miss physical notebooks, but I miss the restriction of a limited number of pages, and limited space. Right now EN for me is like a bottomless sea of notes, even if I have used tags extensively. Rather than repeating myself, I'll go ahead and quote parts of a post from another thread: "I don't really miss physical notebooks that much, but I miss the great feeling of finally having filled an entire book. Adding some visual cues would help me
  6. I don't know if this is still relevant to you @Flier but have you considered using tags instead of notebooks in the shortcut menu? Tags, unlike notebook stacks, can all be styled with colour like the regular notebook. Might be worth a look? That said, I'm a visual person and I hear you, I've been waiting for more tools to VISUALLY separate different content in Evernote. I don't really miss physical notebooks that much, but I miss the great feeling of finally having filled an entire book. Adding some visual cues would help me create that sense of having made progress. Right now Evernote fo
  7. I've never been able to use the Web Clipper with Youtube. Every time I try it produces a blank note. Currently I am using Firefox, but have been using Chrome as well
  8. @Ian Small Thank you for getting back to us. It's reassuring. I'm happy as long as I get a few more tools that lets me navigate/think more visually in Evernote. However, I bet a lot of the suggestions here have been considered already, so going to wait and see how the video series progress before making another list
  9. Cool! Care to share a screenshot? Sounds like the mac version is the the most advanced version right now?
  10. Hey, thanks. I thought you meant you could preview/display directly in the note. I use windows/ Android, I guess I've seen people refer to the mac version.
  11. Sounds like you're saying it would be easier, maybe even necessary, to develop a calculation table as a separate feature that co-exist with the current table feature? (Like "Insert... 'normal table' or 'calculation table'"? Anyway, I would definitely love this feature at some point. You mention "(...)you could embed an Excel (or whatever) spreadsheet right in a note" Are you saying it is currently possible to embed a an Office document and not simply add it as an attachment that needs to be opened in order to be read?
  12. Hey, thanks for posting this update. In the video you spoke briefly about tables. I am curious to know how the tables behave compared to the current editor? One of the great frustrations for me when using tables and creating layouts in Evernote is that when selecting a table or a field is that I end up changing everything around by accident when selecting text. I would like to be able to have a table's layout to stay fixed, so that I can concentrate on either creating the table (layout mode) or filling it out (writing mode). I still use Excel and Word for most of my lists because of this.
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