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  1. @gazumped"No clue why you should have lost tags or notebook names though - is that in both the old and the new versions? " No, it's just the 6.25 version where the tags and notebook names are missing. They are there in the 10 version. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out in detail. @lori410 Thanks for the tip re .exb.* -- I'll try that. I also have used CCleaner to try to wipe out all the 6.25 links in the Registry before trying reinstalling it. Haven't done the reinstall yet to see if that helps.
  2. Not quite fixed -- EN 6.25 works when reinstalled, after deleting the database, but all the Tags and Notebook names are missing, and customizations are missing too. Then, separately, 10.7.6 stopped working, and upon reinstalling, each time there is an update, it forces an uninstall of 6.25.1. So far, this whole revision of EN code has done nothing worthwhile for my use, except 10.7 doesn't hang as often as 6.25 and earlier did, but it has been a constant problem for my use. I keep hoping that eventually they will bring out something new really useful, a la Roam or Obsidian, but
  3. Found the solution! -- From Tools/Options/General -- at bottom is a link to the database -- opened the folder, closed EN 6.25.1, deleted the EXB file, then restarted EN 6.25. It immediately started downloading the latest notes, and I expect will repopulate the database overnight.
  4. Thanks, but Ctrl-click on the ! doesn't give any info -- just brings up a menu - Show Labels; Customize Toolbar; Restore Defaults. But the Activity Log under Help shows errors: 00:15:45 [ERROR ] [19524] [30908] Commit failed: code=00000302, CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE, error: "Can't save uid=9, error: database disk image is malformed (11)" 00:15:45 [INFO ] [19524] [30908] 0% Cannot commit transaction "writeNotes", error: CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE (Can't save uid=9, error: database disk image is malformed (11)) 00:15:45 [INFO ] [19524] [30936] Client synchronization finished, statu
  5. In the last couple of days, 6.25 has stopped working -- it won't sync, and it won't create new notes, including screen clips, which I rely on it to do. It had been fine, even with the new 10 installed. I've tried running repair, reinstalling, restarting PC, all the troubleshooting things I can think of. Makes me wonder if the latest EN 10.6.9 has changed something that is has messed up 6.25. Haven't tried uninstalling EN 10 yet, to see if makes a difference. If it has changed the database, or the parameters, then doing so wouldn't help. To me, EN 10 is still a disappointment. Only g
  6. Same problem, been happening for several days, ver. (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897), and this fixed it. Thanks Jonathan!
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