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  3. I'd tread softly with iCloud as a backup. What do you get that's any different than just reinstalling the app and reloading from the server? I don't think you can selectively install bits from iCloud without some work. Perhaps a test on a dummy DB? In my view the prime purpose of an EN backup is to restore an accidentally deleted note (and obviously for any local notebooks which don't play in IOS). History covers the oops within a note issues. I use Backupery and create ENEXs by notebook each morning at 1 am. Overkill for the number of times I have had a DAA and completely deleted a note. Still....
  4. On my iPad Pro I have nearly all notebooks in offline status. It is possible to create or modify notes when offline. But as soon as I am online and the app is open, EN will sync all changes to and from the server. It is possible to construct a situation in which this might not be possible before loosing or deleting a device. But I still regard it lees reasonable to use some piece of „special“ backup software in such a case. It makes much more sense to sync everything with iCloud, when any sync is still possible in such a situation. I have not tried yet what would happen to any offline notes that were not synced to the EN server before. I assume that iCloud will save the status of EN Including not synced content, as it does with other apps. But I am not sure about this. If I remember I will give it a try when I exchange devices next time. But still it makes no sense to use some 3rd party SW to do a job that the OSes own capabilities will take care of.
  5. Hello Graham, thanks for your question. Web Clipper is not yet available for the Safari 13 beta version. However, please know that our development team is working to have Web Clipper ready when Apple releases the GA. I appreciate your patience.
  6. Wonder how Excel works in ex-Empire, though I might wager a few quid it is <>.
  7. Unless one has all notebooks flagged as off line the IOS device doesn't have all note data. On Demand Sync on Windows desktop has the same issue. If you do a backup you do not get the contents of all notes. If you merge notes you can lose content.
  8. Yup, that too. I think that the "<>" vs "><" might just be a colonial vs ex-empire thing...
  9. That's how you do it in Excel.
  10. I'm not clear on the "register"; can you add more details.
  11. Good ideas. I would say all of them already exist in voting threads in the forum. You can search them out and your vote if you like.
  12. Hello, thanks for your question. To clarify, do you mean the collapsed Stack View like this? If so, this is already a feature. Please let us know if it's not working. Thanks,
  13. Not specifically, but the command-shift-R keystrokes can be triggered for Reader View. Good thinking; Reader view is somewhat similar to Simplified Article
  14. I used the mcfixter's link and it saved me! thank you both for your input! So many vibes of gratitude your way!! Thank you for Ever(note!)
  15. Can you use with AppleScript the reader view of the page if available ?
  16. Yeah, me too on copy/paste. I can't remember any alt-codes any more, though.
  17. It is not true that ENScript disregards notebook names with embedded spaces or accented characters. The problem is that the ENScript arguments need to be quoted properly when passed on the command line. For example, see the following screen cap: In particular, the /q search argument needs to be quoted correctly to account for embedded spaces in any of the search terms. In this case, we want to export the notebook "Test Notebook", and in order to do this, we need to add quotes around its name,, and to do that correctly, they need to be escaped using a '\' character. Hence the search term" /q "notebook:\"Test Notebook\"". Also note that the notebook name with accents is handled just fine as is: /q notebook:Àççêñt. As far as I can tell, there are two problems with my script. First, the escaping of names with embedded spaces is not correct. I haven't had time to work that out yet. Second, there's some kind of problem in the reading of the accented notebook name that I obtained by using the listNotebooks command and sending that into a text file. The name comes out garbled, and when used in the exportNotes command, doesn't match its notebook, so nothing is exported. I don't know the answer to that at this time.
  18. Hi All, We've launched a new Evernote Events page! Looking for more Evernote education and news? Register for an upcoming event hosted by the Evernote team and thought leader experts. You'll find opportunities to connect with an in-person event near you, or an online webinar. If you're interested in hosting an Evernote event, please make sure to submit your event details to: https://events.evernote.com/host-an-evernote-event/ (P.S. - You can always find a link to the events page using the Evernote Events link at the top of the forum homepage)
  19. Personally I doubt that any 3rd party backup solution is a good idea for iOS-devices. Maybe it will do a selective restore for some stuff, but more important is what it will forget to restore. The file system of iOS is not really known for openness and simplicity. Due to exchanging i-devices for new ones, I have used the iCloud Backup several times to transfer everything from old to new. It worked perfectly, although on for my iPad Pro with half a TB of memory, it took a while to do so. And EN will anyhow restore itself on all mobile devices from the server data - so backing this up is not only not necessary, it will anyhow be overwritten by the server data once the server is available. It is more important to sync everything from the mobile device to the EN server before letting go, than backing up anything of that locally.
  20. No, Simplified Article is a a web-clipper feature; the best I can do with applescript is capture the web page
  21. 안녕하세요. 에버노트에서 프리미엄 40% 할인 특별 행사를 진행하고 있습니다. 신규, 베이직, 플러스 고객분들은 Evernote 프리미엄 1년 구독을 40% 할인된 가격에 만나보실 수 있습니다. 프로모션은 2019년 9월 18일 오후 11시 59분 PDT까지 유효합니다. 자세한 사항은 [Evernote 프리미엄 40% 할인 특별 행사: https://help.evernote.com/hc/ko/articles/360001861647]에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. 추가 문의사항이 있으시면 언제든지 [지원센터: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action]로 연락을 주시거나 댓글을 남겨주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.
  22. All : after a long discussion on two PowerShell boards (here's the shortest one, the other one is in french : ), everything seems to point indeed at the ENscript.exe windows executable. It looks like it has trouble handling accents and spaces in notebook names. People on these boards say they can't do anything, and it needs to be fixed on the ENscript.exe side. @gbarryI have submitted a support ticket on Evernote's Twitter support channel here : Could you please make sure that somebody looks into it, and that somebody keeps me/us informed ? Thanks in advance.
  23. No, I want to have the page clipped on at least the Simplified article. Other workarounds have me opening links in Chrome to clip but usually I won’t do it because Chrome isn’t integrated with my MBP features and sucks battery really bad. Sometimes I will make a PDF of the page but I prefer the simplified article format much more. Is there an Apple Script to do something like make a Simplified Article web clip?
  24. Maybe who wants to admit that hardware solves a software problem?
  25. @crawfordpatterson @ObviousBob Thanks for all your support and interest in the Beta Program! We’re very excited to start sharing what we’ve been busy working on this year and to hear your feedback and input. We’re actively in the midst of recruiting for our betas and if you’ve already signed up, please know that you’re in front of the line! We’re on track and we’ll be in touch as we start rolling out more betas. Thanks for your patience!
  26. Is that all you need, the url? Regarding Safari on a Mac. This is do-able using applescript I save the web page in web-archive format; saving to an import folder for automatic note creation.
  27. Why do you ask us, ask EN ?! We can share our experience as a USER, which sometimes is enough to solve an issue. We are not any closer to EN than you are, just a mouse click away from the "ask support" link. They run a nice Zen-desk setup, so support staff is somewhat guided (restricted... ) when they try to solve a ticket. We as users are not, only a bunch of free philosophers. My experience in the performance enhancing-ranking is 1) SSD 2) RAM 3) CPU - but when you are beyond 1) and 2), which will both cost between 50 and 100€/$ per step, it is probably cheaper to get yourself a new PC, than exchange the motherboard, to support the new CPU, which will need a new power supply, which will not fit into your PCs housing, which ...
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