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  2. For probably years I always clicked "skip update" when asked to update. Finally tonight thinking "hey why not" and not using my head I clicked the update button. OMG what have they done?????? Evernote looks horrible. Notes were easy to read because the background was darker than white. Now background is whiter than chrome background white and hurts my eyes. I instantly regreted in the worst way what I had done. After years of loving evernote I now have to look for something else.
  3. Is there a quick key to do this? I'm aware of command shift d but that only adds the date, but not the time as well. Tks
  4. I'm reading the doc on this, it says "Notebooks Number of personal notebooks250 Number of joined notebooks and Business Notebooks (owned or joined)Free: 100Premium: 250Business: 250Number of people joining a single notebook250 Number of people joining a Public Notebook Unlimited" I'm not sure what to make of this. How many notebooks are allowed on a free account? What is a joined notebook? Thank you.
  5. In EN on my mac, it is set to sync every fifteen minutes. Will this also be the case for my version on my iphone? Tks
  6. Ok, I fixed it. All it took was getting the utility called app cleaner. I had to reinstall the mac app version, and I used app cleaner to un install that. App cleaner removes a lot of files related to evernote. Moving the icon to the trash is definitely not an uninstall at all. Then I re dloaded the web version of evernote and installed it. This time I did not get that "A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected" message and the web version installed succesfully. Here is what I would suggest to others. 1) Do not install the mac store version of evernote on your mac. All my notes randomly vanished and it cannot be removed without app cleaner. You have to be careful because some links on the web to dload evernote actually just open the mac app store. 2) If you do run into this problem, get app cleaner and uninstall the mac store version, then reinstall the version from the web. Thanks for your assistance.
  7. Yea that is my thinking as well. Seems to be something with the app store version. I wish I had not installed that version. I think I just clicked on a link online that opened the app store application and I didn't realize it. Thanks for trying though.
  8. I am indeed removing what is in the library folder before trying to reinstall. Jackolicious told me to upgrade to the newest version of mac OSX, which I did. Still the same thing is happening. When I try to re install the web version I keep getting "App Store Installation Detected A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected. Evernote needs to make a new copy of your notes. This may take up to several minutes if you have a large account." Then it says it starts copying notes, and then just hangs there like that.
  9. I've tried everything I can think of. Completely uninstalled, tried reinstalling the web version as well as the app version. With both all my notes are gone. I'm at a complete loss.
  10. Uninstalled , reinstalled, signed out, signed in. All notes have vanished.
  11. This is not going well. Evernote seems to be super buggy. It got hung on "copying notes" I forced quit, then it opened, but all notes were still not there. (
  12. Reinstalling from a dload from the web. It says a mac app version was found, so now it says it's copying notes, and this seems to be taking forever. I have no idea where my previous version of evernote came from ( app store or somewhere else )
  13. Yes, I actually saw a similar post, logged in online and everything seems to be there. Whew. That got me worried for a second. I uninstalled and am re installing now.
  14. All my notes in every notebook are gone on my macbook. Yet on my phone everything is still there. I have not idea what is going on. I'm on OSX maverick
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